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My Night...Examples of me being a Dumbass
Saturday. 1.29.05 11:02 am
So i go from 3 hours of sleep to 5 hours of sleep to 7 hours of sleep to 0 hours of sleep to 14 hours of sleep to 0 hours of sleep again...that was my week there...can we say inconsistent?...next week, we need to make this consistent...that is my goal for next week...ranging between 6 and 8 hours during the week and 8 and 10 hours during the weekend...yes, i need to do that...any of you who know me or IM me out of the blue, make sure i do this from now on!

What I Did Tonightish
Okay so i woke up at 7 pm from my 14 hours of sleep...then i went and got pizza...came home and ate the pizza...the bastards at Pizza Hut gave me thin crust instead of pan crust...god i hate that...their crust is why i fucking ordered from there in the first place!!!!...if i wanted different crust i would have gotten it from papa johns you assholes!!!...okay moving on...then i went over to pete and ashleys to watch Cowboy Bebop the movie...and jenna was there...Jenna is so funny...i just can't believe the things she says sometimes but really funny...so random too...but yeah, i enjoyed being over there...and the movie was alright...i like the episodes way better...the movie was like one long episode...but it kinda dragged on and there were boring parts in it...so i wasn't impressed...now personally, i really like the episodes and i'm not a cartoon/anime kinda guy...i'd consider getting the comeplete season...after that i drove home...i ran a red light...theres a light thats a real pain in the ass at like 1 or 2 in the morning...if you're the only one there, that light is not going to change...you have to wait until someone coming from another direction stops at the light...so i was like "you know what, fuck it, i see no cameras to give me a ticket so just fuck it" and ran the red light...got home and my mom wanted me to download a couple things that take like 3 hours to download...but i did it and me and her had a really long conversation about several issues while it was downloading...after that i got myself some food and went on aim...talked to some people, listened to music, went on webcam for samanthe for a short time, commented on like 20 people's nutang entries, and here i am...by the way, if i commented on your nutang entry and you don't know me, i probably don't know you either but feel free to comment on my shit...and i can be so weird on my webcam...i make faces, act like i'm some gangster, do the whole alien in my chest thing, dance like a moron...i do all kinds of things on there...i dunno, its like, i can't see or hear you, all i see is me...so i'm gonna act like an idiot and do weird things...its quite entertaining if you get the chance to see me on there...but of course i haven't shaved in like a week and a half two weeks and i haven't had a hair cut in god knows when...so after commenting on everyones entries i decided to make an entry myself...i know kat has been bugging the hell out of me to do it...i think after my dog died the only thoughts in my head were depressing...hence my last two entries...trust me, you don't wanna read whats in my last entry...i was extremely depressed from my dog being dead and it snow balled into the whole life sucks i wanna die thing...alright moving on

Okay so behind me on the other side is the light switch and switch for the fan...keep in my mind i'm lazy...it was hot as hell in my room and i really needed that fan to be on...so, since my chair has wheels, i wheeled over there partially...yes partially...and reached for the switch...rather than wheel myself a little closer, i tipped my chair some to reach further...i'm almost to that switch...almost...a little further...OH SHIT...started to fall...my hand hits the wall and i'm stuck...if i let go, i fall to the ground...now, what a dumbass i am...i could have gotten up and done this in way less time...or i could have wheeled myself over there closer...no sir, i wheeled half way and tipped and failed in my mission...so i gotta do something here...i try to press against the wall and get up at the same time...it kinda worked...the chair went crashing to the ground and i almost fell on my ass but i caught myself...turned the lil switch on...picked up the chair, sat in it, and wheeled my happy ass back to where i was...hey dumbass, you just exerted more energy by doing that than you would have by just getting up and turning it on...wow...i'm lazy and i'm an idiot...i amaze myself sometimes

Dumbass even more
I do that kinda shit all the time to myself...like getting groceries out of the car to put in the house...okay, the more bags i carry, the less trips i take...so i take a shitload of bags at one time...what happens? not only does the circulation in my hands get temporarily cut off but somewhere in my journy from the car to the house one single bag will either split or fall or both...what do i do? try to pick it up and go forward...what happens when i go for it? more shit either splits or falls or both...so in the time i could have done like three trips, i'm using that time to collect all the crap thats laying out on the ground just to make that one trip...it happens every time and i'm not gonna learn from it at any point...another example is when i'm taking food, drinks, and utensils into my room for dinner...i'll grap the cup, soda, plate or plates of food, utensils and napkin...usually i can make it but 20% of the time i'm unsuccessful...i'm like "alright one trip, easy to do, lets go for it"...usually i end up balancing something on my arms and having it lean some against my body...not good with me...something will end up on the floor...if its utensils or the soda or the cup, i'll try to pick it up right then and go forward...and yes what does this result in? something else dropping...and in the time it takes to do two or three trips, i end up wasting my time cleaning up food or trying to gather things up to make that one trip into the bedroom...you dumbass!...i'm always doing this...why do i never learn!!!!

Biggest Dumbass Ever
I remember this one time i actually made it into my room with all of this food and plates and stuff...so i go close the door and i'm wanting to turn the fan on...rather than put everything down and flip the switch, i try doing it holding all of this crap in my hands...i go to flip the switch and somehow my plate of food starts to fall...so i try to save it from hitting the floor...how? but shoving the plate of food into the wall...great job moron...i think it was like spaghetti too...something thats really messy too...oh dumbasssss, why didn't you just put it all down and go for the switch afterwardssssss...ugh so in the time it would have taken to make that lil tiny trip to the switch, i spent even more time cleaning my dinner off of the wall...whats even more embarrassing about this is that i was too lazy to go back into the kitchen and get another plate of food...so i just scraped off some of the top and ate it lol (90% of you are secretly thinking "ewwwww")

Dumbass with Food
I love food...theres only one problem i have with food...heartburn...not a mild case of it either...in fact, an extreme case of it...heartburn is as part of my daily routine as peeing when i first wake up (i know, wasn't that a great analogy?)...so what are the last 3 means i've eaten? Pizza, chili, and hamburgers with onion rings...let me tell you this...my insides are being burned alive...the devil has lighted every part of the inside of my chest and stomach on fire and is not letting up...a volcano has violently erupted inside of me...the acid is eating away at every part of my middle section...NOT - GOOD...another dumbass moment for me on a lesser scale (or grander, however you take it)...Pizza = Inner Volcano...why i don't see this when i order it, i dunno

