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In Response To Comments On Gay marrige.
Sunday. 5.18.08 11:47 pm
Dear MR. Random Junk and party.

I knew before I wrote this that it would be controversial. I knew my idea would be challenged.

For mister raynor. I said I am not a homophobic. I never mistreat gay people or avocate any mistreatment of them. In fact my cousin is Gay. I had a good friend in tech school who was gay. I have no problem with gay people. I even like Ellen Degeneres. But I see that the homosexual lifestyle is not good. Also God loves homosexuals. He made them for goodness sake. He sent his son Jesus to die for thier sin, as well as mine and yours Mr. Raynor. I am not gay. But I have sinned equally with you and everyone else in the world. Homosexuality is a sin like stealing lying murder adultery and fornification, and Idolotry. In fact I said in my blog that heterosexual fornification is just as harmful. In fact being born into the human race condenms you to hell. But through surrender to Jesus christ and turning from sin we can be made clean before God. So in the Bible I am commanded to love everyone as Jesus loves everyone, including sinners like me.

Now Mr. Random Junk.

Like you I have a right to an opinion of what is right or wrong just as you. Before you critisize me please read my article. When I said "what is next people marrying animals" I did by no means intend to say that gay people were like animals. I said that it is a mockery of the family system of America. I intended to mean that gay marrige is not to be equal with a normal marrige.

Also I gave compelling stats that 50% of aids cases are caused by male to male sex. 25% to normal sex and the rest to dirty needles and other causes. My stats did'nt come from Pat Roberts or Billy Graham. My stats came from published public data from government agencies. Now if every man and woman only had sex with thier spouse and did not abuse drugs then the disease would almost be non existient. People die from sex outside of marrige and drug abuse. There are as of 2002-2006 20k+ people going to die from aids in tennesee alone because they had sex outside marrige and abused drugs. Not to mention all the abuse brought on by alchaholism and deaths caused by drunk drivers.

I am quite offended being accused of racsism I hate racisim too. That is somthing I am totally against. I hate racism with a passion. I respect all races of people because God made us all and he decided I would be white and he would be black, and she would be Asian and so on.

I am totally aware of heterosexual abuse in realationships. My mother was abused for 8 years before she married my father. You are right it happens. But I assure you it isn't as high a rate. My case is 32.7% is kinda steep.

Also as I said to raynor. Everyone has sinned I am quite good at it myself I hate to admit. No I don't belive in genetic homosexuality. I believe that it was a chosen life style. Like a drug addiction it is almost impossible to overcome. I do not fault them for wanting to be like other people. Marrige is for a couple who wants children and a pure productive family that advances society. Not for homosexuals wanting to pervert what is good and normal. I belive they have the right to have relations and not be discriminated against for that, but never allow thier marrige to considered equal with a marriged heterosexual.

Clap Clap I am glad to agree with you on movies and television. I hardly consider myself as oppressive and closed minded.

Tell me this. You seem to belive that right and wrong is relative. But you know what isn't a sin. Tell me sir what is a sin?

Yes sir the Bible is old I can't talk you into beliving it's sayings. I wasn't making a judgement call saying homosexuality is sinful. I know many christians refuse to call it that. Despite it being so clearly written in the Bible. I simply stated what is in the Bible. Tell me sir? What do you know of the Bible?

Well now religion isn't needed anymore? We are so comfty and prosperous now. HMM. Well that can change tomorrow.

You say you try to accept all beliefs. Apparently you only accept beliefs that permit you to do anything you like without consequence. You like to stereostype christians as high and mighy. Sinnless and a judgemental attitude. You will reject any and all my beliefs because of my religion. That sir is discrimintory.

As far as me judging people and being better and holier. That is a real joke. I am a sinner a evil person who will get into a tent in heaven by God's grace and mercy and the skin of my teeth. I am far from a perfect person. In fact I admit I have done things I think to be sinful and still catch myself doing those things I call sinful. The difference between me and you is I want to please God and feel remorse for the evil things I do. That is our only difference.

Now Dear Chloefoxx

I never said Aids is exclusive to gay couples. Of that 20K Aids I mentioned from the Tennesee Deparment of health. 9.9K was spread by gay contact. 4.5K by heterosexual contact and the rest by dirty needles and other contact.

Yes as I mentioned that I am a christian. I am not judgemental. I am simply am saying that homosexuality is a sin like anything else. A man who commits fornification is no more sinful than a gay man. A man who lied to his boss is just as guilty as a gay person. All sin seperates men from God. I am a sinner. I sin. I get mad and say bad words. I want to flip off people while I am traffic. I have a hard time with lust. I envy people with money and Jaguars. Those things are just as damning as homosexuality. What I am upset about is that legal gay marrige is just another sinful thing the government nows finds as acceptable.

