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Age. 33
Gender. Female
Location Denver, CO
School. Other
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Sprocket's Training Milestones
Came home (Aug 2, 2014)
Asked to go outside (Aug 5, 2014)
Slept 4 hours straight (night) (Aug 5-6, 2014)
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7/3/13 - 8
7/4/13 - 30
7/5/13 - 36
7/10/13 - 54
7/11/13 - 57
7/18/13 - 67
2/17/14 - 83
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Antibiotics and Crops
Wednesday. 6.25.14 8:16 pm
I was smashing together antibiotics and crops, today. I think they might have solutions for one another. The principle behind cycling crops is that only some of the land is used at a given time to give the land some time to recover. Plants designed to rejuvenate the soil are planted instead of the regular crop. In antibiotics, we are seeing a problem where bacteria grows increasingly resistant to drugs, making many older drugs defunct. If we apply the principles of crop cycling to antibiotics, we could, potentially, reclaim the drug's fighting power.

This is something that could be done on a regional or state basis, making similar drugs available, but only distributing them in different places. If someone was allergic to a specific type, of course the drug could be shipped into the state, but as a policy, the drugs or antibiotics would become separate.

This would be especially useful in the production of anti-bacterial soaps, hand washes and cleaners. As the antibiotic components used in these products are infrequently used to treat specific ailments and are used as a preventative, cycling of these compounds could begin in the many regions of the country.

Naturally, there are many flaws in this plan. First, in this age where the government (the logical spearhead for this change) is imposing so many alterations on every day American life, the public would be unlikely to support any more similar impositions. Additionally, regulation may lead to profit losses for purveyors of these antibacterial compounds. Last, it might not work as intended and show no recovery in the effectiveness of these compounds in spite of giving bacterial colonies in various regions a break from the constant bombardment of chemicals.

Regardless, I feel that it would be interesting to study compound cycling in greater detail and see if this kind of process might be an effective solution for long term antibacterial use. Sadly, I have put one life to live :(

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10 Things Graphic Design Taught Me About Life
Friday. 6.13.14 10:18 pm
1.) Measure twice, cut once. Seriously, even if you screw up, only cut once. You'll just make it worse.

2.) There are a lot of great uses for exacto knives.

3.) There are about as many people in the world who don't really know how to "make it look pretty" as there are people who say they just "don't like numbers". Define yourself by what you can do, not by what you won't.

4.) "Making it pretty" is worth a lot. It's the difference between looking professional and looking like a hack.

5.) Advertising is a trick that even makes the tricksters want to be fools.

6.) You can actually judge a book by its cover (but just books). The person they picked as a cover artist is the publisher's most honest review of the book.

7.) If you feel like the one-eyed man in your own field, find the blind.

8.) Creativity isn't just a great idea. It's sitting down and putting it together.

9.) You can be an artist in any field, it's just in painting, design, sculpture, etc, that you don't get paid for making something ugly.

10.) If you make a mistake, make it look intentional.

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Bad Feng Shui
Wednesday. 6.11.14 7:19 pm
I Feng Shui-ed my room about a year and a half ago in an attempt to realign the chi in my life. I put the bookshelf at the foot of my bed so I could wake up with a sense of learning, growth and innovation in my life. This is not exactly the effect. The effect is that, every morning, I wake up, and I feel exhausted. i have so many books. I have so many books and I read so few of them. This is not to say that I don't read, but that new books are coming in at me EVERY DAY, and I'm just... overwhelmed.

I also have this fantasy of living small. In a place like this?

So... like really small. It would barely take any time to clean. Heating would be really low cost, cooling just as cheap and can you imagine bringing folks over. It would be such a statement. On top of that, you'd spend so much time on your porch, doing BBQs, whatever, I don't know. Maybe you'd just be out more, eating dinners with all the money you save.

It's kind of a chicken and egg kind of thing. Do I want to live in a small house because I am overwhelmed by my junk or am I overwhelmed because I am dreaming of this house? Of course, maybe it's neither, and I just realize I'm going to have to move out of my 'rents house, permanently (hurrah!), and I really don't want to leave any crap behind.