Dumbass in the Shower
So i'm in the shower half awake...i'm doing my normal routine...wash here, wash there blah blah blah...half way through my routine of using the soap all over the body, my eye itches...i'm like 20% awake over here...my hands are covered in soap...my instant reaction is "rub your eye!"...so with my soap filled hands i rub my eye...at first its like "ahh thats relieving"...then it hits me...extreme stinging pain in my eye from the soap...whats my instant reaction to that?..."HOLY SHIT!!! OWWW SON OF A BITCH!!!" and me frantically trying to get the soap out...i'm like grabbing for the showerhead, pulling my eye lids wide open and trying to get the soap out while screaming for my life...it never washes out right away (yes i know that from experience) so for like 10 minutes i'm in the shower screaming "HOLY SHIT" and "OH MY FUCKING GOD" a billion times over as if that'll help the situation...i'll tell you what, if anything, i was certainly awake at that point...hey dumbass, you might wanna wash the soap off of your hands before you rub your eyes

Dumbass with his Car
So pretty much everyone now has one of those car remote things that unlocks and locks your car from a certain distant...well mine hasn't been working all that well lately so sometimes it takes a little while to get it to work...so the other day i'm at the college about to go home...i start pressing the unlock button a billion times before i actually get to the car...i finally get to the car and i'm still pressing it...rather than put the key into it, turn it, unlock it, and being on my way, i stand there for like 5 minutes pressing the unlock button and waving my arm around trying to find a good position...5 minutes!!!...so i'm like pointing it in the back of the car...trying different angles on the sides...the thing still won't work!!!...finally i angled it just right on the side that it unlocked...uhm, hey dumbass, rather than well, look like a dumbass, why don't you just use the key to unlock the door? ah yes, good idea, you friggin moron

Dumbass with the TV
So especially with me, i somehow manage to lose the remote 3+ times a day...i'll usually find it within a minute or two but still gotta have the remote...the other day i come into the living room and forget where i had put the remote...i wanted to watch something...so i search over here, i search over there...soon i've searched every place it could be...so i'm digging into chairs, throwing pillows across the room, searching under things...couple minutes go by...i'm panicing like crazy cuz i haven't found the damn thing yet...i'm yelling "god damnit!!! wheres the remote!!!! what the fuck happened to the remote!!!!!! whyyyy godddd!!!! i'll do anything just please give me the damn remote!!!!!"...somethin like that...after about 10 minutes of searching...i'm like breaking a sweat here...almost in tears cuz i can't find the damn thing...i look over and sitting on top of the coach is the remote...you can imagine how happy i was to see the thing...uhm hey dumbass, aren't you able to change the channels on the little box above the TV? oh and if that doesn't work, you friggin idiot, doesn't the remote in the other room work on this box too?

#1 Need
What i need is some kind of electronic device i can attach to say, my arm...before i make any kind of dumbass move, it'll shock me and say in a really annoying voice "HEY DUMBASS!! DON'T DO THAT!!"...we'll call it The Dumbass Alerter 2000...it'll shock you so badly that by the third shock in a day, it'll have you losing control of your bodily functions...it'll just keep increasing how badly the shock is every time...cuz i mean hey, thats more motivation to not be a dumbass...i need this...someone invent this for me...i'm not gonna do it cuz i'm too lazy but someone invent this for me

Madden(skip to the next section if you must)
okay well my mind kinda went blank so i'm gonna brag about how awesome i am at Madden NFL 2005 for a bit...i am the master at this game...i swear to god...i hardly ever do this but i decided to do the "fantasy draft" on the fanchise mode...which means all of the players are thrown into draft and with your salary cap in mind, you draft players based on your position...i had like the number 2 overall pick...anyways i ended up with the best team ever...i mostly focused on offensive line, a damn good running back, and an awesome defense...the key points here...speed and age...i want fast guys and i want young guys...thats what i got...at the QB position i drafted Big Ben...rookie from miami of ohio...79 overall but starting a rookie QB will boost that in no time...anyways, everyone on my team is young but at no position am i looking bad in any way...no starter was below (besides my QB of course) an 83 overall...thats damn good...and see throughout the season your players will get upgraded or downgraded depending...so at the end of the season Big Ben is an 89 overall and only 5 out of 45 players are below an 80...why? cuz we're talking about young guys here...they get upgraded a lot quicker...my team is friggin awesome...4 out of 5 of my WR's went over 1000 yards and 10 TDs, my TE got 1500 yards and 15 TD's, my QB got 71 TDs and over 6000 yards, my RB got 1300 yards and 15 TDs...my defense was awesome too...like 30 overall sacks...like 15 or so INTs...even my KR was a badass...but yeah, this is all on All Pro level...second to highest...aparently my brother hasn't even won a super bowl on All Pro level and he's really good at this game...i've won it several times...why? cuz i'm that damn good...i'd move it to All Madden, highest level, but i just love crushing teams 50 to 20 and breaking all kinds of records...but that is next thing to do...i'll probably get so pissed at the ps2 for cheating me that i'll go insane...cuz thats what happens when you go to all madden...your receivers can't catch worth a damn, your running back can't break any tackles, your offensive line plays like ass, your QB can't throw worth a damn, your defense can't stop anything...at least make it realistic if you're gonna fuck me that much...but yeah i guess i'll give it a go once more

Football Predictions (skip to the next section if you must)
Well i thought i would get this out of the way for all of you...i know you all just absolutely love this part of my entries

Super Bowl XXXIX
New England Patriots VS Philadelphia Eagles

Now this is a matchup i like...two teams who most certainly deserve to be there...Pats have been to 3 of the last 4 super bowls including this one...Eagles have been to the last 4 consecutive NFC championships...tell me this ain't damn good...i've been waiting for this match up for 4 years now...so i'm pleased to see this.

There is no one individual on the Pats this is amazing...no sir...but put all of them on one team and that team is amazing...why? because of the coaching and game planning behind this team...how else can a dynasty happen in the salary cap era?...thats right, you'd have to have a genius as a coach and the Pats do...the one thing they know how to do is win...on offense, just do like you always do...run the ball with dillon, throw it up downfield to the WR's but watch out for the DB's cuz they're pro bowlers...on defense they need to shut down RB Westbrook and QB McNabb...you shut those two down, you got it made...shutting down the RB would force McNabb to throw to his WR's...if Owens plays, double team him and make sure you have a firm grip on what the other WR's are doing...if not, even better for the Pats

In the salary cap era its extremely hard to have winning season after winning season...after winning the super bowl in 1998, the broncos had their first losing season in several years...after the Bucs and Raiders duked it out, both suffered losing seasons the year afterwards...you slowly build up a team to reach the super bowl then the season afterwards it all falls apart and you have to rebuild...with the Eagles and Pats, they've been able to keep their key players, add some more key players, and be consistent winning teams...the eagles are also very well coached...on offense they need to rely on McNabb, Westbrook, and Owens if available...those three guys can do some serious damage...on defense they need to focus on Brady and Dillon...if you can confuse Brady and shut down Dillon, you've got it made

Both of these teams are fantastic teams...and like i said, i've been waiting a while for this matchup and finally its here...i wish i didn't have to pick one but i spose i will...I think the Pats have the upper hand here...they have a slightly better coaching staff and a slightly better team...they know how to win and they know how to use every player to their advantage...the Eagles are great, don't get me wrong, but they're not as good as the Pats....My Pick: Pats 27 Eagles 20

The Battle Between Man and Beast
The man of course being me...the vicious beast being Snowplow...the cat...every time i go into the living room and sit down to watch TV, Snowplow follows...sitting next my chair...waiting to be fucked with...he absolutely loves it...so i'll attack him, throw him to the ground, mess up his hair...then i'll grab his legs real quick, then scoop him a little with my other hand...this drives him nuts...we'll go for hours doing this...he'll try to scratch me but he hardly ever gets me...then he gets so frustrated that he hisses...i'll pet him and tell him he's a good cat which manages to piss him off even more...but see heres the thing, the absolutely loves it when i fuck with him like this...on sundays during football, when i watch it for like 8 hours in a row, we'll go that whole time playing that, in between plays of course...we'll take breaks, he'll jump on me and take a short nap...then i'll throw him off and fuck with him again...ahh what a great relationship...vicious lil beast he is though...got me 6 times today...i'm a little rusty and he took advantage.

