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Mi, I love You
Sunday, May 10, 2009
Mi, happy mother's day!

Let me describe my mother...

She has short and black-grey hair, she has glasses, she has pimpled face, she has the warmest smile, she has a kind heart, she has a pair of gentle hand. She speaks Kiujiu when she was born, she speaks Cantonese when she came to my dad and she speaks Chinese too to her kids. She works hard for my dad, she stands for me, she takes good care of all my family members perfectly so she melts my heart as hard as the hardest rock in the world.

Now let me confess...

Mi, you're my greatest mother in the world. Thank U for all your great forgiveness and loves in this 16 years. You've had a lot of things to worry of this family and I give you my face. You pardon my infantility. You don't scold OR beat me very often, perhaps only 2-3 times since I was born? Yes, really little. You've once told me, I don't mind how people treat me but I must treat people well. I'm sorry. Honestly, I've always found it difficult to get the correct word to say, to tell you, my feelings, I love you.


This is what I want to say, to you tell you since I was a baby,

Aku Cinta Padamu.
No one can replace you!

3:26 PM

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I'm So Grey
Friday, May 8, 2009
watching: A video from Travis's site singing Karma
listening to: Karma (Travis's version)
mood: happy, sad, retarded? I'm not sure

I'd like to open a post all of a sudden, without any reasons.
It's been days, and still, I can't exactly express a word how I feel.
Perhaps I can describe it in this way.
It's a fine day, no raining for some days.
Below the sky is a large, wide paddy field, surrrounded by green forest and cottages beside the field.
There's a far, long, yellow wooden bridge with all autumn leaves on it, sunset shows in the evening.
I'm sitting up the high hill,
watching the sunset falling,
feeling the breeze on my face.
The sky slowly changes from red to blue and the wind blows harder;
the weather turns stronger from the soft paddy and it's going to rain.
Everything's become so grey.
It's difficult for me to grope for a thing when I found myself in the grey.
Really difficult.
This is my current feeling? I'm not sure...

Did some nonsense quizzes today, guess how boring I was.

How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?

1,797,600How Many Germs Live On Your Keyboard?

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

24% Geek

But the results were pretty cool.
Anyway, doing the quizzes were just to pass the time of day.
Nothing much.
I really don't understand myself.
I'll be having my mid-term exam next week and still,
I haven't been doing any revisions yet.
Mid-term exam! It's the one which will be added in all the Form 4 syllibus.
I'm not really sure what I'm doing at the moment.
Why am I still sitting here when such an important exam's coming to me?
Haha! What a stupid question!
And so yes, I'm ready for all the papers to get a borderline.
I'll have to burn the midnight oil, perhaps.

I still have a moral project to be done.
It's almost done but I'm just too lazy to bother the rest.
I hope to get an A, of course.
However, my handwriting is suck, like the chicken claws.
My teacher says it's too small and he wants me to write it bigger.
I've tried but my friends says it does't look as tidy as the smaller one.
What can I do? It's still small on my project.

Additional Mathematics are driving me crazy, I must say.
The syllibus become harder and harder and I always get stuck on them.
God... I'm not sure if I can pass this paper.
Do you have a magic iodine or sort of magic spell to make my brain becomes more intelligent and let it think quikly?
I can no longer staying alive with add maths running in my brain,
as you can see, there are several nails slowly shoot in my brain and at last I die because too many rusty nails are shot into my brain.

Pimples has been becoming a serious issue on me recently.
Since the middle of March, it began to appear bunchly on my face.
At first, I thought it was just an as normal pimple as the others, which will dissapear after a few days.
Though, it wasn't and it keep popping out without any reasons.
Oh yes... I've eaten some bars of chocolates and some greasy foods.
But that doesn't make it keep poping out a lot, right? Only some bars I've taken.
My mum bought a packet of soap from the internet, about RM 80 something.
The website stated it's truly effective and many previous buyers wrote their testimonials there saying it's a good product, too.
So my mum said she wanted to give it a try and so I'm using it now as well.
Let me tell you, the effect after using it is astonishing.
The pores of my face contracted and the pimples are getting lesser.
I need a pimple cream now and
I'll probably go and buy it from the pharmacy in these few days, not sure.

I'm watching American Idol and fastly it come Top 3 now.
Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Adam...
Can't remember his full name...
Personally I like Danny more than the other two because his vocal is incredible and his singing touches my heart.
Perhaps you'd prefer Adam because he's much more incredible when he's doing his performance on the stage.
Even the judges admitted so.
But his strange vocal just doesn't agree with me... :D
Really hope Danny can win this competition.

Alright, I'm about to finish now.
It took me a lot revision trying to say everything I wanted to say.
Really tired.
I'm so grey and exam's coming next week,
I'm not expecting to get a good progress,
but just don't make it fail.

As always, time to bed.


2:19 PM

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Down Moment
Monday. 5.4.09 8:48 pm
Everything doesn't seem to go smoothly lately.
& things are making me gasping.

Unusually bored and tired.
I don't know why.
Nearly to death.

Please. Don't give me anymore surprise.
I can't take it anymore.
Perhaps I need a real long rest.

Down moment.
I don't know what to say.

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Concerned. Surprised. Worried
Friday. 4.24.09 10:29 pm
It'd been quite a while since I never seen you went on on MSN. I'd always wanted to ask about you, how's life, bro? I'd wanted to text you, looking forward to your reply telling me, yeah, everything's good here. But you'd always never replied me, so I didn't. I should text you earlier, perhaps there was still a little chance to change your mind. Though, it's too late.

