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Friday. 1.2.15 5:13 pm
EDIT: I did not even begin to proofread this. I may come back later and do so

I know this was soon after my no excuses post but it's been forever since I wrote anything here so I felt updates were needed!

It's much the same as it's been for the past year, still living with my fiance at his parents. I've been turking for income. I was going thru a very low time depression wise and because of that I hadn't been sticking consistently with diet/exercise.

I was logging almost everyday, and walking several times a week, but I wasn't really doing it right, nor enough.

I was also binging a lot on candy, snacks, even healthy food, pretty much if it could go in my mouth it did.

About 3 weeks ago I stepped on my foot wrong and noticed that it swelled up very, very big. I was worried and decided that it was likely something to do with my weight and possibly heart/diabetes related given my family history.

The doctor didn't really do any tests but he didn't seem worried based on what I said, he did prescribe me an antidepressant though, so we will see if that helps.

Fiance has also bought me for Christmas-iversary a jawbone up (the thin bracelet one.) That won't really help anything diet/exercise wise but it is fun and useful so that's nice! :D (It was, possibly is still,) on sale on groupon btw.

I do want to start writing weekly entries here again, just for the weight loss journey hopefully it'll help. (Although honestly I'm not good at remembering sometimes XD

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New Years Resolution.
Wednesday. 12.31.14 11:38 am
Note: This was written for my myfitnesspal.com blog. Copied here because reasons. Couldn't get all the formatting from there to work cause I can't remember the codes, asterisks are bullet points, slashes are for emphasis. Happy New Years!

Every year since I've known what a resolution was mine has been one of two options, but usually both, "Lose weight." "Exercise."

This year my resolution is /"No Excuses."/

There is /no/ excuse to go over calories.

*If someone offers you food, eat it if you know the calories and can log it, politely decline if you can't.
*Birthday? Eat less throughout the day (or even week) to make up for splurging.
*Holiday? You know it's coming, the Holidays are roughly the same day every year. Save those calories throughout the day/week or just eat small-normal sized portions.
*Want to eat extra? No. Work with your given calories.

There is /no/ excuse to not log my food.

*None, whatsoever. If it goes in your mouth it better already be in that diary.

There is /no/ excuse to not exercise.

*Don't feel like walking? Too bad, do it anyway. Get up and Get out.
*Cold? Wear a jacket.
*Raining? Wear a poncho.
*Snowing? You're in Alabama, it's not snowing.
*Zombies? You know where the guns are.

Does this seem harsh? Maybe, but you know why? I lost /120 pounds/, was no where near finished and you know what I did? I let up, I let excuses creep in and I gained back 50 pounds. I blamed everyone around me, I blamed moving, I blamed depression, I blamed my fiance and his family. So yeah it's harsh, but at the same time no, it's not. It's reality, it's grown up, and it's taking the blame back on myself.

Because I am the only one accountable for myself, and I refuse to accept my own excuses.

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Monday. 10.6.14 5:29 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Found it!
Sunday. 6.1.14 2:45 pm
Well, I didn't, but someone else did.

The book was called The Golden Key!

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