Well i got accepted to Sam Houston State University today...thats one of the colleges i'm considering transfering to...i wasn't too terribly impressed with it but it was still nice...i wouldn't mind going there...and they're building a lot so i'm sure that'll improve things...we'll see...i haven't finished my applications for the other two universities...Baylor and University of Texas at Austin...theres good things about all three...i was worried i wouldn't get accepted to any of them...funny thing is, i got SHSU's application done and turned in like mid last week...they sure were quick about accepting me...its nice to know at least one of my choices accepted me...we shall see

I think i'm going to go put the fire out in my system and try to find something to eat...i hope you enjoyed my entry...hopefully it was at least somewhat humorous in parts and entertaining...have a good day everyone

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Depressing Crap Nobody Needs To Hear
Tuesday. 1.25.05 1:45 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Not a good day...at all
Monday. 1.24.05 3:53 pm
My dog Klondyke was put to sleep today...i guess he had liver cancer and wouldn't have made it past tomorrow...not something i wanted to hear when i came home today...he seemed just fine yesterday...when i think of it, even when he injured himself he still seemed happy and upbeat...we've had him for 9 or 10 years...really not something i can handle very well...i've always been quite close to him...he was really playful and happy all the time...you know, just a big part of my life...the thought didn't cross my mind that he'd be going any time soon...i guess i just expected him to live 15+ years...i know i was probably an ass to him a fair amount of times...i think even last night i kept telling him to stop licking his legs...other than that i really didn't see him much yesterday...i dunno, i guess i just wish i could have seen him again...maybe say goodbye or something...when my cat died it didn't really affect me too much...i wasn't close to her...when my dog Tory died i wasn't too broken up about that either...wasn't close to her...and you know i've had other animals but we've either had problems with them or something...they were never around for more than a few months...so you know, i guess you could say Klondyke was really the first animal thats been around a long time that i was really close to thats died...cuz in this family usually animals last a long time...Tory certainly did but she was more like my mom's dog...i feel bad that those deaths didn't really hurt me as much...its just, pretty much every day i'd take the time to play with him...he was a really good dog with a lot of personality and he enjoyed life a great deal...just makes me stop and think...my cat Snowplow is around 12 years old and i'm really close to him...Klancy's about 8 or 9 years old and i'm really close to him too...its just they're more than just animals you know...they're a big part of your life and that can just suddenly get taken away from you...its just hard thinking that i'll go into the living room and he won't be there anymore...as much as it pissed me off at 6 in the morning, he won't be there barking...i dunno, just use to play with him all the time...he certainly will be missed...just a one of a kind dog there...not something i can handle very well i would have written about other things but i'm really not in the mood...i dunno if i'll be on aim today...not really in the mood to talk to anyone...we'll see...i guess i'll just play some ps2 maybe get my mind off of this...do some homework, i dunno...i just don't know

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Short 3 & a half page entry...sorry its not 5 - 10
Thursday. 1.20.05 5:04 pm
Hmm...well not really an interesting week...but theres always time to complain about something, right?...exactly...by the way, does anyone find the whole three dots thing annoying?...i was actually laying in bed thinking "hmm you know, nobody really does that except me"...so let me know if it does...and in case you're wondering, i don't do the dots thing on essays or reports or letters for that matter...so onto my first subject!

So i happen to watch this one show...i don't know why...maybe its cuz theres nothing on TV when i get home or something...I usually come home, check and see if theres anything in the kitchen in terms of food...then i sit down in front of the TV and eat...what's usually on is Two Guys and a Girl...if you've seen Blade Trinity or whatever, the other guy besides Snipes is the guy in this show...and the woman who walked out on Jim Carrey in Me, Myself, and Irene...but yeah, its always on this channel called WE...my mom had it on, its a funny show, i use to watch it a long time ago so i started watching it again...so i start noticing the commercials really suck and everytime they show a clip for a movie the movie is a chick flick...really bad chick flicks...i guess i really don't pay attention that much but my mom walks in the room and i'm like "mom...besides this show, this channel is horrible...its like Lifetime, just a bunch of chick flick crap...the commercials are horrible and so are the movies...whats with this?"...she's like "umm thats because the channel is called Women's Entertainment"...i'm like "ohh i thought it was just W-E...didn't think that meant something"...really sad...good show, horrible channel

242 Nightmare
God i hate this road...so i'm leavin the college and i pull onto 242...of course around this time theres always a little traffic...and of course, for no damn reason other than people being idiots...this time was worse...i shit you not, at least 6 dump trucks/concrete trucks are driving down this road...now you would think they would all get in one lane and not be assholes...thats not how it works in Texas...not only did they not get in one lane but two times they were all side by side...meaning? meaning nobody can pass them, you're just screwed until one of them decides to speed up and get past the other one...this really pisses me off beyond belief...so i get behind one of these assholes thats side by side...i'm inching my way down the road...finally one of them shows enough space to pass the other one...i of course step on it and get around...first i'm thinking "finally! fuckin jackass's!...what happens? another pair of fuckin dump trucks...only this time its like theres a dump truck and a car behind it in the left lane...on the right lane, theres a dump truck but its a little bit behind the car...so i'm thinking "okay, not a problem, the car will pass the truck when it gets the chance"...so finally the dump truck on the right is side by side with me...the woman has plenty of space to pass it...does she? no...stupid bitch just sits there behind the dump truck...finally the dump truck turns left, the dumb bitch speeds up a little and i pass them...i'm like "ughhh!!!! if i wasn't so nice i'd honk at you and flip you off you stupid bitch!!"...home free, right? no...getting down towards the end of 242 around 1488 theres ANOTHER dump truck in my lane...i can't pass it cuz its too close to the intersection...red light, behind the dump truck...i'm not the only guy behind him...i'm like 3 cars back...light turns green...we all turn right...well because i'm dealing with Texas drivers, only one car passes the dump truck...leaving me stuck behind the damn thing...not a long stretch of road but i'm very impatient...i finally get to my turn and things are fine from there...what is it with you stupid assholes!!...slow lane, fast lane, learn it!!!!...don't go side by side and piss everyone off...you should be fuckin ticketed for that crap!!!...the speed limit is not 45, its 55!!!...god...slow assholes should be in one lane, not both and certainly not side by side!!

