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A Good Attitude
Monday. 7.5.04 12:18 am
I've been trying to act in a positive manner towards annoying problems... I'm not sure why I decided to start doing this... seemed like a good idea for a less stressful happy life. I think I might be going about it the wrong way... I'm not sure though... everyone I know gets pissed off really easily. Oh well this can't be worse than yelling profanity at inanimate objects... Or beating them savagely.

ok so when my explorer crashes... my normal response is a whole lot of yelling and being angry... Well I'm still yelling and I'm still angry... but in a happy cheerful way... Yeah wtf? Ok, so like I yell something to the effect of "Oh Sweet!!! Look at That!! My Internet Explorer Generated Errors!!! OMG That's Awsome!! Hey Come Check This Out!!! It's freaking Sweet!!!". See I make the machine think I like it... "Oh Awsome Popups!... I wish There Were More!!... How Fun!!!".

So what started this desire to not get enraged at in-animate objects? Well lets just say my PS2 isn't doing so well anymore... I gave it the beating of a life time for not reading the disk I gave it. I mean... I warned the stupid machine this would happen... "Only one of us is leaving here alive, if you don't read that disk". You'd think that machine would be smarter than to challenge my might! HAH!

So far this hasn't helped to make me any less angry at objects... oh well, I mean at least people around me will think I'm so happy about my explorer crashing that I have to yell it. Besides, I know my computer does this crap to piss me off... so if it thinks I like it... then maybe it will stop... or maybe it's reading what I'm typing right now... in that case... I'm screwed

Oh Happy DAY!!!!

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WTF... crap... I dunno
Saturday. 7.3.04 10:41 pm
WTF.... Don't know what's going on, but I'm not sure if I like it or dislike it. So ok, I've been sitting here... watching crappy anime and listening to music I don't particularly like. What's wierd about this... is that I'm really really hysterically happy. WTF right?

Yeah I'm watching the crappy anime that comes on Cartoon Network, talk about boring... I'm listening to Otep (among other bands that we will not mention)... yeah I'm not a big fan of that band... Why am I watching/listening to stuff I don't particularly like? Well I've been trying to figure that out for some time now... I guess I'm tired of doing stuff that I like... if that makes sense... I'm pritty sure it doesn't make sense so don't give it too much thought.

What I'm thinking, is that I've narrowed what I watch and listen to so much... that I've finally just caved in and developed a deep desire for something that I don't like... It's prolly just a temporary thing... That's all I could think of... I mean... yeah... I am extremely picky about my music especially... It's wierd... over the past week I've watched the quality of music that I listen to drop and drop... Now I'm quite satisfied with what I'm listening to... and that is scary... So I hope it's a faze or something...

I'm still not sure about this intense happy laughing feeling I'm having though... Yeah I watch the stupidest shows on TV and I find it really truly quite hilarious... I could be watching some good movies or something... but nope... I'm watching absolute crap, and listening to absolute crap... and laughing all the way...

I've officially (I just looked up how to spell officially in the dictionary) lost my sanity. Oh and btw, Possession by Otep is actually kinda good... No not really, just kidding.

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Pleasure Cleaning
Friday. 7.2.04 12:39 am
Again and agan that large wet flap of flesh drags acrost it in an almost violent mannor. The beast continues doing this until it has reached some sort of satisfaction of which we are unsure of. Which brings us to our topic of discussion. Is it just cleaning it's self, or is it subscribing to some kind of sick self pleasure. It's a question that has pleagued the minds of dog owners everywhere.

So why exactly does your dog clean it's..umm... tools... so many times a day... and is it just cleaning it's self? Sure you want to say, oh he's just cleaning himself... but are you really sure? I mean why would he clean that area so much more than any other area? Is it just extra dirty... or maybe... just maybe... it's all for pleasure.

I mean seriously... why would they have to clean it so much more? Dogs have feeligns just like humans... So surely they do things... to... relieve themselves... I mean it's only natural... being stuck in a house with no female dogs probobly does that to them... I'm just trying to point something out to people here... Do you really think your dog is just cleaning himself every single time?

All for fun I suppose

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Wednesday. 6.30.04 12:42 pm
Sometimes I just can't think of anything to write for a nutang entry... I'm not sure why that is... It's like everything I can think of isn't good enough... It has to be perfect... and nothing is perfect... so then I don't write an entry... Oh well... I mean I'm trying... it's just not coming to me...

