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Age. 26
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Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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oh noes.
11/22/06 (wednesday)
I just wrote a whole entry but the form crashed or something. I thought it went through so I closed it, but apparently it didn't so I'm here voicing my frustration. Whatever, I don't really mind.

I don't expect to be on nutang a lot anymore. If you still wanna contact me, you can AIM me at "dopamine lalala". I don't know why you'd want to though XP

I feel like I'm getting sleepier every day.

And I'd also like to apologize for not commenting anybody these past few days, but then Silver would kick me or something like that. >.<

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so here's some more
11/7/06 (late tuesday night)
Our last co-op class was today, as co-ops are on Friday (already?!). Instead of the usual cafeteria classes, they were held in the seventh grade classes. I don't think my friends waited for me again that afternoon. Oh yes, they didn't. I was looking for my cell phone when everybody just walked right past me into the hallway. That was a pretty cool sight though, watching everybody walk together right past me, I've gotta admit. I slid my backpack over to them and continued searching right near Ms. A's door, but I then realized that I was already by the classroom and should just go inside, take a seat, and then look for my cellphone. Go inside, look toward my regular seat and it's already taken.

"Trisha!" A. calls from the other side of the room, obviously seated by Boy A. Well I don't know if I should disguise their names or not, since I've already ranted about them before. Okay, so Alyssa calls me over to the side of the room where Andrew is and tells me, "Oh, go sit over there behind Andrew." I was thinking, "You sit behind Andrew, he probably hates me." but she already took a seat behind G., Andrew's best friend (for some odd reason, other than the fact that they both live on the same street). So I rummage through my backpack for my cell phone and I can hear Andrew saying, "Hi Ateh Alyssa! Hi Trisha! Yeah, you see Trisha? She never says hi to me." Well obviously I'm not gonna say hi if you don't speak louder. And I'm looking through my backpack so you'll have to get my attention some other way.

So yadda yadda, test reviews and whatnot. I did pretty well on the Language Arts section, 5 out of 40. Reasoning with words, I'm not so sure about.
(The directions aren't clear! They say that the first group of words shares the same relation as the second group of words, but how would bodies of water relate to the United States and the United Kingdom? "The first group of words state bodies of water, while the second group lists countries where the main language spoken is English. -.-)
And math? Oh yes, math. 25 out of 40 incorrect. T_T I am totally screwed for that section of the test. I was so confident too!

The weird, social aspect to the class, which I would rather talk about, was that Alyssa wasn't trying to talk to Andrew at all. He was talking to her when they made contact with each other, not the other way around for once! Well he has to turn around to talk to her so it would be annoying if she kept calling him, but wow. We were comparing scores for the verbal reasoning section and he asked,
me: "How many did you get wrong?"
him: "Four."
me: "Yeah, high five!"
him: "How many did you get?"
me: "[turns high five into a high four] Four too."
him: "Wow, I got the same score as you! [turns around]"
me: "[realizes that I just offered him a high five]"
It stuck with me because he always reasons my hate with him to his observations that I never want to give him high fives. And I don't think that's good at all, at least in front of Alyssa. I would've brought it up, but Ms. A had already started speaking again.

I just realized that if you put the names I drop here into google (specifically boy A, girl A, and girl C) then the first page that pops up is my nutang. Hopefully nobody ever does that, ever. Sigh...

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i guess i should
11/7/06 (late tuesday night)
Yesterday we had a field trip! We took an average-length bus ride to Kearny by my mom's old nursing home to the Archidosces (sp?) Youth Center-place, though I think most of us refered to it as Boystown since they had signs like that up as well. Talk talk, yadda yadda, prayers, etc.

