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Fight Inflation?
Tuesday. 5.20.08 6:13 am
Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that the government giving subsidies to fight inflation especially now food then again until now I don't see any changes and yet the rice is still insufficient.... Sigh, when the first outburst the news state that the rice quantity is sufficient for our country but now they said differently.... And I heard the news said that we do not need to panic about stock up the rice -_-" Now rice insufficient!! No need stock up?!

How can they just change the statement 180 degree like that?! *Dead meat*

Oh i remember the government said Rice is one of the price control items.....And what is the price now? Approximately RM 10 increased!! Sigh...

And today the government planning a subsidies on fertiliser and seeds, do not know how much will it help to decrease or maintain the rice price....CRAP!!!

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What's Credit Card?
Saturday. 5.10.08 11:27 pm
Nowadays a lot of youngsters carry credit cards. I was reading this article telling us the root of creating credit card. From the article I know that the credit card was created for travelers, you know when you go travel you do not want to carry a lot of cash in hand just in case someone robs you the only thing they get is the useless card, and of course your priceless life....

Ok as you can see there are a lot of purposes too, but the main reason was for that, until today credit card is used to fund debts.... or use it to buy stuffs like car, jewelries, clothes, and technologies(especially handphones). Then at the end of the month the consumers could not pay for it as they are using their "future" income.

Great now they face bankruptcy.... They do not know how to manage the credits, therefore it is bad debts for banks. They need to learn how to manage the credits, control their spendings, but then again if they do not have the credit cards they won't be in this situation at the first place right? hehe

Banks have their own policies, for example some banks will approve 60% of the applicants and reject 40% so I heard.

What else.... The expert said that our NPL ratio in Malaysia isn't that high comparing to Korea, Taiwan, and HongKong. So the expert claims that in Malaysia our Non-Payment Loans are in control and it is manageable situation, not serious. I certainly hope so.

So my concern is credit card will soon become a type of instant ATM machine? No limits, even without parents the youngsters will still be able to have extra "cash" to spend....Of course they have to be 18 year-old.

Hey I do not have credit card but I do have debit card :P haha

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I had no idea....
Friday. 5.2.08 1:02 am
Seriously I had no idea of what kind of cartoons that my baby brother love to watch. I am not quite sure why my baby brother refuses to watch Naruto =P it is so famous and a lot of Naruto fans out there but instead he loves to watch Tom & Jerry, Barney and Spongebob Squarepants. Man I find it not that great to watch about and he is there enjoying it....

So tell me did I miss something here? Why do we not share the same anime or cartoon? :P

I tried to explain to my baby brother that these cartoons aren't that nice compared to Shakugan No Shana.....he insist in watching Tom & Jerry anyway.... WHY!!! I even literally pay my baby brother to watch the same anime with me but he refuses >_< (Kidding)

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Forbidden Kingdom is GREAT!
Sunday. 4.27.08 1:44 pm

The Forbidden Kingdom is great I tell you, it is a must watch movie because Jacky Chan and Jet Li collaboration, filled with a lot of kungfu fighting, and philosophies... A movie fill with actions and pretty girls too... hehe especially The Sparrow girl....Liu Yi Fei

The Forbidden Kingdom started with Monkey King(Jet Li) as usual the monkey will make a lot chaos until he was tricked and turned into stone by the Jade Warlord, but the staff, the Monkey King source of power, was thrown away by the Monkey King himself right before he was fully turned into stone.

The story begins like that, kinda funny seeing Jet Li plays as the Monkey King. From beginning of the movie, there are a lot of humours. We all were laughing including the audiences in the cinema.

Let me tell you that this movie had been watched by all kind of races, today I saw Malays, Indians, Chinese, and foreigners came to watch this movie. Full, and a lot of reserves despite that we still get a good seat at F :P no neck pain....

The movie wasn't that great lah...I lied hehe but at least can see the Xiao Long Nv back in the acting industry and Jacky collaborate with Jet Li..... ok, some part of the movie is hilarious...

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No Smoking Sign!!
Sunday, April 20, 2008
How many of those retard smokers notice there is a "NO SMOKING SIGN"?

Yesterday my friends and I went out "yam-cha" inside a kopitiam, there is a freaking no smoking sign and unfortunately for us there were smokers sitting beside our table....As we were talking and laughing suddenly the smoke came and destroy our oxygen ..... we all were suffocated, laughters were gone, the only action left was 2 fingers stuck in our own nostrils....Great!

Then we all went home...my freaking condominium lift story

There is a No Smoking sign inside this lift you retard! This guy tried to hide his cigarette behind his ass, and my eyes aren't blind because i can see the smoke coming out from his ass I'm sure he was not farting although he seems like very shy. Then why the heck he start smoking inside the lift?! Geez *staring at him till I arrived*

I remember there was once the news ask us to report about smokers smoking in public like inside LRT station, and the smokers will be fined! But now I did not see this kind of advertisements anymore .....Thanks.....Now the smokers increased my chance to become a 2nd hand smoker!

I hope the all smoking signs are taken down and then replace with "SMOKE WITH YOUR LIFE" at least there is impact, and maybe the government should form a "No Smoking In Public" executioners...

Heed My Words!

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KLIA first incident....
Saturday. 4.12.08 3:04 am
For so many years KLIA had never occur even 1 incident, not even airplanes accident. We can say that KLIA is the most safest area in Malaysia ever! The KLIA provide good service and even parking outside the terminal are not allowed because policemen are everywhere, once you parked there for 5 minutes they will ask you to move your car away from the terminal door; discourage crowding I guess.

After yesterday incident, KLIA has lost it's title of being the most safest area. I mean safe from being rob or worry will be shot by unknown people or surrounded by beggars. Sigh....

Yesterday the Money Changer that is located inside KLIA was robbed and the robbers had runaway with approximately 4 million ringgits. Right now as I am blogging the policemen are still investigating the crime scene trying to collect some clues that will lead them to the robbers.

Many questions were asked with no answers. Even I myself am doubt of this kind of incident could ever happened.... Because the road to ENTER into KLIA area is VERY RARE to be specific, there is ONLY ONE!
How can robbers escape?
Besides, for so many years there is no such incident therefore how did the robbers knew that there will be so much of money inside the Money Changer?
Then why the robbers did not think of robbing the Banks inside KLIA?

Weird huh? Don't you think so?

Heed My Words!: KLIA first incident....

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