My Saviour Jesus Said to never judge anyone lest you be judged. He also said he with no sin cast the first stone. Also don't offer to remove the sawdust from your brothers eye until you plank is out of yours.

In summary,

Jesus Christ loves gay and straight alike, for he and his father made them both. He said himself he came not to condenm the world but to save it. John 3:16 for God so LOVED the World he gave his only begotton son Jesus Christ. I am a follower of Jesus Christ so I apologize if I sounded judgemental. I try to love and care for everyone I meet straight or not. I am human and make mistakes tho.

God Bless you all.

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Gay Marrige? In America?
Saturday. 5.17.08 3:29 am
Gay marrige was recently legalized in california....


What's next people marrying animals? What is so wrong? Wrong with the simple notion of a family structure. A man providing for his wife and the wife caring for the children. A man and a woman that is what is natural. Sex is for reproduction and it only works with men and women. So how can a same sex marrige be recognized as equal to a normal marrige?

Beats me.

So as I watch TV which is rare. I hate TV mostly. But you see these commercials for nicotine gum and other quit smoking products. You also see these goody goody feel good ads saying to tell your kids about the dangers of smoking. Which is all well and good. Smoking is bad for your health.

Now let me ask this. Now movies and TV shows portray homosexuality as glamourous or at worst humorous and harmless. When all reality a homosexual lifestyle is dangerous and downright stressful.

Did you know according to the Australian Department of Health and Agriculture that 85% of all new AIDs victims are gay men.

32.7% of gay couples have abusive relationships

According to the Tennesee Dept Of health

Total New AIDs Cases in 2001 - 2006 = 20,289

Male + Male sex accounted for 9,968 of those.

Anyway that is some stats I don't feel like finding anymore right now. The Homosexual life style is not glamourous or harmless.

I am not a homophobic but I simply realize that homosexuality is a at least a unhealthy and miserable life style.

I am a christian and I would have to add the bible is clear that the homosexual lifestyle is sinful. No more sinful than a life of heterosexual fornification. So let me end this saying that homosexuality is bad for our society but God loves everyone. He loves you me and all the gay and lesbians. God sent his son to die for all our sins. Including homosexuality.

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Too late or early?
Wednesday. 5.14.08 5:02 am
MAn It's 5am tuesday. Been up too loong. I was gonna write a blog about fire behavior and really bore some people. But alas I am too tired. *yawn* WEll I will write somthing tomorrow. So keep a check on my site. I may just write a somthing interesting.

Good night all.

God Bless yall all.

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Traditional VS Modern Worship
Saturday. 5.10.08 11:43 pm
My goodness at how people, christian people will fight about what type of music they sing in church. It is always the old people want hymns and the kids want a band singing CCM. It's rediculous Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and we fight and quarrel about somthing so trivial as worship music. I think it is a shame.

My little southern baptist church is not immune by no means. Madison Street Baptist 800+ members. Only 80 attend. We get about 10 - 20 people under age 40 (youth) any given sunday. The rest WWII vets and thier widows and wives. It is a battle for sure. The older crowd want to stick only with hymns and the pastor and music director and the rest of the church want CCM and praise.

I myself want to move completly to CCM and praise. I take that phrase about let everything with breath praise the Lord seriously. The Lord can be praised with any instrument. So I think everyone according to thier talent should use it to sing praise to God. Singers should sing, Bassist should rumble, Guitarsist should strum, drummers should beat loud and precise and ect. Everone else sing and thank God. In fact I don't think man can ever orchastrate any song and praise worthy of Gods attention. But we should try and try and try again. Totally strive for perfection.

So what is so wrong with my view? Let me ask you people that think one kind of praise is better than another. Is that what God told you? Or is that you saying that. If the latter, you may have not totally surrendered your ideas to Jesus.

In summary I attended Madison Street Baptist before the new worship leader. The new worship leader trying to slip CCM on us with his Martin accoustic. Back when we sang from the church hymnal each sunday, and sung it all outta tune. I don't care for it. I feel like God can't be worshiped loud and passionate enough. But I know the ideal of unity trumps all my feelings I will stay out of the fight. I got my opinion but if singing hymns would bring unity in my church lets get out our hymnal and turn to #39.

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The Lie of Modern HI-FI
Friday. 5.9.08 6:53 pm
Alright first of all let's define High Fidelity. For a system, a stereo system to be deemed HI-FI it must deliver this.

A bandwidth of
-+3Db 20HZ - 20KHZ @ RATED power on both channels.


Total harmonic Distortion is < 1% @ Rated power.

Also the accompaning speakers have to have the bandwidth also.