So i started the whole applications process last night...totally forgot about it until Jessica reminded me...i really wasn't expecting anyone to remind me but she did which is good...i did the texas common application or whatever for 3 colleges...Sam Houston State University, University of Texas at Austin, and Baylor University...i'll apply to a couple others just in case i don't accepted to any of those...Sam Houston is all done...application sent, transcript sent, paid for...UT transcript sent, application turned in but i have to pay for it and i have to do the billion essays...Baylor transcript sent, application sent, but i have to pay and send some health form...i wasn't originally going to apply to Baylor but i don't see why not...the business section looked good online...i know, its a christian university but i don't have a problem with that cuz i am one...probably expensive as hell...two words "student loans"...i'm fucked either way with that so might as well get a good education from a damn good school...same with UT...Sam Houston i don't think would be as bad...see now when you're transfering, usually they look for around a 2.5 GPA and like 24 to 30 credit hours...well i have something like a 3.45 GPA and well over 40 credit hours...so i think, i think i'm okay...we shall see...other colleges i'm considering would be...pete said something about Texas Christian University...thats in Fort Worth i believe...possibly Texas State University (i believe thats what they renamed Southwest Texas State or whatever)...friend of mine goes there...so i dunno...either way, i'll be too far away to live at home...now with Sam, i believe its only an hour away...BUT not living at home doesn't sound too terribly bad...yeah i'd miss it and everything but the parents are really annoying...and i'm tired of being talked to like i'm 13 from my mom...ah if only i had money...i know i'll get student loans and everything will work out...when i get out of college, i'll have 15 years to pay them off...i'm certainly afraid of what that might cost...but looking on the bright side, at least 2ish years of my college education is paid off...so not so bad...we'll see...hopefully i'll get accepted to one of those colleges...i'm worrying

I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night cuz i wanted to do the applications...next time i'm up semi late during the week, someone remind me that 5 hours of sleep REALLY doesn't work...i'm tired no matter what amount of sleep i get but i don't need to make the situation worse...i go from "my god its too early in the morning i think i'm going to die" tired to "i'm a zombie" tired to "hmm i'm somewhat there" tired...then i'm kinda awake...for about an hour or two...then i go back to being really tired cuz well i only got 5 hours of sleep...around the times of 10ish or 11 tonight i'll be wide awake for about an hour or two and go back to being tired again...but its thursday...and my thursdays are actually my fridays...meaning i can sleep in and i have a nice three day weekend

This Weekend
Okay, heres i'm planning on doing...Friday Pete is going up to Sam Houston so i shall be going with him...when i get back i'll just be lazy...Saturday i'll watch football of course...i'd really like to get a hair cut but keep in mind, that requires me actually getting off my ass and putting in the effort...i'll get it done eventually...usually something has to happen for me to actually give a shit and get it done...i need to buy some new shirts too...i have, if i'm lucky, $70 between whats in my checking acount and whats in my wallet...maybe i can get my parents to give me some money...sunday i'll watch more football...come on now, do you honestly think i'd miss the AFC and NFC Championships?...other than that, nothing planned really

You know how you mess with the settings on your monitor to make the screen look good on all sides?...so it was a little off the other day...usually i don't notice it but it was really bugging me...probably because i was tired and grouchy...when i'm that way, everything bugs me...so i tried fixing it...bad idea...i messed with it to where it was just worse...took me like an hour just to get it to look decent...its still bugging me though...it looks okay i guess...but yeah, very much a pain in the ass...theres a button on there that says "reset"...so i'm thinking "ohh wouldn't that be cool if i could press that and it would make the screen perfect"...didn't happen...oh well, just don't look too closely at it Kollin, you'll go insane

My Room
I can never win with this...its either too hot, too cold, or both...i say both because while 90% of me is too hot, my feet and hands are too cold...thats happened several times...can't stand it...when its hot outside, its really hot in my room...when its cold outside, its really cold in my room...when its decent outside it can go either way in here...usually too hot...really drives me nuts cuz i can walk into the living room and it feels 20 degrees hotter or colder...its actually quite nice...step into my room, shitty...i've done the whole open the window thing but its too annoying...not only are there too many annoying sounds that come from outside, i have to deal with the smell when the sprinklers come on...its not just water, its shit water...literally...somehow thats how that all works with the sprinklers...i dunno who thought of that but the person should be shot...so i'll be sitting in my room with window open and then be like "*sniff* god damn sprinklers...smells like shit!!" and lately i haven't been able to close the damn window all the way so i smell it every time...really pisses me off...i'd try the whole open my door thing to let some of the air out but a) doesn't really work and b) dogs get in here and create chaos...especially bandit...if she sees my door open, she immediately makes her way over there...i strongly dislike that dog...so i'm screwed with that

What i was going to say
What i was really going to put in this entry was my view on a couple issues...i may still do that later on but i dunno about now...i'm at 3 pages on Word...besides which, theres maybe one person who would most likely agree with me on these issues...so pretty much, i'd be bugging you with them, then you'd come bug me about them then i'd have to complain in here some more...i dunno if i'm up to that at the moment...maybe when i'm more awake

I think i'm going to submit this entry and play some ps2...maybe lay down and nap...i'm quite tired...we'll see...i'm sorry if its not the usual 5 to 10 pages...being tired does that to me...you'll just have to settle for 3 and a half pages...for those of you who read my entries a) if you don't comment, you should and b) thanks for reading them...hopefully my entries are entertaining and somewhat funny...i try going for that...but i'm sure this one kinda sucks just cuz i'm tired...i shall make it up over my 3 day weekend...talk to you people later

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Random Crap
Tuesday. 1.18.05 4:22 pm
Two entries in one day...insane...i could write like a 2 thousand page book with nothing but complaining...by the way, if you see a lot of typos in this entry, don't be surprised...the last time i slept was quite a while ago so bare with me here

My Day
Well i went to class today...History 2, Government, and Macro-Economics...doesn't seem too terribly complicated...of course i say that now...wait until later...maybe its the lack of sleep thats talking...anyways, it went well...doesn't seem like i have to do an extreme amount of homework...all three classes i believe require a presentation...that would be where i completely lose it...i get embarrassed, start sweating, then i can't talk right etc...i'll survive

