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Settled into the nest
Saturday. 10.24.09 1:37 am
Let's just say it has been a while since my last update. From my previous posts you would have noticed I was moving out of my parents house and into my newly built 'nest'. It was ready to move in to, but there is still a lot of sorting and cleaning up to do..which I am beginning to hate very much! I never knew I could be such a clean freak!

The other reason for cleaning around constantly is to relieve my hay fever, if I have less dust around the house hopefully I will have less hay fever attacks! This year has been the worst of all years...I have had to suffer almost every day. But I still come into work with a snotty nose and itchy eyes...not a pleasant look! So much has happened though at work..I have settled into the Learning & Development Section, which wasn't ideally my first choice of rotation but I took it anyway cuz it was easier to be around the same HR crew. What you don't know is... 5 weeks into my new role I have applied for the airport immigration inspector position. Sounds impressive doesn't it? I think it would be great wearing a uniform again and working with clients..but I will have to work shift work and that is surely gonna kill my body clock! F has done it for the past 2 years and he has adjusted to it. I had been offered a short term stint back at SMU, but with all the wonderful memories I had I didn't want to return...only because it wouldn't be the same.. I know this because of recent changes and of Mairin's absence *sniff*.

Also I shall be heading off to Msia soon, it was great with $52 to fly Perth to KL (without taxes) I was laughing! I didn't intend on flying to Msia this yr for pohpoh's bday but I think it's best that I do...so I can catch up with my cousins and also spend time with my granny before she passes onto the next life! My plan was actually to fly to the US next year with F & Sofia to scope out San Fransisco...we have always wondered what it would be like to stay there because F has his dream career over there. It is just a dream at the moment...but the $AU & $US is almost dollar to dollar !!

I have received my free double movie pass to see the new Heath Ledger film, "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" it is the last one he made before he died. So it will be pretty special I think. But I received this free pass because I'm a part of the contagious network..it is pretty much a 'try it out for free and let everyone know how great that product is' scheme. I hope I get chosen a lot more to try out these freebies...so going to the movies won't cost an arm and a leg! Anyways...I leave you now with the movie trailer...ENJOY!

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so hard to find the perfect bed
Saturday. 9.5.09 11:00 pm
Today F, I and Sofia spent most of the day trying out beds at the stores. It is the one thing that totally confuses the hell outta me is buying the right mattress, bed frame, slats etc. It's something you can't describe to the sales person because you need to try out at least 10-20 beds to know what is your preference. And when they say try out, they say lie on it as if you were going to sleep!!! This is weird, because everyone on the shop floor stares at you or you just feel really conscious. This is my first time buying a bed by the way...so that is why I sound so clueless. It isn't my favourite item to shop, but it is VERY important to us because at the moment our sleep is a wreck! What better excuse than moving house is a good time to buy a new bed :)

Also we made a trip to the North to IKEA! It has been a while and I don't particularly enjoy the visit on a Saturday. I forgot how busy it gets...and I found myself almost pulling out my hair because Sofia almost got lost like countless times in the crowds. Plus Sofia is more active and loves to climb up on chairs, beds, any sort of display and I'm paranoid she will fall down. So it was not an enjoyable experience this time round. We did write a list of things though...so we can come back during the week with our trailer and when there are less people to collect our new coffee table, computer desk, bookcases, dining table and dresser drawers. I'm really stoked about our new house and being able to decorate and set it up the way we want it.

On a work note...this is my last week in EH&P. I shall be moving to the Training section...another branch of HR but totally different to my role in EH&P. I will miss OHS side of things, as that really caught my interest and I know I am naturally nurturing towards people I like to take care of them. John has really become a good friend...and it will be like breaking away from my Siamese twin who I have sat next to in the pass 9 months. I hope we will continue to be buds. Anyways...not too sure what the future holds in the HR section, a lot of bad news regarding downsizing and restructuring! I had thought about returning to the Compliance world, that has always interested me too. I have to think about what I want to do in the next 5 years...

I also attended the Training Branch team building day...we went to John Tanner's house and had a Masterchef cook up, it was so much fun. I really enjoyed their company and getting to know the team from an outside of work perspective. I hope that I will continue to get to know them closer...as I work comfortable with those who are like my friends. But I know in the real world..it is difficult not everyone at work wants to be your friend. But I shall remain positive and be myself. :)

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Happy father's day to those in Australia celebrating it on Sunday! And happy father's day to my dad who I believe is the best in the world ^_^

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Not my place no more
Sunday. 8.23.09 10:09 pm
Gail is back from Kal and you know what that means...back in the city with the girls for a night out! It has been a while...definitely a while, because when we are dressing up to go out at 10:30 I'm already feeling the cold and wanting my bed. It doesn't help with the rain still pouring outside...when it should be slowing down as we get closer to Spring. I was kinda excited to be with my girls, then again really wanted to spend time with Hubby and Sofia. Being a mummy makes you feel guilty whenever you are escaping the home to have a good time and leaving baby at home.

