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when the cat is gone, the mice come out to play
Thursday. 3.2.06 10:16 pm
it is the 2nd day of autumn n i had class for SAPA today... goodness.. this is indeed a "great start"... lookin thru the notes... it is the basic stuff in a way... with a lot more words we need to know the definition of to understand n answer the questions given... it is goin to get tougher... so hope things get clearer to me as the weeks go by.. if not... dun wanna to think wat will happen. argh! almost fell asleep in class today! was yawnin countless times... wonder if the lecturer saw it... *ponders* i do remember stuff from the tute/prac we had after the prac. more visual so i tend to remember it better. most of wat i remember from the lecture is her sayin tt she is teachin us stats from a biological pt of view, as a biologist. she kept emphasizin tt, so naturally i remeber. duhz...

was thinkin abt MLP3 today.. it is indeed freaky... i mean past years it wasn't necessary to pass the exam to pass this module to graduate n get accreditation to AIMS. but now tt damien (cat) is long gone, steve n dale, especially, (the mice) are out, wreckin havoc on our lives! we freakin have to pass the exam! hope i can do it... exam accounts for 50% of the final grade. y do u have to do this to us dale?! we know u r the culprit! dun try to deny it n hide under ur table. we all know ur tricks alright. how in the freakin world m i goin to stuff 3 YEARS of notes n info into my already overworked n burnt out brain?! as if it is not bad enough! any chance of reverting to the old arrangment? highly doubt tt... *bangs head on floor n cry*

havin had dale, the head mouse (mean? yes. truth? yes.), teachin from 1st yr till 3rd yr, kinda know his sickenin habits. he is so difficult to get hold off esp durin exams. he refuses to let himself b found. leadin me to say he hides under his table. e-mail to him r never replied! honestly... terrible... how r we supposed to figure out our queries this way? he is meant to b there as someone we can look for to talk thru our problems with when it comes to his fortĂȘ, clinical chemistry. but nope, he can nv be found. hope i dun have to look for him if i do encounter any probs when i study for the MLP3 exam... (noora help!!)

more or less finished 1 presentation... gonna let steve have a look at it n see if they have any opinions to make it better. hee... gotta add the background to it as well to enhance the colour of the pics i have in it. look for steve tmr mayb? anyhow... gotta start on the poster one tmr or over the weekend. if not no time! still have another ppt to do n the safety assignment... god give me more time please! absolutely regrettin not startin earlier. :(

headin in to uni again tmr to set up the machines for honours... i m goin into uni everday even though i have no classes... sianz... i should b concentratin on these assignments. but to think of it... i m watchin house, grey's anatomy n desperate housewives on my com still. hehe.. *cheeky smile*

oh well.. better get a move on... i miss home...

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totally screwed up...
Wednesday. 3.1.06 4:40 pm
got my new fees invoice today.. n hey hey guess wat! THE FUCKIN UNI FORGOT TO CHANGE MY ENROLMENT AND ADD IN SAPA! they screwed up the SECOND time i must add. i personally handed in the "variation in enrolment" form to the lady at the counter last thu n she assured me with a smile tt this would be processed ASAP. naturally i assumed correctly as well. n i was so wrong... stupid stupid... can i kill the lazy arses sittin at the student admin office? fees are due on friday (3/3/06) n apparently if u do not pay it in full or at least 50% by then, enrolment is cancelled. in short... SCREWED!

thanks to those idiots... i have to head into uni at 9 instead of the scheduled 10. 2 things to do b4 my class tmr..
1) go to student admin.. yet again, on the advice of dominic.
2) find ginni

student admin just like to screw everything up. from a full time student they changed me to part time.. just coz i was graduatin in august n not dec. PURE STUPIDITY! realised tt when i was doin my new student ID yesterday. the lady at the counter din even wait to see if i was ready b4 she took the pic n to me i look constipated.. noora said i looked more shocked. hate this ID! but thankfully i'll be changin it in july. phew! new enrolment for honours wat.. no choice coz honours students need more benefits. can borrow more books n for a full 30 days! woohoo! if not i'll b stuck with this disgustin photo till next year.

oh well.. this student admin had better settle my enrolment prob ASAP n give me a new invoice like immediately... if not... i have no idea wat's goin to happen. please dun cancel my enrolment!!! :(

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revision time
Tuesday. 2.28.06 4:47 pm
did the tute for the 2nd yr unit i m helpin to teach. freaked out! forgot how to do chemical calculations. shit!! managed to fumble my way thru it... hope the answers are right... (simon would u put the answers up quick!) but it looks right to me. duhz... coz i did it! but anyway calculations to me are based on logic. especially chemical ones... so we'll see... soon...