So within 5 minutes of each class, every professor had told the class whether they are a democrat, republican, libertarian...kinda funny cuz in my first class, the professor is a libertarian...second class, liberal democrat...third class, conservative republican...weird...i didn't particularly like what the liberal democrat had to say...he kinda had this attitude and said "who here is a republican?" and probably a third of the class, including myself, raised their hands...then he said "oh, well i guess i won't bash bush then"...he said it in such a way that it was like he was saying "well, you're republicans, absolute skum of the earth, i'm much better than you"...i felt insulted...but thats fine, you can have your opinion asshole...heres a thought, why don't you try teaching instead of being a shithead?...i don't have a problem with you being a liberal democrat but when you show me that kind of attitude i don't particularly like it...the same would go for a conservative republican...i know bashing bush is the in thing but don't you think we hear enough of it? i don't think we need to hear it in the classroom...by asking "who here is a republican?" and seeing his attitude, i started thinking "well shit, i'm sure my grade in this class will go to the crapper"...you shouldn't even be asking that especially since its just economics...i can understand asking that in government but economics?...don't be an ass, keep that shit to yourself...neither the libertarian nor the republican took that kind of attitude...and neither asked what everyone was...i'm fine with it though...i have no problem telling you what i am...and if you're gonna be like that, you can kiss my ass...if that little asshole starts getting into this whole bush bashing thing i'll certainly have something to say about it...i know, i don't talk, but thats a very easy way to piss me off and if you shove your beliefs in my face enough, i'll have something to say to you...bottom line: its fine if you wanna tell everyone that you're a liberal democrat, but keep the bush bashing to yourself...you don't need to be asking everyone what they are...just do your job asshole and everyone will make it out of this alive

Sometimes i catch my Mom watching these movies on "lifetime, television for women"...these movies really suck...i'm fine with a woman being a badass and killing the bad guy and all but these people go too far...and its the same thing over and over...its always a) the husband or b) some guy who raped her and now she has his baby...and in the end, after her being all scared and emotional, she somehow gets the courage to shoot and kill the guy...thats all this channel is...that same movie, with different actors each time, being played over and over again...not to mention the fact that every movie has horrible actors and actresses in it...enough already...we get the fact that you love seeing a woman kill a guy, give it a rest

Expanding upon that previous section, movies being shown in theatres with some stick of a girl kicking everyones ass is getting old...she has no muscles yet she's kicking everyone's ass...i don't have anything against females being in that type of role, it just gets old...of course we have to have the terminator chick in Terminator 3...personally, i'd rather see arnold get his ass beat by some big badass lookin guy than some skinny little girl...then the whole Elektra thing now...i don't really think she's a good actress, whoever that is...and i'm sure she goes around kicking everyone's ass...i'm not trying to offend anyone here...i'm just saying a) the girl needs some serious muscle, b) she needs to look more like a badass instead of some model and c) most of the time, the acting is just horrible...and enough already...we get the fact that you want a female to kill guys, give it a rest...get what i'm saying? you're trying to make the model-like girl out to be this total badass when she doesn't even look the part...i guess i'm thinking wrong though...every movie has to have some references to sex and in order to have that, the lead actress has to look like a model...sorry, just figured that out

Sex Sells
Yeah we get the point already...ever seen The Rookie?...i'm not much of a baseball fan but i liked that movie...and you know what? no sex, no references to sex...see, perfectly good movie and you didn't need all of that crap...so why in the world do we need a model-like girl, wearing a very tight outfit beating up arnold in terminator 3? cuz sex aparently sells and aparently people love watching a skinny model beat the crap out of a guy...its fine in some movies, i'm just saying people take it too far here...i thought Charlie's Angels looked really stupid too...i've never actually seen the movie, but come on...like any of those 3 could actually kick someone's ass and handle vehicles like tanks...thats going too far...i do like the James Bond movies...and i guess theres a fair amount of that stuff in there but its much more believable than T3 or Charlie's Angels...its not as extreme as with Terminator 3, Charlie's Angels, Elektra etc...the only reason why they put skinny girls in tight little outfits is cuz they all believe sex sells...but its not very believable and its cheesey which that ruins the movie...pick someone worthy and believable to beat the shit out of arnold...and you know, linda hamilton (i think thats her name), did look like a psycho/kinda badass in the first two movies...so i totally accept that...i'm pretty much just trying to get my point across here without offending anyone...next subject

Okay, we've gone too far here too...whats with guys wearing makeup?...a lot of girls out there wear too much makeup as it is but now theres tons of guys wearing makeup...do girls really find that attractive?...i think, and this is just my personal opinion, the only reason why a guy would wear makeup is for attention...oh look there goes the freak walking down the hallway...no...no no no no no...guys do not need to wear makeup!!!...girls absolutely love the stuff and when they put it on themselvers properly, they can look very beautiful...for centuries guys have not worn make up and life has gone on the way it should...and i'm not saying girls have to wear makeup...i've seen some girls with either very little or no makeup at all and they looked beautiful to me...but you know they love the stuff...its wrong for guys to love it...trust me, the only reason why a guy would put on makeup is to get attention...just stop, throw the makeup away, and try to be like the other 99.8% of the male population

Alright, theres a lot bands out there that really aren't too terribly talented...when it comes to playing the guitar, its quite rare to find someone who actually knows how to use the thing...so you get a lot of bands where all of their songs sound repetative...i'll admit, i like a few of these bands...they mostly rely on the vocals and lyrics...which if you do those two really well and you're only okay at the rest you'll probably have one or two good songs and the rest isn't so great...at the same time though, there are some bands that are decent with everything but lyrics and vocals...its rare to find bands that are good at all areas...these are most likely the bands where you can take the CD, put it into your CD player, and just let it play without skipping a song...i won't list any bands, chances are you already know what i like anyways...but its starting to bug me, this repetative sound...cuz you're thinking "well those two songs were really good but this next one sounds a lot like them...this one does too...so does this one...meh kinda boring"...and you know, theres a lot of bands you can say "well they sound a lot like Nickelback" or something like that...for example Theory of a Deadman...and while Theory of a Deadman sounds good, i'd rather just put in a Nickelback CD if i want that sound...these bands fade away fast...you need to come up with something original...personally, if i was in a band, i'd take it as an insult if someone said "oh they sound a lot like this band"...with a person like me, if i hear the CD and i like it i'll probably get it but if it sounds a lot like something i already have chances are i'll hardly play the CD cuz well, the band that originally sounded like that is the obvious better choice...how often do i listen to Theory of a Deadman? haven't listened to it in probably a year...how often do i listen to Nickelback? once every week and a half, 2 weeks...its starting to get to me though...cuz i put CDs in my little CD case to take with me when i drive...well everything in the little CD case usually consists of those really good bands...CDs like Theory of a Deadman just get passed over and don't make it into the little CD case cuz i can just listen to Nickelback