Then we had an exercise where we were split up into groups. One or two people (though in my group's case, one) person/people were blindfolded, while others were mute by way of tape over the mouth or crippled because their hands were tied behind their backs. I was crippled, which became frustrating as you may think while you read what the exercise was about. Firstly, we had an envelope. Inside the envelope was a piece of paper cut up into five or six strips. Our task was to align them again so that they retained the shape of the original piece of paper. The only catch was that only the "blind people" could touch the paper, while the rest of the group used whatever senses they had left to guide them. Our group was the last to finish, after about ten minutes, so after a while the coordinator told us to just take the tape off our mouths and the rope from behind our backs (though one of my groupmates had already done that by turning around and manipulating the pieces). It still took us a few minutes to actually get the pieces in order, however, which was actually kind of pitiful.

Like the size of that last paragraph! Wow! I don't know if anyone has the attention span to read that. And there's still more! A lot more! That's barely 9:30 a.m.

So then we're split into groups, and I'd name my groupmates off the top of my head but I don't want people finding this so I'll just refer to them by their first intitals.

Our first task was the "Wall of God". A twelve foot high wall constructed of planks of wood with a small platform on one side. The task was to get the entire group over the wall using only teamwork and no other equipment. I'm glad we had a lot of hardworking people like B. and M. or else none of us would've been able to get up. Even volunteering to just jump up and be caught without any support, wow. I almost got up, one of my arms was around the top and they were pushing my legs up as hard as possible, but someone lost their grip on my and I dropped, so our coordinator just told them to let go of me and get on with whoever was next. I wanted to get up, but hey, there were still people waiting. My arms didn't ache them, but damn do they ache now. I thought it would be my legs, actually.

Then we did Noah's Ark! Of course nobody listened to instructions, so it was a bit unorganized, but easier than last time. It's basically a huge see-saw that can fit a group of teenagers, all standing up, on it. We only did two things while on it, balance it while on both feet and balance it while everybody stood on one foot. Pretty easy.

Then snack! Nothing to say here.

Finally, the Catwalk, or as they later renamed it, "Peter's Walk". Basically, you climb up this 30-foot pole, much like a telephone pole, and sidle accross another, horozontal pole that is connected to it. How do you get down? You jump backwards! Don't worry, there were harnesses. The whole experience there was really awesome, the view from the top was amazing, regardless of the ugliness that is the Newark area (XP) and the air was crisp. I scoff at those not willing to take the risk, unless you're A. and falling from heights "makes you feel like you're gonna die". I don't know if I should be pissed or sympathetic toward that. Some people's climbs were funny, like C. took a few steps then slipped and fell, and while the instructor was lowering her down he asked, "You didn't mean that, right? 'Cause you're supposed to tell me first!" while C. kept flailing around because she wasn't ready yet. (In her words, "Climb, climb, step, river! Fall.") And D. was climbing up too high! We were all yelling that he was already too high to reach the horozontal pole but he didn't notice until he had to climb down. A. was really awesome too! He wasn't in our group, but since all the groups were down by the catwalk, we were all watching him. He was stuck at the mid-section between the vertical and horozontal poles and you could visibly see him shaking 30 feet off the ground. We were all encouraging and cheering for him, it was a really awesome sight.

Next was lunch, which was pretty much lunch as usual. D. had this weird corned beef spread that apparently smelled nasty to everyone else but I thought it smelled like normal corned beef.

Then we did the Islands! Argh, those are so annoying. There are three platforms on the grass, each one about four or so feet from each other. They give you three planks of wood, one is about three feet, the next two, and the last about one foot. Our group had to use the planks of wood to move the entire group from one "island" to the next, which turned out to be frustrating because the planks cannot slip or else the team cannot use them anymore. So naturally we lost the largest plank within five minutes, though the coordinator let us start over. We put a lot of weight onto the plank to make it stay, but the only problem was getting the people used as weights accross. It was annoying because they said, "as soon as you step onto the wood, jump to the next platform as fast as you can", but there's no room to stabilize yourself because the entire free plank is off of the platform where it may slip, so you have to almost double jump to make it correctly. Naturally, I fell. We just gave up after a while.