Bro, I've never expected that you would tell me about what's going on with you lately by that way. Honestly, what you'd told me just now was rather surprising. You'd just told me the little part and that was totally surprised me. You and me ended a five minutes conversation on MSN. I started the conversation and you ended it without telling me how's your life without schooling and you went off strangely. You still haven't answed to my question. 'When did you stop?'

For now, I'm not sure about you. I was astonished at your news. I feel so upset now. Keep asking myself why did you want to make such a big, hard decision? I understand you of course. You told me you couldn't study and wouldn't want to waste your dad's money. Although I've just known you a little time, perhaps, one and a half year but once, we'd been so close together eventhough I didn't know much what was running in your head. However, I could see there were sense of justice in you. You're a true friend of sincere who everyone can be.

If I were given a chance to talk to you and listen to your load, I'll certainly try to convince you not to let go of your education. I don't know how your parents feel, but it must be an unpleasant news to them. You're only seventeen, same as me, but at least, you push yourself until SPM, you're still a teenager, what can you do other than schooling now? No matter how tough, hard, terrible it is, you should make yourself to the end and after that, you can do whatever you want whether you want to continue your education OR go out and find a job/skill, you can be another man the next day.

I'm worried about your future. I've once stopped for a minute, my eyes open larger and fall my mouth half-opened. You were just... hard to believe. You're the only one among my friends who stopped their education at this age. Really, for some seconds, I was silent.

'Your decision's a real surprise! I understand though. I wonder how your future would be, but here I am, anytime.'

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Random Post
Monday. 4.20.09 6:40 pm
listening to: Jesse McCartney's Departure: Recharged
mood: Good

Today's a holiday again - my state Sultan's birthday. I like holiday! I've more a day to be free and my feeling on holiday's especially good. May be I enjoy to stay at home and no need to go to school in so early in the morning? I guess...

Woke up at 9 this morning. It's early. I don't know why, I just can't sleep a little later and so my head felt a pain at once as I got up. Man, have lack of sleep these last few days. Just promised myself to go to bed earlier everyday but obviously I didn't. Alright, I admit I used the computer all the time. Just made everything delay - Shower, dinner, homework.

I've been eating some chocolates lately - Cadbury - Yummy! :D I wonder if it's caused by the hot day OR the chocolates, my face's getting worse. The worst ever so far! Everyone saw me and said, you face're popping out more and more pimples now. How sad I am! Who don't want to get rif of them. They just come with a bunch of brothers and sisters. I'd my face facial masked. I drank a lot of herb tea. But still, it ended up with... Hi! These are my brothers and sisters. We come here for a holiday. Such place's slipping enough for us to do roller skating. Woo hoo...! :'(

Well, listening to Jesse McCartney the whole day. I keep playing his latest albumd, track one to sixteen, repeat and repeat on the speaker. Surprisingly, I don't feel it's boring although I've been playing it for 6 to 7 times. This means he's my taste, for sure. Hey! Don't think into other way, I meant his musical taste.

Nothing much I've done today, blogging, listening to music, watching TV and reading. Will be doing some little homework tonight.

I'm going for dinner and American Idol now. :D

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Slummers In The Slums
Sunday. 4.20.09 10:22 am
Tribes' life are hard and difficult but slummers’ life in the slums are more complicated.

When you see the word slums you'll automatically think about Slumdog Millionaire which was just released in the theater a couple months ago. I'd only realize and understand how a slum was after watching the film. As you'd see in the film, the slums in Mumbai, India were terrily set up. Slummers have to sleep under broken zincs, they sleep in a wet condition too.

I wonder if you've heard about it before, like slummers in India, they have to go and beg and steal and rob and cheat and borrow to get food to survive. They can't eat well because they are too poor to buy food. A little girl have to cover her eyes pretend to be a blind person and carry a baby and then go in the street and start crying, saying that she has been starving for some days, please give her some money. After the little girl got her money, she go back and this time is her mother's turn, carries the same baby and go out and beg again. Next round’s her father, brother and sister.

You see, they are extremely broke and you can see such trick in India all the time, in some places of course. Then if you sympathy for the slummers and give money to ONE of them, you're certainly in trouble, because once they got your money, they'll tell other slummers and all of them in dozens will come to get money from you. And the only one way to escape is your hand go to your pocket and grab all your coins then throw them into the sky, so that you can ran away from them.

Life in the slums are chaos. Fighting causes many deaths and most of their corpse laying beside in the street, people cross the corpse, floating on the sea and flies annoying them. Really tough.

Paper came out of this yesterday,
Dad of 'Slumdog' girl tried to sell her

"The father of Rubina Ali reportedly planned to sell the nine-year-old to escape poverty.

The News Of The World alleged that Rafiq Qureshi demanded £200,000 for the young Slumdog Millionaire star's adoption when reporters posed as a wealthy family from Dubai.

"I have to consider what's best for me, my family and Rubina's future," Qureshi, 36, is quoted as saying, before his brother added that the child's new-found stardom warranted extra cash. Ali found fame playing the youngest version of the character Latika in the Oscar-winning rags to riches film.
" --- this article is taken from Digital Spy

I heard the news on the radio this morning as well. Discussing why the father wants to do so, is he doing right? Because if the father really want to give the best for Rubina's future, he'd just give her to them without receiving any reward. Obviously, his second purpose is aiming at the money. But this can't exactly say he's wrong OR right, depends on how do you think about it.

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