Damn Good at Madden NFL 2005
I know none of you like football...or at least not as much as i do but i have to get this out...when it comes to playing Madden on ps2, i'm damn good...so the 49ers went 2-14 this season...i decided to play this team and turn it into a super bowl contender...looking at this team from the start, they had a lot of guys below 80 overall (100 being the best...think of it like A's, B's, C's) and hardly any above it...plus they had a lot of very young guys...so by playing this for like 6 hours, i was able to trade for players and sign free agents to get me to greatness...QB 99, RB 87, WR's 87 83 82 78(R), TE 89(R), OL 81(1st year) 86 93 80(R) 85, DL 86 92 90 85, LB's 89 88 84 92, DB's 89 86 86 79(R) 91 92...for those of you who play this game, thats an awesome team right there...not only that, but theres only a couple guys over 5 years in the NFL...AND through trading, i was able to come up with 7 first round draft picks and a high second round pick...am i good or am i good? no, i'm damn good

So i'm sitting at my desk, obviously got to class way early...i'm just watchin people coming in and sitting down...this girl walks in and sits down right in front of me...she totally wreaked of smoke...how do you not know you smell like that?...my god, when its that bad, you need to quit smoking or at least reduce the amount of smoking you do...i was about to die when the girl next to me sprayed some fruity perfume stuff...that worked...not only is it an unattractive thing for someone to be smoking, but its 1000 times worse when you do it so much that you smell like shit...i hate people like that...theres a lot of them out there too...smell like shit cuz of smoking and don't even know it...i know its hard and all but just quit...you'll look better, you'll smell better, and you'll probably live longer

Football Predictions
AFC Championship: New England Patriots (15-2) AT Pittsburgh Steelers (16-1)
Pats have a great running game, decent passing game, good rush defense, and good pass defense...Steelers have a great running game, decent passing game, great rush defense, good pass defense

This is a tough one...what do these two teams have in common? they know how to win...it would be an absolute shame to see one of these teams eliminated...and it really could go either way

The Patriots need to do kinda like what they did to the Colts...they're really good at running and throwing short passes...keep it up...on defense, its all about stuffing the run and putting the ball in the hands of the rookie, Big Ben...Big Ben will make mistakes, its guarenteed...its just a matter of how many times you can get him to make mistakes...the Pats are really good at confusing QB's, that was evident with Peyton Manning...stuff the run, put the game in the hands of Big Ben, do your thing on offense

The Steelers need to do what they have done all season...run run run and pass occassionally...its what they're good at...don't put the game on Big Ben's shoulders, leave it up to the RB's...on defense they need to stuff the run...the Pats have a very good RB in Corey Dillon, don't let them be able to run on you...when it comes to pass defense, just be alert and try to confuse Tom Brady...Brady isn't easily confused and he distributes the ball to several guys very well...just gotta play great defense against him

Both teams are amazing and i wish this was the super bowl because no team in the NFC is better than these two teams but i have to make a pick here...My Pick: Patriots 24 Steelers 21

NFC Championship: Atlanta Falcons (12-5) AT Philadelphia Eagles (14-3)
The Eagles showed no rust against the Vikings last week...i was impressed...the Falcons destroyed the Rams...but this was all expected

The Eagles need to do one thing...stop the running game...Vick, Dunn, Duckett...amazing trio who combined for over 320 rushing yards last week...shut that down and you have yourself a victory...they have a good defense but as long as you use Westbrook, the TE's, and the two WR's to your advantage, its all good...especially Westbrook, he'll be the key here

The Falcons need to do what they do best...run run run...its almost impossible to stop their running game...with passing, TE Alge Crumpler is always there...on defense they need to shut down RB Westbrook...if they do that, McNabb will have to key on his other players and they're not as good as Westbrook

I was very impressed with the Falcons last week...i'd be very tempted to pick them over the Eagles but i think the Eagles are just too hungry for this victory...this is their 4th consecutive NFC Championship appearance...a 4th consecutive loss in this game would be devastating...Eagles will barely pull it off...My Pick: Eagles 31 Falcons 28

I spilled Dr. Pepper on my mouse pad...i'm using a sheet of paper as a mouse pad cuz its an optical mouse and if i don't have the paper there, the laser will hit the sheet of glass on my desk and reflect back causing the cursor to do weird things...i have very thin arms and that drives me nuts...a bug flew in front of my face this morning, 1 minute before i was going to get up and it scared the shit out of me...it was quite cold today which sucks cuz i had to walk a lot outside...i didn't think to bring a jacket...but i'm from Colorado, i can tough it out...i haven't gotten sleep in forever...this is making me very out of it...i need to apply to colleges for transfering...someone remind me to do that tomorrow...i need to pick up the software for my intro to computers class tomorrow morning...someone needs to remind me about that too...i also need to set up my stocks/financial thing my brother gave me...i'll do that tomorrow when i'm not feeling like dying...i also need to call the phone company to see what i need to do to get cable internet...the remote to the TV in the living room stopped working so what do my parents do? come to me about it cuz they think i'm a genius with things they can't figure out...my dog Klondyke loves picking things out of the trash can and chewing them to little bits, this drives me insane...my dog Klancy, is very fluffy and pudgy...i throw him to the ground and mess up his hair and squish him...he loves it...i noticed something...the expensive electronics stuff in my room was either a hand me down or my brother bought them for me...excluding a couple things...i'm not complaining, just thought that was unusual...i went my paypal account last night and discovered i had $34 still in there...exciting, $34 i didn't even know i had...everything in my mini fridge has to be expired by now...i'm afraid of what might be in there...i need notebooks for my classes...i only have one decent one...oh d-d-d-d-dear...i tried Sierra Myst the other day, i liked it...its like a lot more syrupy and lemony than sprite...a nice change...katrina, a friend of mine, is bugging me to finish...i can't believe she actually likes reading my extremely long entries...she's kinda weird though, i won't subject you to her ways (lol jokin)...i think its impossible for my parents not to get pissed off about something in a day...i get frustrated a lot but not pissed...god damnit, its fast food night...which means i have to get off my ass and go get it...i'm so tired...so this is the end

Really long entry about stupid random stuff...i hope you enjoy...whoever you may be

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My Mother, The Few Really Bad Things I've Done
Tuesday. 1.18.05 5:01 am
ahh 5 am...how nice...and i have to be in class by 10 am today...great...so i was laying in bed for like 2 hours hoping to fall asleep...once again i have too much on my mind...mostly stupid little things...but i'm wide awake...and so i decided to write this up...won't be as long as my others though...i know, you're disappointed

My Mom The Liar
My family is full of a bunch of people who think they're all right...no matter how wrong they are, they're still right and theres nothing you can say about it...if they lie and you know it and they know it, they won't admit it...cuz that would mean they're wrong...now, i'm the same way cuz well, these people raised me...i just like to think of myself as not being as bad as them with this...there are times when i'll admit i'm wrong...thats usually when theres actual visual evidence and its being shoved in my face...but yeah, we're all people who think we're right...my mom especially...she is the queen of thinking she's right all the time

