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Let My People Go
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God Save The Queen
Friday. 7.23.04 10:59 pm
One more week left of my Berkeley summer school. What shall I discuss today? Ah yes, whilst walking out of UC Berkeley I picked up a copy of the Daily Californian. There was an interesting article in it about this "world traveler" who offers food and money to strangers. He's a resident of Berkeley and he was basically a vagabond until he settled down in the city. He offers everybody, friend or foe, a home-cooked meal and even money if they need it. Yet he himself is far from affluent. People say he is the most generous and humble person they've ever met. He never allows anyone to compensate for what he gives. That is the coolest person I've ever heard about. He spent his life travelling all over the world on foot. He wrote a book I believe about his travels, and he writes about this one time he ilegally crossed the Swiss border right pass a border patrol. It says here, he left his small island village, Mauritius, (off the coast of Madagascar) with $12 in his pocket to go to Pakistan for education. He then began wandering after a year of education and captured pictures of places that are rarely ever photgraphed. Man, what an interesting life. And such a kind generous man. Oh yeah, his name is Kadreebux just in case you were wondering. I would love to read his book and maybe I could visit his house since it's near where I go. Long live Kadreebux!

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Friday. 7.23.04 3:51 am
I have a question for you. Does "weird" have a bad connotation (to you) or a good one? Or...neutral. And does "ordinary" have a good connotation? I ran across this website which was making a big deal how it will never update just so you can come back everytime and know that you'll be seeing the same familiar thing. Well, is familiarity a good thing? I guess it is because getting what you expect feels like you are in control of things. People want the security of being able to know what's there because it's "familiar". But doesn't that get boring sometimes? If you had the chance, would you ever live a life complete of spontaneity? You'd never ever know what would come next. I guess it would make things more exciting, but would you long for that lost familiar sense of knowing something before it happened? I, myself, think spontaneity is a good thing. But complete spontaneity, i.e. chaos, is not such a good thing. Or is it? Although it would be exciting, it would take a toll on your emotional well-being, would it not? I think it's good to break away from the familiar once in a while.

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What's a nut tang?
Saturday. 7.17.04 3:51 pm
watching: watching the united state's liberty at stake

listening to: my own breathing

mood: pissed off

Hello Nut Tang. It is very nice to meet you. I must say, this is probably the nicest "blog" things I have used. I shall start with this rant.

One of the things that pisses me off about America is her conservativeness. Bush has just gone a little too crazy lately. Pardone moi but, I believe we're supposed to separate church and state. I was listening to the Howard Stern show and he was saying how Bush spends so much money fining him because of his "indecent" radio show. They fined him up to $500,000 yet someone who brings in contaminated food to the country only gets fined something like $11000. If you pollute a stream, you'd only get fined like $1000. If you brought a knife on an airplane, you'd still get fined much lower. Why are they worrying so much about a radio show when you could kill someone with contaminated food? This is outrageous.

I was searching around for some anti-censorship orgs and I found the NCAC. Did you know that Congress is considering "Abstinence-only Education"? What is that you ask? Well take a look at this.

"Students in abstinence-only programs receive only information consistent with the abstinence-until-marriage message. Instead of a comprehensive review of the facts about contraception, safer sex practices, and sexuality, they often receive false and exaggerated information about contraceptive failure and are told that contraceptives undermine romance and spontaneity. They typically learn about homosexuality only in the context of HIV/AIDS. Abortion is presented as morally wrong and physically and emotionally dangerous. In some programs, fetuses are referred to as "babies."

The result of this focus on abstinence-until-marriage has been widespread censorship of sexual information. Material on contraception, sexually transmitted disease, and sexual orientation has been razored out of textbooks. Articles about sexuality have been censored in the student press. Teachers have been warned against talking about certain topics, and cannot answer students' questions fully or candidly. Some have been disciplined or threatened with lawsuits for speaking frankly about sexual matters. Many teachers understandably avoid discussing sexuality at all."

Holy shit. People, are we living in Japan or North Korea or something? Why are we censoring information; facts!? It really angers me because, I'm sorry all you conservative-afraid-of-sex-want-to-protect-your-children-from-everything bastards, but you've really lost your heads this time. Why do we censor things? Of all places, shouldn't the United States be the least-censored, if not censorship-free, place? Excuse me but, what's the First Amendment again? I really can't watch this happen to us. What's next? Thought Police?

And the whole thing about Janet Jackson's breast. So many people got all riled up because her fucking breast was exposed. It's. A. Fucking. Breast. The last time I checked it was a part of the human body. Why do we freak out about these stupid frivolous things, when let's say innocent children are dying in Iraq? I bet it wouldn't be nearly as shocking if the news displayed a picture of a dead Iraqi boy. Hell, it wouldn't even be censored. Yet, a breast is. Well, fuck me. What has this country turned into?! If I could vote, I'd sure as hell be supporting the Libertarians who are completely against censorship. People, stop voting democrat. Censorship should be banned.

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