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pulp fiction.
Monday. 9.25.06 6:28 pm
i watched pulp fiction today.

i've seen it before, but it's a really good flick, so i watched it. if you haven't seen it, then you must either end your own life, or rent/buy it immediately. you can thank me later.

my left arm was once again mauled by a wild beast. rex, i'll get you yet. *shakes fist*

currently listening to: the worst part by motion city soundtrack


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without shoes.
Sunday. 9.24.06 7:23 pm
today was pretty righteous.

a few of us went up to play some football... holy shit, team party girl got their asses kicked. but it's all good, we'll beat the loser next weekend.

oh. man, we found these guys that go up to the same field as us every sunday to play soccer. seeing as the only sport i'm not garbage at is soccer, i think i might start going up there to play every now and then. the pickins oughtta be sweet.

though, i did have to play without shoes today. my tennis shoes were soaked and at one point before we started playing they flew off as i tried to kick the ball. that was pretty funny.

anyways... until next time... !

currently listening to: maudlin by signaltheescape


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a jousting match.
Sunday. 9.24.06 10:48 am
holy bitch.

i went like all yesterday without posting a real blog... i'm so disappointed with myself... NOT.

i'm glad you guys enjoy waffles as much as i do.

i went to the maryland renaissance festival yesterday. it was pretty fun. of course i got a giant freakin' turkey leg for lunch. it was delicious. i also drank about eight thousand mountain dews.

a few of us attempted to climb a "rock wall" type castly thingy. the prize is twenty five bucks if you can actually make it to the top and ring this bell. of course, it was entirely difficult. the wall sloped back at one point, so you're practically hanging off of it for a portion of the climb. no, i didn't make it to the top. i wasn't even close. the um... sun was in my eyes.

we also saw a jousting match. that was pretty funny. huzzah!!

today, i'm going to go get some lunch with b-fer. then, we are probably going to go play some football, where team party girl will surely be victorious. i'm ready to be sore for another week.

that's all for now.

currently listening to: working class hero by the academy is...


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Saturday. 9.23.06 9:35 am
wellllllllll it's waffle time, it's waffle time, won't you have some waffles of mine?!

i could go for some. does anyone have a good waffle iron?

currently listening to: okay i believe you, but my tommy gun don't by brand new


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five projects at once.
Friday. 9.22.06 4:07 pm
today was an interesting workday.

when i got up to my office, my boss gave me some "safety sheets" to read. these are papers that tell you to follow certain precautions when working with construction equipment. i'm not sure why i have to read them; i'm a fire alarm systems intern. hmm.

anyways, after that, i was pretty much bored. there were some tasks here and there.

three o'clock rolled around, and i wanted to leave, because there was nothing to do. of course, my supervisor gave me something to do, which i didn't mind, because it was a small task. i figured i could get it done, then leave. wrong.

in the middle of that, another coworker came up to me and asked if i could help with something... of course i helped. i had to make twelve copies of a system manual, stick em in binders, and ship em out.

oh, and in the middle of that, another superior of mine came up and told me to make ten copies of another project's manual.

oh, and then he gave me another manual; this one also needed ten copies.

oh, and then he gave me another one; this one needed ten copies, but six had to go into binders, and four had to have giant staples put in them.

right after that, my supervisor came back to me with the stuff i had just given him, and said that he needed ten manuals put together for this one project.

so that was literally five projects at once. this all was given to me in the span of five minutes. what the fuck.

oh well. i guess they pay me for something.

i'm not sure what i'm doing tonight. maybe just resting. don't know yet. i want to go out, but i don't know if anyone's around tonight. oh well.

currently listening to: most beautiful plague by say anything


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my sandwiches.
Thursday. 9.21.06 8:22 pm
so the office definitely lived up to its expectations... it was an awesome episode, and it pushed many boundaries... i loved it. i can't wait for the next episode.

i had mcdonald's earlier today, against my better judgement... i was originally going to have a quiznos sub, but decided i didn't want to pay that much for food. so i decided on the dollar menu...

two double cheeseburgers and a small coke. i know, it's freaking unhealthy as shit, but i didn't have anything here to make. i ordered through the driveway, then pulled up to the first window, and paid my three dollars and fifteen cents. when i pulled up to the next window, no one was there.

i waited for a minute or so, and then this guy comes and hands me this huge bag. i obviously knew it wasn't mine, because i only ordered two sandwiches. naturally, i said "thanks" and took off. suckers.

it's my way of getting back at the fast food industry for destroying my body day after day. i ended up getting a salad in the bag, along with two snack wraps. ha; the salad probably costed more than the total of my sandwiches and drink. oh well.

thank you, mcdonalds, for your poor employment skills, and free food. i appreciate it, and look forward to slightly screwing you out of money in the future.

currently listening to: all that i've got by the used


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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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