So last night right around 5 am i took some dishes into the kitchen and put them on the counter...couple of plates, couple of bowls, silverware, five or six cups...the usual...around 8 pm i go out there to the kitchen and i'm like "hey, when's dinner?" and my mom says "you should have put those dishes in the dishwasher like i asked last night"...now 80% of that statement was correct...i most certainly should have put them in the dishwasher (do i admit this to her? no cuz i'm Kollin...i know i'm right and never do anything wrong)...now what suddenly struck me as being wrong with this statement is the fact that she said "like i asked last night"...not one time has she been in my room in the past 3 days and said "you should put those dishes in the dishwasher"...and she most certainly did not tell me that the day i put the dishes on the counter...so what do i do? i correct her...i say " you never told me to put the dishes in the dishwasher"...she says "yes i did tell you to put them in there last night"...i say "i put those dishes on the counter at 5 am when nobody was awake, you never said put them in the dishwasher"...she then says "well you never listen to what i say unless it pertains to food or something for you"...and i say "yeah okay mom, thats fine" and walk away...she then says "now if i say theres 10 minutes until dinner, you'll actually listen"...now you might be thinking "well hmm, maybe he just didn't listen to her"...well let me tell you this...why is it that situations almost exactly like these happen A LOT?...contrary to her belief, i actually do listen and hear her when she talks to me...trust me, i would remember if she told me to put the dishes in the dishwasher...why? because the second i would put them on the counter i'd think "well shit, she told me to put them in the dishwasher didn't she"...now that doesn't mean i'd actually put them in the dishwasher...what it does mean is that i wouldn't argue with her about her saying i should put them in the dishwasher...which that means i was listening to what she had to say...i would have heard her loud and clear...however, being the lazy asshole that i can be, i just chose to put them on the counter anyways...get the difference?...there wouldn't be an arguement if i felt she was right

Confused Me
I argue with her about these things all the time...she'll come home from work and be like "why didn't you empty the dishwasher?"...i'll say "did you tell me to empty the dishwasher?"...and depending on her mood she'll either say "do i have to tell you to empty the dishwasher?" or "i told you before i left to empty the dishwasher"...now neither is correct...i never volunteered to empty the dishwasher on a regular basis therefore there's never time when i'm thinking "oh hey, i need to empty the dishwasher because thats a regular chore of mine"...so that takes care of statement number 1...statement number 2 is absolute bull shit...she thinks that i'm never paying attention to her...just because i don't look at you when you talk to me doesn't mean i'm not paying attention to what you have to say...just because i give you a one word answer doesn't mean i'm not paying attention to you...so i'll of course call her out on it...and she'll eventually go back to statement number 1...which obviously shows she's lying

Emptying the trash is another subject...long ago when i was a little brat my parents bribed me with money...they said "i'll pay you $2 a week if you empty the trash every other day" and i went for it...so it has been established that emptying the trash is a regular chore of mine...so when she says "do i have to tell you to empty the trash?" i don't argue it...however, unless of course i happen to walk by the trash can and think "hmm i wonder if this needs emptying" and flip it open to look, i'm not going to be thinking about emptying it...another problem is that when the trash can is 80% full my mom feels thats when its time to empty it...i happen to disagree...i feel that when its about 95% full that should be when you empty it...so in my mind the thought of emptying it doesn't cross my mind until it is at this stage...so these things kinda interfere with "do i have to tell you to empty the trash can?"...but being the great son that i am i simply don't argue it...cuz putting aside those interferences, she's technically right...its a regular chore

Bottom Line
So the bottom line is, i do listen to her, i do hear what she has to say, i simply choose to do the wrong thing every now and then...however, when you try to lie to me about the situation to try to make me feel more in the wrong, i'm going to call you out on it and argue with you...so yes, i should have put them in the dishwasher...yes, i thought about putting them in the dishwasher...yes, i chose to be lazy and put them on the counter...BUT no, i was never told to put them in the dishwasher...and no, i'm not gonna fall for the "my son never listens to what i have to say so i'll just lie and say that i said this" kinda thing...i'm not as dumb as you think i am, mom

Such a Horrible Horrible Son
So 90% of the time when i argue with my mom it eventually leads to accusations of me being a horrible son...things that my mom says include: "you're disrespectful", "you never listen to me", "you never contribute in this family", "you never do what is asked of you" blah blah blah...i never do what is asked of me?...tell me this...why can't you knock on my door and say "hey kollin, can you do this for me?" cuz about 95% of that whole "you never do what is asked of you" type thing comes from you never telling me and saying you did tell me and i sit there and take it...yes, i tend to forget from time to time BUT i still accomplish what is asked of me...i'm disrespectful? and how exactly am i that?...when i'm home, 95% of the time i'm in my room...how can i be disrespectful to you if i'm not around you?..."you never listen to me"...ah you lie!!!..."you never contribute to this family"...really? what exactly do i need to contribute?...i do the things that are asked of me...sometimes however, i happen to disagree with the timing of when these things need to be taken care of...does that mean i don't listen? no

Now somewhere in there she'll get very close to saying "you are a horrible son"...she won't say that exactly but she's very good at mixing words up...so tell me, how exactly am i horrible son?

I'm a bad son?
The way i figure it, i haven't done anything to potentially hurt (not physically) anyone in this family in at least 6 years...and when i did do something REALLY wrong, it really wasn't that big of a deal...i drink maybe once or twice a year...i've never done drugs...i never go to parties...i never steal...i very rarely lie (everyone lies, nobody can say they don't)...i've always gotten good grades (although, i think i failed math for 3 weeks in first grade...but i took it worse than my parents)...i'm in college trying my best to get a degree...things that i use to get all the time like CDs and such, i pay for with my own money now...i even go to the movies with them and out to dinner with them...why? because i feel bad when i don't spend time with them...tell me, where in that whole mess am i horrible son?...i mean, for the love of god, you should be grateful to have a son like me...especially when you compare me to my sister who pretty much did the opposite of what i just listed up there...what the hell?

Confused Me
So when my mom and i really go at in an arguement several things happen...it can get physical...because of my size, this rarely happens...i'm not a pushover...the physical part only happens but once every year and a half or two years...she has slapped me before...usually now she just tries to grab my shirt, pull me close to her and yell in my face...i refuse to let her do this...when she grabs me, i grab her and warn her to get her hands off of me...so i've pushed her away and she has ripped a few shirts and scratched the shit out of me a couple times...but again, that rarely happens...thats one that can happen if it gets heated enough...now we'll have our little battle and i'll go to my room (willingly mind you...don't need to face that thing anymore than i have to)...while i'm in my room she'll proceed to yell random things and bang things against counters etc etc...then it'll get silent...i'll start to think "ah peace and quiet...she finally shut up"...just when i think that, she'll open my door and yell at me for something that doesn't even have to do with what we were arguing about...like the whole "you never contribute to this family" thing...she'll proceed to do this two or three times...then she'll get my dad on me...my dad's actually pretty cool here...he use to just go yell at me for whatever reason she said but now he rarely does...he'll actually argue that she's a pain in the ass sometimes and that theres no need to be going insane about whatever...so she'll get more pissed about that...the next day she'll usually buy me something...now you may think "aww thats nice, she's apoligizing" but she isn't...she's doing that to shove it in my face later on...if i do one thing not to her liking she'll be like "i bought you this, the least you can do is this" and proceed to yell at me...so i'll take her shit and wait until its all over with

Hey, i'm just jokin here
I like to joke around a lot...say humorous things...do humorous things...so my mom will be like "can you get me this?" and i'll say "nope" just to be funny...i do things like this all the time...or i'll say a joke and she'll laugh...whats wrong with this, you say? ah everything...things like this will come up in arguements down the road...everyone laughed, there was nothing wrong with it, but now suddenly there is...she'll be like "thats so rude and disrespectful!!"...well if you took it that way, why did you laugh and make it seem like it was okay? it was never my intention for it to be rude or disrespectful and you never took it that way...so i'll just stare at her with a weird look on my face thinking "what? are you on crack?"