got the letter from the uni, approvin my honours scholarship! yipee!!! $3000 dollars is given altogether. additional 25% international students scholarship dependent on me results after this semester. but from what my co-ordinator says... it should b given. hope so... i so need it!! *prays hard*

enroute to finishin my first assignment for MLP3... started on sunday.. but there's just so much to put in. details abt the disease, morphology, clinical presentation blah blah blah. then comes the patients history, signs n symptoms, test results, differential diagnosis n the final diagnosis. the other 2 assignments the same thing really, except one is a poster tt is 120X120. how m i supposed to fit all these shit in?! last assignment is a safety assignment. talkin abt hazards n risks. i so need help for this.. BK!!! help!!!!

now wonderin wat have i put myself thru... basically things to do for this sem:
1) MLP3 (4 assignments n 1 exam)
2) SAPA (workload still unknown. will know on thu)
3) Honours project till next may (1st class?? have to work doubly, triply n how many more times hard for tt... simon doesn't want to settle for anything less. actually neither do i. yikes... SCARED! *bites fingernails*)
4) guided teachin (no choice... if not, no $3000. need the money!)
5) mentor (again! might b a silly decision if the 1st yrs are gonna bug me for my assignments... do it on ur own will ya?!)

basically...the 1st 2 is my topmost priority for this semester. so focus marissa... FOCUS!


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extremely nervous
monday. 2.27.06 3:56 pm
uni day 1!

went into uni today to see simon, honours supervisor. he is excited abt the whole project. i m too.. but really nervous. there is loads to do, but i'm sure i'll get it done. machines for the project are still not set up.. would have to do it on friday. in a room on my own down where the A&P labs are.. it is always cold there even on a hot summer-ish day like today. will b playin ard with the machines come next week b4 i actually start the project, gettin used to the machines and try to gain a bit of confidence usin it. new n expensive stuff manz...

noora will b at the hospital most of the time... so it is just me, halim n BK left in uni. but the boys will b havin classes esp halim. his turn to b bogged down with classes. hiak hiak hiak! BK has only 1 class n MLP3 to do, so i doubt he will b uni much. halim n i were talkin abt lj... we have one kaki less n tt isn't good! supermarketin isn't gonna be as fun... we all miss her loads :(

lj called just now b4 she started class... she is nervous abt her first day at deakin.. n boy do i know how it feels. not knowin anyone... it is difficult. but i know she'll b just fine. hope to talk to her online soon. but at least optus has free calls btw prepaid users so it is good. :)

oh! n i'll b teachin too! it is confirmed. i only do 1 practical session a week on tuesdays. really extremely nervous abt tt... thankfully simon would b there. if i really have no idea how to answer the questions i would just divert the questions to him n he said tt it wouldn't b a prob. yeah! :) since he knows i'll b havin exams n assignments, he would tell those 2nd yrs not to bother me too much. goodie!

talked to simon about comin home in june too... he said it shouldn't be a prob.. as long as i promise to do work when i go home. but i guess it is also dependent on whether how my project progresses... so yeah... but things r lookin quite alright at the moment :)


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school is startin!!!!
Saturday. 2.25.06 8:10 pm
school is startin tmr... fantastic! but to think of it... i only have classes ocne a week for 1/2 a day. however, i'm supposed to help do some supervised teachin with my honours supervisor. nervous abt it really but it is a good experience. plus it would look good on my CV when i start lookin for a job when the time comes...

lijun n her mum came over on thu n stayed over on thu n fri night. went out with the kakis for dinner on thu night... n mum n i decided we'll have them over for dinner on fri. chatted till late... mothers tubmbling all our little secrets out. terrible! wat's missin was noora's mum... we're all missin home terribly n we're not even here for one week yet. lijun left melb on sat mornin after breakkie... with a heavy heart, mum n i sent them off. it was sad seein her leave. hope the decision to transfer will b a good one (gambatte lj!!! the baboons r behind u all the way)

as for me... not been doin much... watchin house on my com... lazyin ard.. sleepin.. n worryin abt wat honours will bring... frekain out tt i have 4 assignments, which i should have started during the break but i was too LAZY, due in wk 6 of semester, on the same day. great... just great. been missin home terribly... no matter how many times i've done this b4 it always feels the same. plus this time round, there another reason to feel even more homesick.

oh well... hope all goes well n i'll b back for a few weeks in june...

anyway... gonna grab some lunch. i'm hungry...


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