Now I think I have eliminated about 95% of all modern stereo systems with HI-FI written on them. You find me a system that can deliver 100watts stereo and speakers with these ratings and I will give you a cookie. If you take a close examination of a amplfier box and literature you will see the HI-FI emblem. But if the specs will show some sorry performance. I recently bought a Sony 30 watt desk radio for my mother. It has HI-FI written all over it. If you look in the manual at the specs it shows a bandwidth of 40HZ to 10KHZ under half the HI-FI standard. Also stated that it had up to 10% harmonic distortion. TEN TIMES THE MAX ALLOWED by HI-FI standard. Don't misunderstand. The radio sounds fine but it's not High Fidelity.

CD's have totally disgraced all that is HI-FI. First of all CDs cannot produce the HI-FI bandwidth accuratly. They simply can't.

The Reason? DIGITAL. CD's music is encoded with a digital code. The CD player reads the code and interpets the code into a voltage that is sent to the speaker. In order for proper playback the player reads a code 44,100 times per second. Ok so that is pretty quick right? Not at all. Your computer can read codes at well over 1,000,000,000 times per second. HMMM not so fast after all.

Now the player is 16 Bit. This is the resolution. Like a photo resolution is what determines how clear and vivid a picture is. Now, 16 bit res. What does this mean to a CD player?

A bit is a simple amount of info. The amount of info to tell if somthing is on or off.

0 or 1 Hi or Low

2 bits is more info it can add other possibilities. With 2 bit there is 4 possiabilities.

Nothing Low Medium High or 0 1 2 3

now 3 bits can describe much more info with eight levels.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 or

Medi Low
Hi Low
Low Medium
Hi Medium
Low Hi
Hi hi

Ok so whatI have been describing is every bit you add you double the amount of Information available. So in a classic CD player 5V is the high voltage and 0 is the low. If there are sixteen bits then that means it can make 216 voltages between 0 and 5V.

Let's imagine this on a small scale. Somthing simple like 4 Bits. Including 0 there are 16 possible voltages. And would be this

Look this is the 8th point. We are 2.5 half of 5V

Ok so a 4 bit CD player could make 16 different voltage levels. What happens though when the sound being recorded to this CD is let's say .2 volts? It won't pick it up. What about if the voltage is 2.6V? It will come out as 2.5V. SO are we seeing some problems with this system?

Maybe it can't reproduce all the sounds. AHHHHHHH

Don't be discrouraged. 16 bits is plenty of voltage levels. 65,536 levels to be exact. So a CD has just OK resolution. It can't totally reproduce all the sounds despite it's high resolution. In fact a CD with digital encoding can never do it. Even with some ungodly number of bits, even megabits.

Ok so we understand the resolution of a CD player. What about the sampling rate.
The best way to describe a sampling rate is like a TV. Have you ever been online and watched a video and it had a low frame rate? How the image seems to jerk and the action doesn't match the sounds. That is the sampling rates fault. The camera took a picture a few times in a second.

When sound is recorded on a CD it works the same way. The recording device takes a sample of the music. It takes a sample 44,100 times a second. So each second of CD music is made of 44,100 parts pieced together. Now this method works great for low frequencies. But as the frequency increases the more it becomes distorted. Just like a camera, the faster the action being filmed the less it captures. What about a normal picture camera. What happens if you move while the pic is being taken. It blurs and distorts.

Likewise with sound, imagine a 20KHZ sound. That means 20,000 movments in a second. The CD recorder can read 44,100 times a second. So it can not acuratly sample the high frequency. So in one cycle of the sound, the recorder will only take 2 samples of the wave. Thus it can not be acurratly reproduced. Inversly a low frequency wave can be very well reproduced. To make it simple a low frequency like 44HZ will have 1100 samples taken in one of it's cycles.

Also in the process of changing a digital code into a analog voltage for the speakers a low pass filter is used. In digital conversion a high frequency clap is created. And is mostly ultrasonic. So a low pass filter is used to cut out the high frequency claps and DC included in the virgin analog signal. The low pass filter workes very well for this application, but unfortunatly it further cuts the upper frequencies of the HI-FI band width.

If you want true Hi-Fi go and find a true HI-FI turntable and an old record in good shape. New records would been recorded by a digital process simular to a CD so only old records from the eighties back can be the true Hi-Fi. Put a true Hi-Fi stereo and speakers with it and enjoy.

In summary Hi-Fi is rare. Stereos are mislabeled to intice you into buying them. CD's and MP3's and other digital music is never HI-FI.

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Friday. 5.9.08 4:06 am
Ok so about me.

I am Jacy Henry I'm 24.
I live in Maysville GA. A small town of 1600. I am a musician and electronic tech, and last but the most I am a born again christian. SO most of my blogs will be about music religion and electronics.

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