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Don't wanna catch no bug
Monday. 11.15.04 10.07 am
mood: excited!

OMG!!! IT is so HOT here and it is only in the morning! I have a feeling it's gonna reach 30 degs today. :( Boiling! Even the cicadas are chirping!! I was hoping to go to the gym and do a bit of a workout but now too lazy and my cousins just took my car to go site seeing around Perth. Lucky them! Hmmm...I might just go into uni and do a bit of studying. Cuz, here, at home...there's hardly any flat surface I can study on. Unless it is the dining table. Cuz 13 ppl in the house makes it very difficult to concentrate.

Plus mum and kohkoh has a virus, they were vomitting last night! Me and my dad were like 'don't come near us'...cuz I certainly don't wanna catch it just before exams. And my baby nephew also has it too. UH-OH! Hmmm..wonder if they will post-pone my exams if I was sick.... *evil grin* Nah...but who wants to vomit anyway? I know it makes u feel better afterwards, but it's just gross...hahaha

I'm so slack with these exams...DIMIA (Dept of Immigration and Multicultual and Indigenous Affairs) should've contacted me about the job offer after the exams. Cuz initially I was studying ---to work. Now I'm studying for what? Hahaha...ok ok...it is very bad of me to just drop my studies like that. Need some kind of motivation. Hmmm...The piece of paper (maybe)----aka DEGREE!

When I told my supervisor I might be leaving in Jan, she was really happy for me to get out of that place. Cuz I had been a checkout chick for OH-SO-LONG now... I'm glad I'll only be working upstairs so I can still go back to the old workplace to see my mates. It'll be great! :) But my friends have been asking me to help them find some office work...seems everyone wants OUT! I'm quite excited...it's not ABSOLUTE certain that I will start in JAN cuz I still need to pass security checks. :/ But should be no probs...considering such a 'goody two shoes' I am ...hahaha. Fernando would agree ;)

Ooooooo and exciting news...my family has placed an offer on a house. My koh's house! But I'll shall be sitting it for him while he's in the East. SO whoa!!! So there's gonna be "big grown up" stuff to do now. It'll be so cool...how will I cope without mum though? hehehe... Feels damn weird, moving out of home...if this happens.. I'm gonna be an ADULT for reals....lol!!! I guess that going to Sydney plan is put on hold. I have a feeling I maybe in Perth for a while. hmmm..

I better get a move on and do something constructive today..instead of eating, internet and tv. haha! oooo...'sex & the city' final episode tonight!!! *SOBS*

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Oh happy days ;)
Friday. 11.12.04 10:09 am
mood: Active - happy

I woke up this morning to call into work straight away to say that I can't make it in. Again I have left the paperwork of my 'course change' till the last minute and caused myself unnecessary stress. :( I do that every single time before my exams! Must be something wrong with me!!! But I will get it done. Confident of that...so used to this stress it is like 'normal' now. My supervisor wasn't too happy either, cuz she is prob understaffed...LIKE THEY ALWAYS ARE! :/

Ok ok...so the title of the entry says 'Oh happy days' and it is a bloody WELL HAPPY day! ^_^ Cuz

1) Kohkoh is home tonite at 10pm, family gonna fetch him from the airport
2) I had a great catch up session with my fav girls Tiff and Yo yesterday.
3) I had a great catch up sess with Fernando...and realised as much as a pain I am to him...he will still care for me :)
4) I finally got the phone call I have been waiting for the past 5 weeks! From the Immigration dept, I got the job that I applied for! And no need an interview! I was like Allejulah! Praise the lord! There must be a god up there somewhere to give me this opportunity to work in a federal dept and do something that helps people! :)
5) My face has hardly any pimples! Hahaha! After a whole life of em!
6) And I don't have to work today!
7) I got a promo job with the the marketing department for casual work, I get to promote MARS PODS! (yumminessssssss)

Haahaa..hmmm..but prob get evils from my supervisors tm...cuz next week I am taking the weekend off to do my exams as well. Hmmm not in the good books I'm sure... but I just have so many new things and jobs to do. I think it is time to move on.... YES...it is....this is definitely the newest chapter in my life....hahaha THE ROARING 20s!!! :p

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Wednesday. 11.10.04 1:20 pm
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Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
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Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Very Low

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I moved into a new home...
Tuesday. 11.9.04 4:26 pm
mood: refreshed!!!

Well I haven't really moved into a new home. I just moved here...into a new blog at nutang. I did try blogspot.com for a bit but then I just couldn't stand it anymore..I need my loved community NUTANG! Once u start blogging at Nutang and you get the hang of it, there' s no disloyalty ;) It is one of the very few blogsites that allows you to do whateva u want with your site and giving you much information and assistance. I couldn't leave, I would miss my friends here! :(

I just wanted to start a fresh, becuz it feels like a new 'movement' in my life as a 20 yr old... I need a clean slate to start it off. :) Murasaki*dream will certainly be missed...that was a blog that got me through the hardest times. Just by typing something down literally lifted up my burdens and spirit. ^_^ Especially the comments of my friends. Many of my friends have left nutang but I hope to keep the ones still with me and get to know new ones too.

Even though nutang is an US based site, I have to say the people here are just so nice!!! Although I wished for more of my aussies friends to join in and blog. Doesn't make me feel so isolated. :( Hehehehe...

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