So usually When this happens I make a stupid entry... I write about something pointless... kinda like this entry, actually... exactly like this entry. I don't mean to waist everyone's time with such a worthless entry... but I feel obligated to update... I just have nothing to say...

Oh well, I guess this is better than nothing... I mean, at least I'm not one of those jerks that barely ever updates... Kinda like most of my friends... I mean can you believe... I actually wrote Ashley's last blog entry for her? Yeah... I know, how sad... I mean, at least I'm making the effort here and updating... Regaurdles of how pointless this entire entry is...

ZigJustice2021: no guy would say that anyways
AntiChangeLoser: fags might

I should get some kind of award for updating even though I have absolutely nothing to update about.

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Mouse Trap
Monday. 6.28.04 1:32 am
We entered the maze through the doors on the right side of the building. Imediately I knew something was wrong. This was a very large building... and when we stepped inside, we were immediately funneled off to the right pathway. I knew this was a bad idea... we shouldn't have come here.

There were people... They seemed to be possessed by some kind of evil spirit... Half of them would walk around with their items and the other half seemed to be just standing around. They would walk infront of me... and act like they were going to go left... but when I went right... so would they. It was maddening... they must have been put there just to slow me down. I looked at Ashley and thought... don't worry... they're already dead inside... they have no souls...

We moved through this maze more quickly now... lost as to where to go. Every time we stopped I expected to be shocked or something... I felt like a rat in some maze... All I had to do was get to the cheese and get out of here... That's all I had to do.

Well the whole place was poorly organizezd and filled with tons of mindless shells of people... I was persistent though, I made my way to the back. I grabbed my prize and we made our way to the exit... Which was cleverly hidden and had a very small entrance.

Finally we got to the registers and went to the express lane. Of course there was a line of people with so many things they had heeping carts full.... Express lane is 20 items or less... I hate people that bring their giant carts to those lanes... Bastards.

Finally we escaped from this hell... I learned why Randalls costs more... because they haven't made a pact with satan, that's why. HEB has sold their souls! GAHHHHHHHH!

Bass Animated Giffs as promised. The first one I took appart and enhanced in photoshop, then I recompiled it. The second one I made myself out of a Sprite sheet.

I need to find something cool to do with these two giffs... They're too cool to just let them sit on my harddrive... I think they need a permanent place on my blog!

HEB is Satan Reincarnated!

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College Search
Saturday. 6.26.04 12:13 am
Been thinking about college lately... I think the time to transfer is coming up soon. Gotta get acccepted by a good school before this year is over. Me and Ashley have been looking at colleges together which is cool. It's nice to have someone to look at them with. We are going to go to the same college, so it's only logical that we find it together... It's kinda wierd... cause we are planning our futures together... I had always thought I would go to college by myself and leave all of my friends behind. Now it turns out, I'm taking the most important one with me.

So anyways, we've looked at alot of colleges, and found two that suit both of our needs well. The plan is, that we go to a college far enough away that it would be too much trouble to come home every weekend, but we could if we wanted to. This way Ashley's grandma can't make her come home all the time. We are also planning to split an appartment, which will be awsome. We've wanted to live together for a long time now... it looks like we are finally going to be able to. With both of our parents paying for the appartment, it will be cheaper for them than paying for two seperate dorms. Since we are both going to be transfering, we won't have to live in a dorm for a year either. So everything should work out nicely.

I found one thing supprising when looking at colleges... Baylor... the average SAT scores wheren't what I thought they would be. Now niether of us has any intentions of going to baylor; it was just interesting. Most of the people (about 45%) made between a 1000 and a 1200 on the SAT... That's pritty average... I thought that school had much higher standards than that. Even more supprising, about 12% made bellow a 1000 on the SAT... I don't know what all the hype is about... Baylor doesn't seem to have super high standards. Rice has much higher standards.

Anyways, me and Ashley have been really looking into TCU and HBU. More so TCU than HBU. We are planning to take a college trip to both of them this summer. Both are really good colleges and offer courses for both of us. TCU is even the perfect distance from home. Not to mention, it would be easy to transfer to one of these colleges from Moco.

This Protoman Animated Giff Rocks! I'll have to post my Bass Animated Giffs later

Hurray For College Search Engines On The Internet

Ashley's Boobs Dropped!

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