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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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I feel dizzy
Saturday. 8.13.05 9:32 pm
My little aunt and her family came back from South Korea last night, so we had some family gathering (yum cha) this afternoon. A typhoon is coming with heavy rain and lighting, and we waited for bus for an hour. I felt dizzy when waiting, first I thought because of hungry, so I ate some sweet; then I felt like vomit, and I fel very dizzy after a whilst, everything I saw was obscured. So I did. However, there was some issue happened between my sister and me, she dared to ask me go home by myself, her reason is mum had a dating with anuts. "Okay, don't regret when I fall over on the street!!" I daresay I didn't lose my temper, but wouldn't be nice. Finally mum went home with me.

I couldn't sleep for long after I back home (not because I am exciting, ok!), and I got headache everyday when I wake up. Mark said I am not suit to live in HK, it sounds interesting, I lived in this city for 16 years. I saw Allister online this afternoon, we chatted, and we should come out for lunch or dinner some day.

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Lazy in summer days
Wednesday. 8.3.05 2:26 am
I am so lazy to update my weblog these few days, because I go shopping, shopping, and shopping, and I don't even know there was some changes in Nutang.

I went to yum cha with my family and relatives yesterday, and shopping again. Then we had sushi for dinner, and end up $800HKD. The price is scary, but we had 10 people in total.

And I wanna watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

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My new hat, new top, and new mini skirt
Monday. 7.25.05 8:29 am

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Finished ceremony "n" Arrived HK
Thursday. 7.21.05 7:19 am
I met Teri at 11am and went for breakfast together, then I went to newtown with her to get her camera. Finally, we arrived UTS tower building at 12pm. However we came early, and we couldn't see any other graduation students yet, so we went to toilet. You know what? I find an automatic papertowel machine in the toilet, and I never saw it there until this very last day. We met Joris at the computer area afterward, he looks cool as he pinned his hair. We went to the changing room and all felt like holding a book above our head when wearing the teacher's hat. It is easy to come off.

We worked hard for one and half year and ended up with a simple ceremony. Yes, it is simple.

Aki came to my ceremony and we took some picture, then Sharon arrived during the ceremony. We took pictures after the ceremony finished, then Aki left first, and I went to Central with Sharon. I met Mark and we had coffee at Starbucks, he wore like a high school boy, cap hat and backpack, white T-shirt and jeans. I did invited him to my ceremony, but he had lesson, it was pity. We chatted until I had to go Airport.

Sydney Internation Airport is crap. There is only a few shops, and restaurant, and they all located outside. And it is too cold, luckily I talked to Julie on the phone, otherwise I'll fall asleep.

And it was cold on the flight too, I couldn't take off my jacker and scarf. I was so sleepy when waiting for dinner, as they took long time to serve dinner in business class, so I sleep for a whilst, eat for a whilst, then repeating this process.

There was a little event happened on the end of my journey. I want to say thank you to the flight attentences on CX 138 leaving Sydney on 20th night. I couldn't find my ring/watch, and I thought I left it in the toliet, because the flight was landing soon, so the flight attentences asked me to sit down, and they'd try to find for me. I am pleasant with their help, and I will write a thank you letter to Cathy Pacific...

I need to read Harry potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I shouldn't asked mum to pre-order the book for me (so I don't need to pay by myself), because I want to read it when I saw other people are reading. And I hope I can concentrate on reading, as there are too many things pull me off from the book.

Here is my Graduation Pics!

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it must be the coldest day in this winter
Tuesday. 7.12.05 10:05 pm
I didn't sleep yesterday night, so I went to breakfast at 10am. I couldn't believe the cafe was so full and is so cold today, I feel like freezing!!!

I went to the newsagency opposite to student service to pay the rent for gown, but the shopkeeper said the machine doesn't work, so I went to student service to ask, and they suggested me to go to QVB one.

I find Winnie in IDP and told her I'll back HK next week. I left my address and contact to her and talked for a whilst, as I need to tell her how difficult of the RMIT questionsire is. On the way to Town Hall, I told myself that I must go back home after paying the rent. (cold ... cold ... cold ...)

I paid money for myself and Tier, I got Teri's student no from student service, it supposted to be sercet, but I can tell her full name, so the staff gave me (oh, there is other reasons too, and they saw me many times throughout one and half year). I took bus back to Newtown, and I nearly fall asleep on bus, becuase the bus was warm and I didn't sleep last night.

I quickly go to bed when i arrived home, it was 12pm.

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I finally booked storage
Tuesday. 7.5.05 9:14 pm
Phoebe, thanks for your greeting!

I went to book the storage this afternoon, haven't been to Waterloo for long time. It took me long time from Newtown to Waterloo because there is no direct bus, so I need to change in city, and wait 20-30 minutes for bus to waterloo. And I find there are some new shops and dafe at Crown Street, also ground floor of Tiara, but I don't have time to have a look (as I was on the bus).

They offered me a small storage, and the staff said it should be enough. Well, I trust her, or I'll throw away the table if it is not enoguh. And they offered me free truck and driver too, but I don't have friends to move my stuffs on the truck, so I need a removalist. Then i had dinner at Chinatown and went home.

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