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Being jobless sucks. Vent ensuing
Wednesday. 7.28.10 2:55 am
its totally put a damper on my otherwise cheerful view on life. It's weird when you go from being swamped with schedules and time-management being so critical to having virtually no responsibility whatsoever.

other than my dogs, my family, some light errands and basic housekeeping, there really isn't anything productive for me to do. Yeah I do workout every other day, I go out and enjoy life in all it's varying degrees of complexity and simplicity, but I'm talking more in line with hooking myself up with a job/career. I've applied and applied and applied but this San Diego/California/United States economy bites so much right now for a recent college grad such as myself. Graduate school is definitely an option but in all sincerity I would really like some worldly experience relevant to my major before I go back into the books and continue on in my pursuit of knowledge.

bleh. I've been working since I was 15 1/2 doing my best to garner work experience while all my friends were out going to the mall, hanging out, gallivanting and doing what teenagers do. Yes yes I can't say that I regret the last 10 years of job experience in various fields because it has gotten my foot in the door enough, but as of right now I have my eyes set on a position similar to what I was doing as a former county student intern and I remain optimistic that I can up and get myself productive and motivated once again to tackle this mediocre and sickly economy of ours in the United States.

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Friday. 7.23.10 3:49 pm
sometimes I feel so down and out
like emotion that's been captured in a maze
I've had my ups and downs
trials and tribulations
I overcome them all day by day
feeling good, almost powerful
a new me
that's what I'm looking for

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