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Age. 46
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Scots-Irish-German mix
Location Newmarket, Canada
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Friday. 11.14.08 11:35 am
A survey from enoughdestiny

Name: Sam
Mood: pissed off
Listening To: The Price Is Right (with Drew Carey)
Status: single.
Birth Date: July 2nd but I don't feel like a Cancer.. I feel like my ascendant, Sagittarius. =P
Birth Place: Scarborough, Ontario
School: Never cared much for formal schooling.
Hair Color: Dark auburn
Eye Color: Green with flecks of brown
Height: 5'1
Righty Or Lefty: ambidextrous
Zodiac Sign: Look in my profile.

Your Most Overused Phrase On Msn: lol.. I find that a lot of things ppl say are funny.
Your Best Physical Feature: legs and mouth.
Your Bedtime: Usually around 10-11pm?
Your Most Missed Memory: Nina. I miss her to this day!
Grossest Thing You Ever Ate: Tomato sauce based sloppy joes

Smoke: no.. not anymore.
Cuss: All of the time.
Sing: Yeah..
Take A Shower Everyday: um.. of course!
Have A Crush: Liam Dolan.
Do You Think You've Been In Love: yes
Want To Go To College: I have been, that's where I met Liam and Colleen! (Almost 12 years ago tho.. O.O)
Want To Get Married: Sure.
Believe In Yourself: sometimes
Get Motion Sickness: yes.
Think You're Attractive: I am not conceited like Kurt but I am pretty.
Think You're A Health Freak: Nope
Get Along With Your Parent(s): Mom no.. Dad yes.
Like Thunderstorms: Very much.
Play An Instrument: Yeah. Violin/Viola/Piano/Keyboard/

In The Past Month...
Drank Alcohol: nope
Gone On A Date: Christ no. Not after Victor.
Gone To The Mall: With Colleen and Lorraine.
Eaten An Entire Box Of Oreos: Hahaha.. give me a chance and I will!!!!!!
Been Dumped: yes.
Missed Someone: yes..
Made Home Made Cookies: Nope. But Lorraine's cookies are yummy!!
Gone Skinny Dipping: nope
Dyed Your Hair: yep
Stolen Anything: no

Been Trashed Or Extremely Intoxicated: Yes. I am a loud drunk. A loud Irish bum! LOL
Been Caught "Doing Something": Doing what? Sex? Drugs?
Cried Over Someone Of The Opposite Sex: yes
Been Called A Tease: yes
Gotten Beatin' Up: yes
Put A Body Part On Fire For Amusment: Where is this person getting these q's from?? lol
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: no

Shampoo: Aussie, Garnier Fructis, European Formula, Suave
Color: purple... any shade of it.
Food: pepperoni and bacon pizza, ice-cream
Ice Cream Flavor: moose-trax, banana, cookies n creme,
Movie: The Saw movies, Superbad, and Stand by Me
Book: Dreadful Tales by Richard Laymon
Sport: To play: football, to watch: football
Piercing: none
Gum: 5 or Stride fruit gum. (this - the yellow gum and this)
TV Show: The X-Files. =)
Vegetable: potatos and carrots
Store: I'm not a vapid teenager.
Season: Winter
Song: Tons. Right now it's um... Disturbia by Rihanna or Minority by Green Day.

In a Guy...
Best Eye Color: Brown or whatever...
Best Hair Color: Blond. NATURAL Blond.
Short Or Long Hair: Long. I just melt for men with long hair. =)
Height: taller than I. lol
Best Weight: Athletic like me. =)
Best Article Of Clothing: Oh, you know the punk or goth scene guys... mmm.. lol
Best First Date Location: Movies or.. basking in the moonlight LMAO
Best First Kiss Location: at the dance, Victor just grabbed me off the bus and smmmmmmmmooooooooochie smooch!! LOL

# Of Drugs Taken Illegally: mmm.. that is classified!!
# Of People I Could Trust With My Life: three.
# Of CD's I Own: not many.
# Of Piercings: none
# Of Tattoo's: 0
# Of Scars On My Body: Too many
# Of Things In My Past I Regret: Lots.

Do you believe in?
Santa: lmao
Angels: yes
Elves: yes.. mmm... Legolas Greenleaf!!
Intelligent life in space: It's stupid not to.
Ghosts: Yep.
Love? Maybe.

Do you have a soul mate?: no.
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no
Do you like/love anyone?: Liiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaam!! I am still after that guy lol
Who have you known the longest of your friends: Colleen = 12 years and Alissa = about 24 or 25 years.
Shyest: I like my friends to be outgoing.
Who's the weirdest: ME! HAHA!!
Cried the most: Colleen
What is the best feeling in the world?: Knowing that everything will be looked after... or music.

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Hey there...
Thursday. 11.13.08 5:11 pm
watching: nothing
listening to: someone using the phone.
mood: a little angry

I just took a lorazipam so the voices that have been tormenting me ALL bloody day should go. =( I have a pic of myself and Coll. I'm in the blue.

Egg salad sandwiches tonight. =)

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Grr.. voices are bugging me today!
Thursday. 11.13.08 5:04 pm
I swear, Christine has it for me. Well.. the feeling is mutual goddamnit! I just took a lorazipam lady.. don't fucking piss me off! Egg salad sandwiches tonight. =) I am glad you like the pictures.. more coming. =) Oh... in case you want to see me and Colleen? The woman in the blue is me and the woman in pink is Colleen. Check it out?

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More pix
Tuesday. 11.11.08 5:27 pm
Here we go. Pix of my world. =)


PS: Dinner's on. =) I'll blog later...

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Pix Galore
Tuesday. 11.11.08 2:32 pm
watching: nothing...
listening to: library sounds
mood: thirsty

Right. Um... pix.

Okies that is my house. I live in the attic. (It's converted to a bedroom for 5 ppl)

This is my very tubby cat Malibu. I figure she had kittens and didn't get over the loss or she just eats alot which I can believe because she does. lol

More later... =)

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Scorpio birthdays....
Tuesday. 11.11.08 1:28 pm
watching: not much
listening to: library sounds
mood: in pain... I bit my tongue earlier on... and it smarts!

Well.. did you read the subject? Yep. Two Scorpios in general. Today, is Leonardo DiCaprio's 34th birthday. That means both him and I are the same age. =) I first became a fan when we were both 16. =) The bigger news... is next Thursday, is my Scorpian best friend's birthday. Yep. Colleen. =)

Not much is new. I'm at the library right now... my internet is acting up. Oh! Pictures soon.. I promise. Right now the Nutang photo albums aren't working in my favor. So.............

I had fish sticks for lunch. Yum.. sort of like filets mixed with those weird fish stick things.. lol Like this. But not fried... baked. =)


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