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Frustrated and complaining
Saturday. 7.26.08 12:32 am
1. I'm making yet another playlist on Coco Puff McCjaggers III (muh iPod) and it's for all the musicals. But I can't freaking find "Girl" In Across the Universe.
2. I have eighteen total bug bites that are killing me at the moment.
3. My mom hasn't said more than two sentences to me in the past two days.
4. On top of that I can't do anything this weekend because of the whole "ordeal". Which sucks, because I haven't seen any of my friends this week except Michael, James, Josh, and Jake. I miss my South Pointe/soon to be Governors School friends.
6. I'm sick.
7. I found "Girl", but now it wont download.
8. Last but not least, I'm not happy anymore.

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I lost her trust
Friday. 7.25.08 7:45 pm
And I got in trouble with the law.

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How very pleasant
Wednesday. 7.23.08 3:52 pm
I am going to intellectualize. I am going to study and absorb and learn and think and read. This is a time I am going to take for myself and nurture my brain. Amazing literature has been flowing past my eyes. I am teaching myself French, simply because I want to. I am in the process of learning how to play guitar, because I love acoustic music, and want to be able to play it myself. I am taking more pictures than I have I a very long time, and I feel very accomplished. Very, open, very, very, so very cultivated.

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I want a patch of blue sky to follow me
Tuesday. 7.22.08 3:37 pm
Are you male or female: Female.
Describe yourself: Out of my mind, trying hard to get back in.
How do some people feel about you: I don't really know.
How do you feel about yourself: I don't really know.
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: Commitment phobic.
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: Don't have one.
Describe where you want to be: In love.
Describe what you want to be: Happy, for infinite and beyond.
Describe how you live: I just live. That's all.
Describe how you love: I just love. That's all.

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It was actually freeing
Tuesday. 7.22.08 12:12 am
Tonight I did it.
I went skinny dipping (:

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Professional procrastination
Friday. 7.18.08 12:30 am
Things I should be doing:
Pack for mountains
Shower and get this chlorine out of my hair
Eat before I pass out
Charge my phone
Charge my iPod
Charge my camera battery
Figure out what I need to take to the mountains
Take the trash out (EVEN THOUGH IT'S FREAKING 12:30 IN THE A.M.)
Do the kitchen so my mom doesn't have to deal with crap while I'm gone
Find my camera
Fill out this Application Katie's mom gave me

Things I am doing:
Watching Big Brother 10
Listening to my stomach grumble mumble cause I need deliciousness

So I got a few books for the ride up to the mountains. My all time favorite The Perks of Being a Wallflower, that I have read 6 times might I add. Thanks Meagan for letting me borrow it. Then Katie lent me three books that she though I might enjoy. They look quite interesting. Amazing Grace, Size 12 is Not Fat, and Kurt Vonnegut's(Cause I mean lets face it, he is an AMAZING author) The Sirens of Titan. I'm really happy, I have been wanting to get back into my reading for the Summer but just haven't had the time with work, and my social life. My goal was to read 50 books this Summer, and I have read 36. Even though I somewhat cheated, reading some more than once.

If you have any good books, you should most definitely drop a comment and let me know about them (:

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