The Graduation Gift
Other things like that include this example...when i get a gift, i never take it back, i never complain about it, i accept it and say thank you...well my graduation gift wasn't exactly something i liked...they got me a camera...i'm a guy, i don't take pictures very often if at all...if i was a girl, different story...then seem to love taking pictures...so i went to them and said "well its a great camera but its not something i'm going to use"...they said "when you go on trips, you can take pictures and show us"...so pretty much it was a gift for them...i said "well how often do i go on trips? maybe once a year and its always to wherever my brother is"...so i came up with a plan...i was like "okay, i don't really want the camera so since you guys were going to get one anyways, why don't you take it, i'll take the old one, and why don't you get me a cell phone"...my dad seemed perfectly happy with that...he was just like "well we want you to enjoy your gift and be happy with it"...so we did that, i got a cell phone, everyone was happy...they were gonna get me a cell phone anyways for safety reasons a month from then...so really, neither gift was really a big deal...i was very nice about the whole thing and i felt terrible at the same time and told them that...so you're thinking "well thats not bad at all...it all worked out in the end, everyone was happy"...ahh you're wrong!...that whole thing there, gets brought up every time i'm in an arguement with my mom...she'll say how it was so messed up of me to do that and that my dad was so happy about giving me the camera and i ruined it...she'll be like "you crushed your father and you really disappointed me"...pretty much she'll say things like this for 30 minutes and make me feel absolutely horrible...see, there was a situation, everyone came out of it happy, not a big deal at all...but somehow she'll make me feel like shit for it and have me thinking "what? everyone was happy with it! what are you talking about!?"...does it all the time

The Few Things I've Done Really Wrong In My Life
Okay...there isn't much when it comes to this...i happen to consider myself a pretty damn good son...the things i list off here really aren't too terrible bad when you think about them...here goes

12ish to 13 years old
Okay, this ones the worst and i got seriously punished for it...i discovered how to use checks...ahh disaster...i use to absolutely love football cards...just imagine this: the insane obsession with CDs i have now was equivalent to the obsession i had with football cards...so what are the most valuable football cards? rookie cards of very good players...so i spent somewhere around $300 of their money on football cards...i also spent like $40 on porn...now come on, i just discovered the whole masturbating thing, and i was going through puberty etc etc...so around $340...this caused mass chaos throughout the house when i was finally caught...for at least two weeks conversations with my parents were very short, very to the point, and ended in me doing some kind of chore...thats not all...no sir, not at all...how was i to make this up to my parents? sell everything of value to me until i reach $340...everything of value to me was this: my TV, my nintendo with 30 games, all of my football cards, my john elway jersey, several toys, and several other things that i enjoyed...what really killed me was the football cards...not only because they were the best thing i ever had but because all of my thousands of football cards were sold for only $100...folks, i could have picked out probably one or two cards in my collection worth that price...but none the less, that was what my dad sold them for...now, after stripping me of pretty much everything i was grounded for several months...there was only thing they would let me do, read...i'm a 13 year old guy here, do i wanna read? hell no...even with everything i liked sold, my dad says to me "well, you're still $100 short, but i'll be nice and say you don't have to pay us that back"...plus on the day i got caught, i was slapped several times by mom, and punched several times by my dad...i remember my brother saying "whats wrong with you? you couldn't have asked them for those things?" and i said some smartass comment to him and out of nowhere my dad comes charging after me, grabs me, punches me in the stomach and throws me into the couch...pretty much the worst 2 weeks of my life right there...keep in mind, my parents are not abusive at all and usually they are very lenient on these things...not on that

13ish to 14ish
We have discovered AOL...well what do you do on AOL? you chat with people...well my parents were 100% against that...i still did it...i even got myself a little online girlfriend...so i wanted to see what she looked like and i gave her my address...who happens to see the letter first? my mom...what was my punishment?...okay, i was just given my brothers old computer...this was awesome...imagine how happy i was after all of my things were sold...it had games and everything...what do my parents do? take the computer away for 7 or 8 months...it was originally going to be a year but they were nice and let me have it back after that amount of time...8 months for telling a girl my address online...what am i back to? reading

15 i think
Not too terribly bad here but it kinda goes along with saying i didn't learn my lesson...so i can go back on computers now...i can even go back online...so i start chatting with people again and i start talking to this girl on the phone...i talked to her on the phone for like 2 months or something...well there was one time when we got disconnected so i decided to call her up just to see what happend...i was worried...well she lived in denver, i lived in colorado springs, its long distance...i called her for about 2 minutes...my parents found that out obviously...my punishment?...can't go online for 6 months...a lousy 2 minute phone call got me that

Conclusion to bad things
So there you go...thats it...stupid little things...i once got a referrel at school for having rubber bands in my backpack and shooting them at things...my mom just thought it was funny...now in my personal opinion, which i think you can tell, my punishments up there were quite harsh...they certainly got their point across there but i really think they were quite harsh...i don't think i deserved those punishments...you be the judge...but going along with what i said earlier, if those are the only bad things i've done in my life, how exactly am i such a horrible son?...oh yeah, i once vandalized a house still in construction but i never got caught for that one...the people who were going to live there went around to every house asking if their kids had done it except mine...kollin would never do that...but yeah, never was caught for that one...it just involved spray paint on the drywall and one broken window...again though, i'm nowhere near being a horrible son...and i haven't done anything of that magnitude in 6 years...in 6 years, the worst thing i've done is forget to empty the trash or something...they never even had to deal with the issue of sex either...i'm still a virgin...give me a break here people

So thats my mom for you and those are the bad things i've done...i need to get at least some sleep...2 hours...before i go to class...just wanted to get all of that out...it pisses me off and its insulting when i'm even considered to be a bad son to them...it also pisses me off that they get so pissed about little things...look at your daughter! she was a billion times worse than i am!!!...i think, the anger they have towards her, was probably just carried over to me...i think they expected perfection from me after going through what happend with her (drugs, drinking, stealing cars, two kids before 19, etc etc)...just my opinions though

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