Then we just hung around and watched the other group do the next activity. They gave up so some of my group went and did it! It's hard to explain it, though. There are two long, narrow strips of wood, just narrow enough to balance your foot on each and just long enough to fit about ten people, all standing on the wood. Ropes hang off of the sides, just long enough to pull on while in a standing position. The objective is to use these to cover a set amount of distance, though, because we were bored and doing it for fun, we were just going to the Islands, which were about 30 feet away. Everybody gave up after about ten steps though, each step was about an inch in my opinion (XP). So we watched the last group (there were three groups, my group, the group that was on the wood-with-ropes exercise, and the last was on the catwalk) climb up the catwalk. The entire area with God's wall and the catwalk were slightly lower than the area with the islands and such, like it was cut into a hill, so we had a slightly better view of the climbers as they ascended. It was pretty fun.

When we got back, which was not long after watching the last group's catwalk, I fell asleep on my desk almost immediately. The next thing I know, I hear my teacher calling everybody to leave, while I'm barely packed. The only things my friends did was get my backpack but leave it near my chair. They didn't even wait for me to pack! We barely had any homework, but that's not really the issue here. I walked out pissed with a huge headache.

Wow, this entry turned out long so I'll put some random musings in my next one, to be posted in a few minutes. >.<

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so worrisome
11/3/06 (friday)
I'm sleepy.

See, my dad and I went to Lacordaire (hey look, it has a wiki page) and it was really nice and all. When we left, my dad and I were talking about it and agreed that it was a good school, but there was something missing from it for me. I didn't mention that last part, though. My dad kept telling me to "weigh it all out" because I'm still torn between MSDA and QP as well. The silence made me wonder if he was asking for an answer then and there, but of course I wasn't ready to give him my decision.
This morning, right before I got out of the car for school, he said, "I want you to go to Lacordaire." Which made me totally furious, because I still had that little pit in my stomach telling me something wasn't right about it. All things considered, I was very mad upon coming out of my car and didn't talk to my friends much, but rather fidgeted and pulled on the long sleeves of my fleece. Fortunately this didn't seem like suspicious behavior on a freezing cold day so they didn't question me about it. But that kind of headache on top of the one created by wearing my glasses all day (as opposed to the contacts that I've been wearing)? I was ready to explode.
Because honestly, I think that pit in my stomach is from having to spend another four years with a friend. I hate to say that I wish Ciara and I weren't as close as we are now, but in my heart I think that's what I feel. Sometimes she just gets so annoying, from her mannerisms to just... her, that I can't stand it. I really hate to say it, though.
And I don't want to say that I don't want to go there because of Ciara, because that's one of the primary reasons that they want me to go there. Because it's easy. What, so now my opinion is overshadowed by how to make things more simple? Well, I guess it's always been that way. I'll say that I'm selfless, but that's kind of conceited. It's just that, I'm choosing a high school. Don't I have some kind of say in where I want to go?
On this same night as well, my dad has the nerve to say that QP's reputation "isn't that good", according to someone's he's heard it from. See, I don't understand how people can be so gullible, believing things that they hear. It's probably because that opinion matches his own, though I see no grounds for it.

God, my dad is so annoying. My brother just woke up, right?
"Damn, stop acting like you're all tired. It's bullshit."
I'm sorry that we all can't roll out of bed, wash our face, tussle our hair, throw on a pair of jeans, and be out the door in five minutes like you.