This second cut is going to be pretty hard. I have to separate all of my stuff from my family's stuff, and then there is stuff that people have handed down to me or given to me that they would be offended if I gave away, and then there are things that are just hard to get rid of, like textbooks, advanced copies of books and books autographed to me. The thing is... while I enjoy this stuff to a certain extent, most of what I do with it is occasionally dust it and think "oh, I can't get rid of that, it has sentimental value." Sentimental value my detachment behind! So, I have to set a date for the yard sale, and then... it's all going.

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Pro-woman messages I got from Disney movies
Saturday. 5.31.14 12:39 pm
I think everyone has heard the opposite message: "Disney movies lied to me." "Disney movies objectify women." But as I was growing up, I got a very different message about Disney movies. So this is what I learned from Disney movies (probably through the lens of my awesomely supportive parents, I love you guys.)

Beauty and the Beast

Reading may make you look funny to other people, but in the end, it’s what gives you depth and makes you interesting.

There's no excuse for being rude.

Dads actually love having a daughter around that understands their work and can even help them out on occasion.

The measure of a man can be foreshadowed in thoughtful gifts and kind gestures, but the man you should give your heart to is the one who is willing to let you go and lose every thing he has, if only because it’ll make you happy.

The Little Mermaid

Hair and makeup will make you happy in the ocean, but interest and curiosity will open up a whole world of opportunities.

If a guy doesn’t like you, leave him. It’s better to be cursed and alone than to hang over a man who doesn’t even recognize that you’re alive.


You are “not a prize to be won”.

Don’t put up with a guy who lies to you.

Love the guy who is interested in the world and can make you laugh.

The guy who loves you is the guy who, even after he loses face and has absolutely no chance with you, will still fight whatever demons to keep you safe.

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A Whole in Space
Friday. 5.9.14 11:49 pm
I have this story called a "Whole in Space" on my computer. I wrote it while I was in Korea. It is a bizarre story about a man who throws a cat off of a building and then ends up in an upside down, topsy turvy world, having to listen to the cat complain about his insensitivity for the remainder of the journey. Well, whenever I open it, it makes me laugh, but whenever I open it, I wonder what all this junk is at the front and why I haven't deleted it, yet.

This is why:

The receptionist picked up the phone, “I’m sorry, the line is rotting, may I help you?”
“I’m sorry, but my dog ate your phone. I am calling you from the phone next door, do you think that you could bring up another one?”
“Oh dear, your phone has been eaten? You do realize that our patented bananaphones are very expensive.”
“Oh yes,” replied the woman on the other end, “but I’m afraid it was an accident. You see, I was not aware of your phones when I booked the hotel…”
“Oh, that is alright,” the receptionist replied, “I will charge that one to your bill and get another one sent up. Is that alright?”
“I’d rather you didn’t,” the woman replied.
“Well, then I highly recommend that you replace the phone before you leave,” the receptionist replied tersely, “And why do you think we are called the banana phone hotel if we don’t use banana’s for phones?”
“I thought it was a clever joke, or that… maybe you would have plastic banana phones, not rotting edible ones.”
“How absurd. Plastic banana phones?” the receptionists contradicted.
“It is not absurd, all sorts of people have plastic phones,” the woman retorted.
“Oh really? Well, maybe tacky people, but we don’t have that kind of kitsch here,” she declared. Just as she did so, she squeezed the banana too hard. It squeezed through her fingers. She sighed heavily, looking up at the new customer.
“I’m sorry sir, how may I help you?” she asked.

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Speaking of Chickens...
Friday. 5.9.14 4:57 pm
I had some, and now they are gone. They had names, too. I wanted to remember the ones that were nice to me and the ones that didn't want to get picked up, so I gave them names. I also figured out which ones were boys and girls (names). So, no my chickens have left my nest and will probably be taken off to be raised an eaten. :'( Goodbye chickie chicks!

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