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The Grass Is Greener

Age. 22
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. ginger
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I'm a slacker
Saturday. 12.21.13 12:16 pm
Just your friendly PSA of the day informing you that Natalie is indeed a slacker and has not done any Christmas shopping yet. Boss mode.

And I dyed my hair.

As a natural redhead, this is a HUGE deal because everyone is mad at me for it, haha. It's like, "No! The gods have blessed thee with such vibrancy!" and I'm just over here wanting to have some fun before I'm expected to be professional 24/7.

Remember when my ethnicity on here was "scenester?" Well, now my hair matches that once more. Hahaha. It's all black with a blond skunk stripe. Which actually looks really good no matter what 'scene' you're trying to fit into. Unless you're trying to fit in with the crazy conservative homeschoolers that expect a blood sacrifice to atone for your sins against nature. I don't think they like it as much.

But, yeah. Christmas is coming! I have quite a bit of knitting to get done before then.

My job is pretty legit, though! They gave me a raise for working a ton and doing anything and everything around the store. :) They. are. so. freaking. nice. to. me. I love them. This other girl that worked here was a little crazy, though. She was nice... but you could tell she wanted the manager position that was open, and she was working for it and all, but she was also going around acting like she already had the manager position. She got sooooo bossy, and wouldn't listen to anyone. And she always drowned the plants, and then acted like it wasn't her fault even though she was the only one doing the watering. =_= So when we got our new manager, she was pretty shocked that it wasn't her... and then she had a few huge fights with upper management and when she found out (even though she had already been told...but, like I said, she doesn't listen) that she was only seasonal, she worked like one more day and then quit. I do not understand how people that are married, have children, are in their 30's, and should be plenty mature by now... can act so immaturely. It makes no sense to me. Crazyyyyyyyyy.

But now I don't have to work with her. :) Hehehhehe yay. Not that I didn't like her! I just didn't enjoy working with her due to her attitude. Freedom! Now I can go back to playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf when the store gets really slow. :P



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Jimi <3
Sunday. 11.17.13 12:11 am
I'm so glad that American Masters is on.... because it's about Jimi Hendrix. My mother effin' idol. OMG. Freaking love himmmmmmmm.
Finally starting to get over being sick, too. (: It's been a long week of gastroenteritis. So it's nice to have that nearly over.
I also am finally watching Freaks and Geeks, and I'm a little bit obsessed. Which has brought to my attention that the guys I usually like are potheads. Hahaha. I'm glad I was trying something new when I started dating Joey. He's such a good kid. (Probably a little too good, but how's that a complaint?) Haha.

Still in love with Jimi, though. Oh my gosh. I just love him.

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Alternators Rock
Wednesday. 11.6.13 9:31 pm
And my awesome alternator isn't working right.
I also need new tires.
So this is really fun.

But I really do love my new job.
I fell asleep like a block away from my house while I was on my way to work (my meds want me dead) and so I called my work and they let me go home for 3 hours and sleep it off. I missed half of my shift, but they were awesome about it. Obviously, this means I can't go flubbing up anytime soon because missing a ton of work is really really uncool... but it's good to know they're so understanding.

And my mom has a diabetes-related issue with her kidneys.

And I'm really stressed out.

And I'm out of money.

And I'm out of cigarettes.

Goodbye, life. You've been good... but I'm fixing to sleep you away.

Positive notes:
My nieces are mothatruckin' ADORABLE. I have some delicious Pocky. My parents are letting me put my car maintenance bills on their credit card and pay them back a little bit at a time. I have a really comfy bed. I have the option to think positively on my situation. I have a really good air freshener for my car. Grimm is back on TV.

I still miss the old Neopets, though.

Peace, y'all. It's been real.

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Natalie's tired.
Saturday. 10.26.13 11:57 pm
listening to: my friend watching vampire diaries
mood: melancholy
Seriously tired. Wheeeee.

I really like my new job.

I really dislike being on my feet the whole time, though.

And I got to listen to my parents bicker about money tonight. Again. It seriously never stops. (Note to self: Move out soon.)

I feel like I complain a lot, though, so... let's change that.
Good things I have going on:
I get to play in the dirt every day at my new job.
I just made $150 in 2 hours tonight.
I get to hang out with one of my favorite fellow gingers tomorrow. :)
I have a car. (Said scar is also currently immobile because idiot Natalie tried to put her gum away while driving on a curvy road and hit the corner of a curb and blew out tire & bent wheel. WHATTUP GANGSTAS.)
I've seen all of the episodes of The Walking Dead that are on Netflix, so I can finally go to bed at night.
I lost a little bit of weight. :) Back into a pair of my old jeans!
I have really great friends.
I found out about sushi happy hour at the sushi bar near my house.
I got paid today, too. So there's money in my bank. WHEEEE!

I'd say I've got some good stuff going. So yeah. Oh, by the way, in case nobody has noticed, my first name is Natalie. And I've been referring to myself in the third person a lotttt lately, so, no, I'm not trash-talking anybody. But me.

What's everyone else been up to? Do I have some major blog-stalking to do to catch up? Gosh, it's been a long time since I've been on here. I've kinda been busy. But I've also been unable to stay off Netflix or put books down lately.

Has anyone here read the Laurie Halse Anderson book 'Wintergirls'? I freaking love that book. I hope I'm not the only one. I mean, whenever I read it, I end up not eating for a few days... but that's just because books get to me much more than movies or music. Like, if there's ever a feeling you need to convey to me... just make me read a book that induced that feeling for you. I'll be drowning in it for a few weeks.
I also checked out a book called "Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone: The Entomological Tales of Augustus T. Percival" by Dene Low. It's a really quirky YA novel. Pretty short. But pretty cute. Set in Victorian England. With bigger words than most people use. So I like it. It's fun. Yay.

Any book suggestions from y'all? I always feel weird checking out books that nobody's ever heard of. No clue why... but, yeah. If it's been recommended, I feel better about it. :) So, feel free to recommend something!

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