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aboutz ME

Age. 28
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. filipino
Location Pacifica, CA
School. Other
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rizzeading room..

Wednesday, 7/23/03 - 1:34 am
does no one read my PAGE AT ALL...does no one LOVE ME..does no one ReALIZE I EXIST..on nutang..AHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH[except sugah who has commented 3 times.. THANKZ]

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Tuesday, 7/22/03 - 3:32 pm
today is also my mom and dads 14th weddin anniversery i think we gon see bad boys II and i got my MP3 PLAYER YESTERDAY fa sho thats why im tryin for 490 songs..haha..so shhhh im thinkin of songs

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Tuesday, 7/22/03 - 2:31 pm
stupid chitty chitty chat chat box,..lol...i cant post replies..err..so here.HEY JERR..YOU BETTER BELEEV THAT..LOL..hey belle i miss you to..luv?..lol..jp..sugah..ummmmm hi..hey nica i havent talked to you in awhile huh?well hope you get through that roller coaster safely..keep spreadin the love ppl..

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Tuesday, 7/22/03 - 2:19 pm
smiley song patiently waiting

im tryin to reach the max of 490 songs onto one cd but im onlee at 130 ...errr need more...eck...i found HEATHO on nutang...kooooooooooool..zel sed she had nutang but didnt noe what to do..i wonder if i can find more ppl i kno..i just saw heatho as latest blogs when i went to browse!..kool..go visit her page it aint much yet but it will be..its under my frendz list ok? kool

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s t u p i d
Monday, 7/21/03 - 8:43 pm

smiley of the day STUPID KAZAA...

song of the day-p.i.m.p. G-mix

err..im tryin to download songs but some of them dont werk!!!err...ive dled 30 different files for where is the love? and you kno where it is up your AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...im going target soon..gon buy my mp3 player at the mall finally! ..man why does the ghetto thug keep dissin karen and annoying people?he shud go bring his THUGGISH lifestyle to xanga for all i care..im new..but from what i here..this guy is anooying bad and wanted to be outta nuTang..that he dont r0x0r!lol..seriously..err..just make everyone else happy and leave..blah if he doesnt ill kno what he does and i dont wanna..

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Saturday, 7/19/03 - 5:39 pm
haha smiley of the day --> LOL its jerr's favorite!!!.... song of the day --> clubbin by marques houston and joe budden mood of the day --> seasickness lol i went on a boat ride today ..it was a reception for my cuzzins baptism,...it was ok i got sick..lol.. im going sac today at 6..comin back tomorow..im talkin to jerr righ now...we are tryin to remember inside jokes..lol..we only talk in CAPS to each other now..lol..kuzz she sed she only does to me so i sed fine i will too...lol..ok im out..blog next time...drop a comment and somethin on the chitty chitty chat chat box..iight im out later..

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