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It's me!

Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
Location Cape Coral Centr, FL
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Curiosity killed the cat! But I... am not a cat.
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Of diets and avoidances
Monday. 9.14.09 1:04 pm
listening to: 96.9 WINK FM, which happens to be playing "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train right now.

So, I've been on this diet for a little over a week now, and lost 6.5 pounds (yay!), and I'm feeling very good about it, because it's specifically aimed at my hypothyroidism, and it's a healthy way to get in shape, and all in all, I'm feeling good. [Insert Bublé lyrics here]

Having said that, the 30-90 minutes of cardio a day is starting to wear me down, and I need a rest day, but there isn't one in the forecast. So I'm in bed at 10 every night, and awake at 7, and still exhausted until I get my breakfast, and spend most of the day only slightly less tired than I was before. I need a kick in the pants to keep me honest, because I'm doing so well and I so don't want to mess it up. I need to be healthy. I'm so tired of being sick and tired and overweight and lazy. So, please, feel free to send me any non-religious-based motivation you can think up. I'd really appreciate it.

Now... on another subject:

I got my passport (woohoo!) but my contact who said he could get me a job is NOWHERE to be found. I'm sure he's not avoiding me, but...come on, man! Tell me somethin'. I need this job. I took a huge risk in hopes of getting it. I at least want some flippin' feedback.

Also, I had a dream that I was in London, in a relationship with Will, and that he cheated on me, which OBVIOUSLY forced my insecurities into overdrive, and he's been busy, too, which is understandable, cause I think he has classes now, but whatever. Point is, I'm feeling very iffy. It's been almost 7 months since my dad died, so I'm feeling that, and Simon's going to join the British Army and maybe get sent to a war zone, and I'm wigging out. I know it's good to stand up for one's country and everything, but I hate the danger involved, and I'm feeling terrible for Kira worrying about HER father, and...and I'm going to get an ulcer or something. So I'm going to sit here and chow down on this 100-calorie pack of chocolate-covered pretzels and hope everything resolves itself. That is all.

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Has anyone ever seen Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry in the same room?
Thursday. 8.13.09 8:44 pm
They look remarkably alike, imho.



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I hate to do this, cause I love the Stereophonics, but...
Monday. 8.3.09 12:24 am

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Spoiler Alert: Argument in favour of Half-Blood Prince, the film.
Friday. 7.31.09 3:57 pm
listening to: Boyce Avenue, Lifehouse

I seem to have noticed that those who have seen Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince are pretty evenly split between loving the film and hating it. I have further observed that those who hate it are those who cannot separate the film series from the book series, or those who haven't read the books. For those of us who--even if we are purists, at heart--can distinguish the differences between the film series and the book series without getting too angry, the film was brilliant.

I have heard several major arguments on why the film was so dreadful. Among these are: too much romance, lack of action, and--given chiefly by those who read the books--lack of cohesive storyline which will allow for the full conclusion given in Deathly Hallows. My responses to these arguments are thus:

I don’t feel there was ENOUGH romance in the film. It didn’t detail at all Harry and Ginny’s relationship, nor did it even mention their break-up at the end of the film. While by no means essential to the plot, it is a rather important sub-plot for character development, in my humble (though romantic) opinion.

I felt also that there was sufficient action in the film. This particular installment was never comparable, action-wise, to Die Hard, and I don’t feel they left out any essential bits of action. Useful, yes. Entertaining, yes. Essential, no. In fact, they even added an actiony bit that wasn’t in the novel: Bellatrix attacking the Weasley’s home. This installment in the series was always more about developing the story, particularly that of Tom Riddle. Where that is concerned, I feel they did a wonderful job.

My opinion on the sheer content that was left out of the film is that they will probably put some of the left-out bits into the 7th film, as it will need some filler material, in my opinion. Also… if they can manage to conclude the story without these bits of information, more power to them.

I’m not setting out to do a review, really. I just wanted to share my opinion. So…there it is. Feel free to argue, debate, disagree, or any other synonyms you like.

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I feel like Hermione when she spins round in a circle at the Yule Ball.
Thursday. 7.23.09 11:53 pm
listening to: The Blackout - "It's High Tide, Baby"; The Calling - "Our Lives"; Landon Pigg - "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop"; Stereophonics covering Foo Fighters' "Best of You".
mood: Lovestruck.

OK, so, do they take boys aside in school and teach them how to say one simple sentence that will guarantee that the girl to whom they are speaking will want to spin round in circles beaming and lightheaded?

Somehow, I'm more infatuated than I was before. It's like he knows exactly what to say to make me flutter and glow, burn and drown, float and sink, fly and fall, and just generally want nothing more than to be in his arms and watch the world pass us by. I'm sort of hoping he won't read this, because it's embarrassing, but... on the other hand, the reason I started liking him in the first place was because I could tell him anything and not have to worry about him judging me or thinking less of me, or anything.

And someone should probably tell me to wake up.

But I wouldn't listen. lol
I genuinely feel like this guy:

That is all for now. I just wanted to rant before the worry of getting myself into another heartbreak situation takes effect. I shall go stare at the ceiling and daydream.

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I'm new, so this won't be very interesting.
Wednesday. 7.22.09 11:42 pm
listening to: Landon Pigg
mood: curious
I'm Sydney. I'm going to spend this blog post toying with all the pretty pictures. I know nothing about computer code or customising anything, so... they're just pretty pictures to me.

Some basics about me:

I'm 21. I'll be 22 in February.

I live in Florida, with my mother. It makes me feel like this: and sometimes makes me want to do this:

I have a friend in China who says he can get me a job teaching English. ()

I'm going to do that. It will make me feel like this:

I'm in love with a boy named Will. He's English, and makes me

I fight a lot with my mother. I can be a bit emo. If you put up with me, I think you'll find that I'm actually kind of fun and maybe even (gasp!) awesome.
Anything else... I'll put on my profile. If I don't... ask me. Chances are I'll answer any question you ask. I'm pretty open like that.

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