As a side note, wow there are a lot of new faces here. XP

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another open house!
10/23/06 (midnight-ish)
This journal is starting to become me-centric. XP

@ randomjunk - Yeah, ranting! And when I type in a URL wrong, it always takes me to some search engine and if I've never been to the site before I get all confused and stuff! Oh yes, and it's high school; there's a bunch of private high schools in the area and I'm looking into going to one of them because I don't particularly like the public high school in my area.
@ Dilated - You don't know how many times we've told her to move on, but she's just so stubborn that it's turning arrogant.
@ Silver-dot- - How poetic... everyone here has such a way with words! XP

I went to an MSDA open house yesterday, which was Sunday. Here's that obligatory comparison thingie that none of you probably care about but it'll help me when I ultimately have to choose.
- Technically the school itself is three levels, two above ground and a basement with science labs and such, but I'm not sure about navigation around the school itself.
+ Can't really say much about the technology, though the science labs looked considerably better than QP's. The computer labs looked all right, kinda average.
+ I don't know how to explain it, but the teachers seemed way more dedicated, fun, and most importantly, interesting than QP's.
+ I think somebody mentioned the entire student body was around 330? Not bad.
+ Award-winning newspaper and literary journals? <10
+ I couldn't really tell a lot about the student body.
+ (see above about staff)
/ I couldn't tell exactly how much time it took to get there, as we stopped by to look at where Lacordaire was on the way, so I can't really estimate how long it would take to get there. Though I would have to use some other type of transportation, seeing that everyone else will still be going to STA next year.
+ Softball and volleyball teams check. Though I can't be involved in any kind of play or musical, which both sounded really awesome, but it's for the sake of physical fitness! I'm not as interested in those anyway.
/ Scholarship yes! But it'll probably be really hard, since they said that they only give out one full scholarship and two half ones =/ And if I don't get one, then I probably can't go there.

Another plus, it's Seton Hall Prep's sister school, so they have dances with them. Dances with Seton Hall = see most of the guys from STA (including Andrew!) I don't know if I should be so ecstatic about that though, since it's only once a year. >.< Still, you never know. So yes...
Only downside is, of course, that it's an all-girls school. But I thought it would be horrible and it didn't turn out to be so horrible. The points they bring up about being able to do without guys in the class, I actually noticed them during class right now! Wow...

I'm sorry for not reading other people's journals lately. I don't have a lot of time... Yeah I shouldn't be making excuses, it's rude. But I still have a lot of social studies. Ms. S thinks the only subject we do is social studies, how many reports are do before the end of October? Damn...

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more ranting.
10/22/06 (early sunday)
I was really pissed off today.

A bunch of stuff that I'd rather not talk about, so here...
We go to Paramus to look at PC and while we're driving, my dad keeps making random comments, such as "LOOK! IT'S TOO FAR!" and the whole time I'm thinking, "WTF THEN WHY DID YOU LET ME PUT IT DOWN AS A CHOICE?"
So yeah, I almost started crying because they, of course, wanted to make me feel bad because if I did choose to go there, they would go through so many hardships, etc, that kinda thing, if I got into clubs and groups and such. Because then they'd have to pick me up from school and it's pretty much an hour there and back.
It looked like such a good school too.

I hate hypocrites. I'll make this transition easy! My parents told me to put down St. Mary's and PC for my 2nd and 3rd choices, right? Well now they're saying that they're both too far. Right after I hear about how cool the Mount is! So here they are, two wasted spaces, and we'll have to send an application to the Mount manually.
And at school! Some of the boys act like such good friends with the girls and then behind their backs they call them bitches and sluts. I guess that was more last year because they never really talk these days (besides Bryan, but he loves them so whatever). But still! Even between the boys, mostly last year once again, they all said they hated each other but I guess they've made up. But they used to act like good friends in real life! I don't know if they still hold grudges against each other, but whatever.

I kinda feel sorry for Andrew. The only person that really likes him nowadays is Alyssa, between both "friends" and crushes. They all think he's a cocky bastard. Hell, I even think that, but he already knows I hate him. But still, it's kinda weird that Alyssa is still so determined with him even though we're graduating. He's not going to BHS, just get over it, there's not the biggest chance that you guys would work out anyway.

Sigh. I haven't been reading a lot of nutangers blogs lately, I'm sorry. =[ Actually, I don't think I've read anyone's. I'm really tired.

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