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Abstract thoughts
Wednesday. 3.3.04 11:33 am
Sometime next week I plan [I hope] I will watch The Passion. I'm not religious but I do believe in God. Speaking of religious things, I'm not sure exactly what to give up for lent.. I hope it's not too late. I did propose that I was going to waive spending money. That's imposible. 40 days right? So impossible.

I've bought about three things already [not counting survival expenses such as FOOD]: TR II DVD, Co&Ca CD, and Story of the Year CD. My brother is trying to compete with me. Hah.. He's buying all of the original CDs that I already own.

Val's such a gentleman. He would have given me a ride, but I told him I needed the exercise. So he walked me half way home yesterday.

The weather has been odd lately. Raining on a sunny day was awesome. It was warm yet, me and Jason walked home in the rain. He was actually singing. Singing in the rain.

Another unpredicted weather change. By 10:30am it was the perfect weather. Warm and a little cold breeze. It felt like summer so I changed into something cooler. Around 2pm when I was finally leaving school, it was very windy.

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What's your favorite digit?
Friday. 2.28.04 11:22 pm
Hot damn..[even though the winds are piercing] I got me some 7 digits.. Happiness is happening. He asked for mine, and then he gave me his.

I purchased Blue Crush today because, I was in the mood to learn a thing or two about surfing.. I guess as pay back from Val, I'm going to ask him to teach me how to ride the waves. I also bought a new backpack cause my red one is starting to look like it was bum property.. I think it just has a few battle scars. Since I was out of perfume, I decided to buy me BCBG Sexy. I had it before..

School crap: I got a fricking C on my midterm. ..which was the highest grade [I'm not the only one]. I thought I did like a B+ but damn I wrote those two damn pages like I knew everything. The teacher claimed she went easy on us considering she gave a lot of people D's and F's. I'm gonna die in that class..

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Suddenly, life's beginning to look interesting..
Thursday. 2.26.04 6:11 pm
"Oh, this is the start of something good. Don't you agree?" -Gavin DeGraw

Taken from what I've written..

This is only a temporary thing. My computer has been rendered useless. I can't do anything about it because I'm not exactly a computer genius. According to the AOL folks, my computer's registry has been corrupted. The internet has seized to exist- for about two weeks now. I need a new computer or at least some help. It wouldn't do me any good spending the little I have left in my checking.

Things I bought recently:
Roswell Season 1 DVD collection, MTV's Wuthering Heights DVD, Watashi Wa: The Love of Life CD, Howie Day: Stop All The World Now, The Early November: The Room's Too Cold, Punk Goes Acoustic, a cute sticker for my guitar case, and a wedding gift for Ate Jenni.

I guess I was craving new visuals and music.. I'm having withdrawals due to the government in pursuit of music piracy.

Two weeks ago:
Since I'm on the subject of pirates, Tall Ships was in town. Tall Ships are two replica pirate ships that come every year to have ship tours, battle re-enactments, and sailing lessons. I missed it. My sister wasn't willing to spend 45 dollars on a 3-hour battle re-enactment.. [I was]. She said she'd rather spend a day in Disneyland riding the Pirates of the Carribean ride all day plus more. All that happened is that I just got a glimpse of the ships and that was that..

Last week:
I spent most of the week after school shopping with my sister. In one day we've gone to Pac. View, Esplanade, Cam. Outlets, T.O. Mall, and stores in the Valley. Yup..we got around southern California. We shopped for my Ate Jennifer's wedding over at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

My cousin, Ate Jenni's wedding was great. All I have to say is that my relatives are so entertaining, fun, and great. I love them, I love them ALL, both my mom's and dad's side of the family.

This week:
I've so spent 10 hours with Val, just me and him. Wow. For somebody I've known for about two weeks, I know him better than people I've known since high school. Our conversations are about surfing/body boarding and some that are very personal.. and after our study sessions, he always walks me to my next class.. Is he a new friend to be, or more? I'd like to know.. because I'm starting to want to be more than just a friend..

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The Surfer
Wednesday. 2.11.04 7:33 pm
Last week I went shopping...SHAME SHAME! I bought this nice Ecko Jacket for 50 bucks.. Woo. It's nice though. I finally got to return my Rocket Dog shoes from DSW down at The Valley.

This week so far, bad news on how there have been sexual assaults at OC. Man.. I feel so unsafe! I hope that nothing bad will happen to me or anyone else at OC.

There's a cute guy and a hot guy in my math class. The cute one usually sits a seat a way from me but he sat next to me for like a day. =o) Today, I just got in my psychology class and I saw the cute guy pass by my class. He saw me because I was sitting near the door. 2 minutes later he comes back and says hi to me. He wanted to do a study session with me cause he thinks I know everything in math. His name is Osvaldo.. not a fan with the name because it reminds me of this guy that I went to high school with that was very, very unattractive.

I met him over at the library around 2:10 pm. He couldn't stay though! Bastard. He was all sweaty cause he just came from weight training. He really built too! He saw the surfers on my binder and told me that he surfs and body boards. That's frickin hot! If he plays the guitar.. I'd like fall in love with him.. Hah. No really. He had to leave after our 5 minute talk cause he had to pay some bills [he forgot before he made that 2pm session with me].

He kept trying to make study sessions because we have a test tomorrow and he hasn't learned to chapters of material. Here's our brief discussion.. [I'll try to remember as much as I can]:

Val: "How's about at 8 tomorrow before class? Too early?"
Mari: "Yeah, that's too early."
Val: "Friday?"
Mari: "There's no school that day. Is the library open then?"
Val: "I don't know. Saturday?"
Mari: "I work."
Val: "What about Sunday?"
Mari: "I work weekends."
Val: "Hmm..Monday?"
Mari: "Holiday. No school. What about Tuesday?"
Val: "Tuesday then."

Hah. Our schedules just do not agree with each other. Oh well.. I'm still wondering why he didn't ask the teacher for help.. and why study after the test? Well.. I shouldn't complain.. =o)

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