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Nikki Santoro
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Age. 48
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. see for yourself
Location Seattle, WA
School. Other
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painful defeat
Wednesday. 3.10.04 11:36 pm
the lunachicks lost 10-2 tonight. ouch! i played keeper for the first half. man, i sucked it up and ended up with a bruised hand for my troubles. i let in 5 goals in the first half. gina who played the second half also let in 5 goals. this was a good team, but we really sucked. at least i scored. i went head to head against one defender and their keeper. they ended up falling over one another so i easily dribbled past them and shot into the goal. SCORE! it was a moral victory at best but a girl's gotta sleep at night.

i decided not to play with the chicks next season. instead i'm playing on a co-ed indoor team on saturday and another co-ed outdoor team on sunday. i'm getting tired of losing all the time plus i really like playing soccer with mike. neither of us are very good but we both are competitive and have fun. it's like a very active date night.

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sunday sunday sunday
Sunday. 3.7.04 8:56 pm
got a bit cranky this morning. we got up ealry (10 am) to meet the guys at the pancake house by 11. right before we left josh called and changed the time to 12. by this point I am pretty hungry. I haven't eaten anything yet and I worked up an appetite last night scoring a goal at our soccer game. so mike and I decide to go to the pancacke house w/o the guys but when we get there we find out that there is an hour wait. so we don't get seated until after 12 anyway. josh and bill show up right when the table gets ready. grrrrr!

headed into work after breakfast and did a bunch of stuff. I even posted on the team wiki. tomorrow and tuesday and going to be very busy days for me so I better go to bed early tonight. tivo is catching a bunch of great tv for me tonight so I'm covered if I fall asleep early.

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spa day!
Saturday. 3.6.04 7:47 pm
Today started off great! I slept in and then headed downtown for the Gene Jaurez. I got a relaxation massage, which was amazing. The massage therapist put hot packs on my upper and lower back to relax my aching muscles while she massaged my legs and then moved the heat to my feet when she massages my very knotted shoulders and back.
I got my hair cut and styled after my massage. The woman cutting my hair was pretty good. I like what she did well enough. No one can do much with my hair though cause I am so lazy and won't really style it in the morning.
After the salon and spa, Mike took me for lunch and we walked around downtown shopping. I couldn't find anything that looked interesting for me. Mike found a pair of pants at the Gap that were ok. Sean has convinced him that he has too many jeans and needs to expand his wardrobe. That's the story of my life.
We are going to soccer tonight. Hopefully, I'll score again.

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Comment away
Saturday. 3.6.04 10:07 am
nutang finally allows non-members post comments so comment away

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20 pounds and 16 inches
Thursday. 3.4.04 10:14 pm
Ok, since July I've officially lost 20 pounds, 16 inches, and I'm about to go down another dress size. Woo hoo! It's taken a while but I think that's probably a good thing. I've been losing about a pound a week pretty consistently for a while now. I have 8 weeks left on my weight loss program and I'm pretty sure I can lose the remaining 8 pounds. I'm pretty nervous about my ability to keep it off though. I have lost 30 pounds before, right before Mike and I got married and I swear I gained half of it back on the honeymoon. Hardly any of my clothes fit by the end of the 3 weeks we were in Napa. It was incrediby depressing. I almost didn't try losing weight again because I didn't want to have to feel like shit when I put it back on. But here I am very close to my goal weight. As soon as I finish my weight loss program I'm going to have a second surgery on my left foot. This time I will have to lay off exercise for around 12 weeks which will make it difficult to keep the weight off. Oh well, I'm just going to be happy for now and worry about the rest later.

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A very frustrating soccer game last night
Wednesday. 2.25.04 9:22 am
So I played soccer last night with the Luna Chicks. We aren't a great team but we are ok. We lose more than we win but we do win some. However, last night we played two games back to back and there were a bunch of women who were worried about that so they invited other women to come play with us. That meant that we had 7 subs. It was crazy, we had more subs than people who could start. It annoyed me greatly because I kept getting taken out of the game so others could play. I played a good deal of money to play and now I can't because we have 7 other women there who want to play. Plus several didn't know how to play soccer at all. GRRRRRR!

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