Clubbing is def not my place anymore. Driving into Burswood to check out Eve was crap. The best time that night was before going into the club, when the girls sat in the car, drank and chat. It was great! We actually didn't need to go out to the club around idiots to enjoy ourselves. Going in...I felt so awkward and out of place. I felt sorry for my single girls because whenever a guy would try to crack onto them they failed miserably... And they wonder why, because they think that dancing up to a girl and trying to touch their arse is going to get them a date! Have they ever tried a conversation? Or a decent approach? One time that night I was going to go up to one of them and tell them what to do...cuz they all sucked and wouldn't have past the best friend test (being able to impress the best friend then getting to know the girl). I came back at 3am, into the arms of my hubby who I was so glad to see. I really feel sorry for those other girls in the club who dress up so slutty and desperately to find a man...well they probably do it just to flirt and tease the guys and actually not looking for any commitment. They just liked to be show dogs.

Anyways besides my annoyance of the whole clubbin scene...I am happy to be boring and be at home (most of the time hehe). Although Sunday I spent most of my time sitting in a salon chair getting my hair done, 6 hours to be exact! It is the Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Collection tomorrow, so I had to be prepped by the team. It was fun, but a lot of waiting and sitting around! I am having the day off work to help them out and should have photos for my next entry. Sofia missed me, and I think this will be my last year of doing this...I'm not getting any younger...and my priorities are taken up by more important things. But it's great to receive freebies at the end of the show :)

I am so bad...I bought a Mimco Bag. I bought one back in my uni days and that was when I was Mimco crazy...it wasn't a popular brand like it is today. And usually I am not one who fancies items loved by the masses. But Mimco is an absolute handbag design guru. I love their stuff...and aspire to create a little piece of what they do. It is my most expensive bag costing $329. My last Oroton bag was $228 and I thought that was heaps...now another $100 more! But I promise myself I will not become those ladies who purchase $3000 LV bags. :) My dream would be to have the materials to make my own leather bags.

Hopefully this week will be a short one. Have a great one, and stay happy!

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Sofia turns 2
Wednesday. 08.05.09 7:06 pm

My baby girl has turned 2, she has survived the world over the past 2 years...making her most likely to continue being an amazing human being. It is only right to also acknowledge that not all babies will make it through the first few years of their life, it is such a dangerous world out there for a little person. But I do believe Sofia has come so far and learnt so much about her surroundings to be a little bit independent without me.

The last year was just a joy to have Sofia around, she learnt how to eat so many new things..her favourite being ice cream, chips, tomatoes, oranges and chocolate. She enjoys being outdoors especially in gardens and the bush, also when it is raining.

Sofia is not scared to climb stairs, she likes to play 'catch' with the ball and loves to drink her juice with a spoon. I would love to stay home more to spend time with her, but I do have to work like all hard working parents to ensure there is a future for my baby. Even though I do work full time, I look into Sofia's eyes and knows that she loves me and we are the closest friends in the world. She will wake me up with kisses, hug me when I am sad and always shares her favourite biscuit. I cannot ever imagine my world without her...the past 2 years has made me realise what are the important things in life.

I took a day off work to take her to the zoo. It was a lot of fun for Sofia to finally see a real life elephant, monkey, giraffe, kangaroo etc. She was so happy and excited! She didn't know what was going on until we got there. Also we bought her a baby grand piano (electric one) and yummy marble mud cake from Michel's Patisserie. It was a memorable day for my little chachi!!

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My very first auction! I love it!
Sunday. 8.9.09 3:32 pm
On Saturday morning I dragged my poor sleep-deprived Fernando to the Ross's auction held at Cannington. This is my very first auction and I didn't know what to expect. I guess with these events comes the appropriate etiquette and I was like a lost puppy dog. When we arrived I noticed a few families, young couples and some serious bidders. It was kinda exciting for me because I was keen to grab a bargain and have the chance to lift up my card for a bid.

F and I walked around with Sofia and already knew what we were looking for. The perfect lounge suite would have to be a reddish colour (because our home is very monotone), must be leather, must be comfy to sit (but not too comfy that you can't get out of it), classy and modern looking. Also it had to meet our budget of below $2000. F left the bidding up to me, and I was so excited! It is a strange adrenalin feeling when you are competing against someone for the win.

When it came our turn to bid I started with the opening, the auctioneer called out '$1500' and I stuck up my card. Another lady put up for '$1600'...I was like damn... but went for '$1700'. Last call...stupid lady didn't carry on. LOL! But if she was serious she would go on instead she just up'd my winning price. Bitch. :p Anyways we were both thrilled cuz we didn't want to go over $2000 for this 3 seater and 2 seater leather suite. Bargain! I'm sure RRP would have been $3000+. F said I had a spark in my eyes that scared him...like a wild look. Hahaha. I think can get totally hooked on auctions, because I really love a bargain!

We haven't even moved into our new home yet...so now I have to find out where to store the couches. hmmm....never thought about that. Honestly I didn't go into the auction thinking I would win a bid. I didn't even visit the day before to do a preview. But I know Ross's auctions and how popular they are...I had to come to see for myself and experience a winning bid! Anyways I am so happy about the purchase :)

Our winning couches!

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Maturity through witnessing others suffer..
Friday. 8.7.09 11:37 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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