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Stupid Haters~
Friday. 10.12.07 7:40 pm
I hang a witch on my door every year for halloween. This year I hung it a little late. But nonetheless she was up as of yesterday. Then today I leave for lunch, say my silent goodbye to the witch and leave on my merry way. When I come back, the witch is gone. I was like WTF! Where could a door witch have gone? Someone stole her! I cant believe some people. I was so sad. Ive had that witch for 5 years now.

One hour later, I hear a knock on my office door. It is the office secretary. She asked me if I knew that my witch was in the trash can. I was like what!!?? No, I did not know. She was missing and I did not know what happened. I reached in to the trash to pull her out and my hand got wet. Someone smashed her down into the trash and spit mucus onto her cape.

Such haters!! I cant believe the vandalism at my college.

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Twilight ~ The Movie
Wednesday. 10.3.07 10:58 pm

Stephanie Meyer was here in SoCal for a book signing. I took changbang to the signing. They sold over a thousand tickets for the event. It was so crowded. I dropped her off then came back to pick her up.

I just cant believe how popular the story has become. I read the first book, Twilight, and then went straight into the second book, New Moon. I definitely like the first book better than the second. I have not read Eclipse yet. I am waiting for changbang to read it first so then we can talk about it.

Anyhow the movie should be coming out next year. Here is the weblink to catch up on the movie gossip! (http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/twilight_movie.html)

This is the authors idea for Edward:

I think he looks way too old to be Edward.. Maybe Laurent from New Moon. But not Edward!


Now this guy should be EDWARD!!!!

I cant wait for the movie to come out!

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Friday. 9.21.07 9:11 pm
We all tend to blog about our nightmares or really pleasant dreams.. so here is my nightmare..

Last night I dreamt that I was talking to some people and then I got tired so I laid down. When I opened my eyes I was sleeping in a basketball gym during a girls basketball game. I even had a pillow with me. So I figured, well... this is not a good place to rest so I will just leave. As I was walking along the sidelines to the exit the ball came in my direction and somehow I interrupted the play or the "save". So the team players got mad at me. I was like... whatever. I'm not even on the court. This happened 3X before I made it to the exit.

The girls were so pissed that they confronted me and I was asking them whats the problem? I said, "How does ONE person interrupt a play 3X?" Dont you think that is impossible to do unpurpose?! She didnt care and started cussing at me and getting in my face. THAT WAS IT!! I dropped my pillow and pushed that chick with both hands! I was so pissed. I said, "Come on! Let's go!" The girl smiled and I thought to myself I just want to crack her straight and perfect teeth and jack her mouth up. ha ha!

Later one of the girls.. that subbed out, followed me to the bathroom and told me that she understood that I did not interfere dilliberately. I was like, yeah... how do you do that 3x. I just wanted to leave. She calmed me down and said that she would have fought on my side.

I wonder what all this means?

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How Depressing
Sunday. 8.19.07 10:23 pm
I have been reading books, and playing Maple Story to pass the time. If you read my past blogs you will know what I have been reading and that I have playing on my computer. I have been so addicted to the game but it has also been my anti-drug.

Why am I so depressed? Well, since my bf had his surgery, I have not been able to really spend "Quality" time with him. That is so depressing. I really look forward to the time we spend together and it has been very limited. The surgery was on his ankle so he has not been able to drive for over a month now. That makes it rough.

Normally when I am depressed, I spend a lot of money that I dont have, drink to put myself to bed, and fratenize with the wrong types of people. I have not done none of that... Well, maybe wasted my money on needless things but that is normal. I do that everyday. Even when I am happy.

I think I will listen to "the secret" on audiobook tonight.

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Maple Story adict!
Monday. 8.6.07 7:53 pm
I am sooo addicted to Maple Story. I didnt think it would be so fun but the characters are soooo cute and you can also get a pet. I feel like an older version of NeoPets. Hee hee.

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My class is finally over!!!
Tuesday. 7.31.07 1:07 pm
This was the dreaded class from HELL!!! I could not BELIEVE how horrible it was.
These were the problems, just to name a few:

1. The syllabus was from another class, at another school with spring dates that did not match this calendar year.
2. He did NOT lecture. He just made announcements and had us work in groups for 2 hours then said we could go home.
3. There were no instructions on how to do our work, what was expected of us or what the grading criteria was.
4. He told us that our group presentations were to be 45 min. Once we got up to present, he rushed us and kept telling us to go faster. WTF!!??
5. On presentation day, he did not have any AV equipment reserved for our class, we had to request it for ourselves generally ahead of time so we had nothing in our room for that day. (He didnt tell us that WE had to make reservations for the stuff. That is usually the teachers job)

Basically he did not teach, he did not lecture and we do not know what kind of grade we have been earning the whole term. When it came time for his evaluation I could not help but to be honest. He did not get very many high marks. He actually tried to avoid his eval. He put the papers in his box and the office person walked in 1 hour class began, whispered into the teachers ear and told him that he needs to have the class complete these forms before we leave today. What a snake!!! He knows we are going to give him a bad review so he was going to make like he never got them.

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These are sooooo CUTE!!!
Thursday. 7.26.07 7:26 pm
These are so cute!!! I can't believe it. This is a pillow AND a pet. You unroll it to convert it into a pillow. I think I want the cow, or maybe the sheep. I was going to get me a Build a Bear. Can you believe it?? Well, I think I will get this instead because my Build a Bear is not a pillow!!!

Order My Pillow Pets Here!

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Get to reading
Thursday. 7.26.07 12:55 pm
I have been reading HP #6 because I cant remember everything from that book. I want to refresh myself before I begin reading HP #7. I dont want to know who dies in #7! Some dumb chick ruined it on youtube and I dont want to know!!!! I hate it when people do crap like that. I mean keep it to yourself. I dont BLAST the ending of every new flick that comes out in the theatre so keep your trap shut! ha ha.

Next I want to read the book Wicked witch and curse by Nancy Holder. It looks really interesting. She also made a Wicked 2 which I want to find to read after that.

Stephanie Meyer on the other hand has been the talk of the summer with her two books, "Twilight" and "New Moon". The third book should be released sometime next month. I think. I am interested in finding out what all the hype is about. When I went to the book store the other day I saw people pulling those books off the shelf as if it were the daily newspaper.

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