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boredom speaking
Wednesday. 9.8.10 7:25 am
I'm languishing in office, waiting for a certain someone to get off work so that we can go for a drink. I'm bored, and getting more impatient by the minute.

I have filing to do, but I'm putting it off. Urgh.

What else?

There's a guy in the office whom I am kinda infatuated with but a) he is leaving b)he is married. So I am a lil bit sad moreover I have always kept distance. Nope, I will not mention how the good ones are all blah, blah and blah. No way.

Tons and tons of AML training going on. I've been put in the AML team and an "Investigations Specialist" is coming in next week to coach us on the fine naunces of money laundering. What can I say, I want to kill myself.

I'm going to get my open water diving licence. If all goes well I should be certified to dive by end of October. Can't wait.

There's a local comedy/musical happening in November and we have already bought tickets for. =D Soul food! yums!

I'm meeting a good friend of mine more regularly, and I wonder why did we not get together as much in the past. Realising that the people I have known since Poly year 1 - its been 8 years thereabouts. OMG. Thats close to a decade!

Been visiting a whole bunch of places, well, mainly new watering holes that have been opening up. Wasabi and honey umeshu martinis with a river side view or watching the lightning alert light spin around and round on the 62nd floor. It is the most awesome view ever. Better yet, its al fresco.

Life is deliciously good, even when I am bored at the office.

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The idealist in me
Tuesday. 9.7.10 9:25 am
Normally I am not like that. I don't dream up implausible scenerios nor do I believe in hippie slogans. No, I proudly proclaim my cynicism and am happy with it, if such a claim is not slightly oxymoron.

"Why the question? You are so passionate about flying."
Msn could not convey my dismay adequately.

"I thought I would try again but if I fail again this time...."

"If you really wanted to fly, there is always budget airlines" I countered

I don't rightly know why. At that point in time, I was desperately wishing he will be a pilot, he will not fail. He won't.

We hardly spoke during school days. Both of us were unsociable, how we ended up as confidantes is another story, but everyone our year knew how much he wanted to fly.

I want him to fly. I don't know why

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