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Going on with bionic
Saturday. 11.1.08 4:52 pm
I start making some complicated things. This time I didn't use a human face/body/part I use an animal, a horse. Real picture is HERE And this is what came up:

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Working with bionic parts
Saturday. 11.1.08 1:15 pm
Ok so I moved to the next level and I started making zombies with blood and also bionic parts, that can be anything, such as wheel cars or usb ports anything that has to do with tecnology, you only have to find the way to fit this parts into the body of a human. Here was my 1st try, it's just a cable on the neck but it looks cool:

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Some tries
Thursday. 10.30.08 11:55 am
Ok ok...then I started making zombies using diferent stocks. like this one


For the horse I used a bionic eye stock, a door with nails, and a bionic arm. And for the girl I just use some mud texture only that and also photoshop tools.

And I also started working with skulls.This were my 1st skull tests ( I add a bionic eye like in the horse, I love that eye):

Picture of me here's the BEFORE and then after some photoshop editing this was the result:

I use the hatter's hat from American Mcgee's alice game and a skull stock from deviantart.com, I can't remember the one that has the stock.

Another one is this one of a girl, I also had the stock from deviantart, they have nice pics but not too nice textures.

One more thing please do not steal my work. Thanks :)

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1st Photoshop zombie
Thursday. 10.30.08 8:45 am
Welcome to my weblog, I'm Ari and I will show you my macabre art, using photoshop cs2 and some stock images.
I always liked making myself a zombi or something really ugly just using this editor program. My 1st zomby tries weren't so nice.
Anyways, I'm going to start with something I did in my early starts. Me in zombie:

I used Pohoshop CS2
I base in this tutorial
And use a picture of me and the eyes are from the Terminator 3 movie wallpaper
The textures I got it from mayang, a texture stock site, that's currently unabailable but I found another one that has really nice textures also.HERE

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