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Monday. 6.29.09 12:21 am
Dentist appointment in the morrow. Haven't had one of those in a while; I kept missing them. Maybe they'll tell me I have to get rid of my wisdom teeth. Oh man.

With cell phone technology, my ability to forget phone numbers is even stronger than normal. So that's a good thing. I know it's just because cell phones made me lazy, though. I still remember Kendal's house phone number from 6th grade, before I had one.

It always had a certain ring to it.

Ho, ho, ho.

I'm on cleaning duty again, and I keep finding old shirts I wore when I was a kid. There's the one from the Greek Isles I think I mentioned already, but there's also another, even smaller, with a Pikachu on the back and "Tour of Puerto Rico" on the front.

It's REALLY small. My belly button is pretty much exposed.

I wonder how I'll be able to get it off.

I was on a roll today at youth group, during dodge ball. Though I had to sit out basically the entire third game because I ran up first and got hit at the line.

Cheap, I say.

I'm headed out to Appalachia next Saturday. Hopefully I'll get my head together by then.

I'm pretty excited. AND WHILE I'M AT IT...

Why am I so sleepy? I swear, I've napped about 8 hours in the past 3 days. It's nice, but...weird. Makes me wonder what the T3 tests on my blood will come back with.

Gotta catch 'em all.

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Le sigh
Saturday. 6.27.09 11:22 pm
The foil on my razor is broken. I either need to find a new foil or get some new blades. Lookin' a bit scruffy.

I saw Transformers. It wasn't bad at all. What're all the low ratings about? There was plenty of kick-assedness, and...humor? I didn't think I'd laugh, but I actually did. Yay for stereotypes! There was a hill-billy robot and ghetto twin. Great fun.

I didn't sleep til 5 this morning because I was hanging out with Tim and Ian in Tim's minivan. No lie, I slept in a minivan last night. This morning. Whatever.

And then I got up and dominated the invitational meet 3 hours later. It WAS just the invitational, I guess, so it's to be expected. The only reason I was there and not in the championship was because I missed so many meets. Oh well!

I'm sad inside.

I also feel bad because I expect that I will soon be disappointing a few people.

On that note, the strap on my watch is about to snap. BUT THAT'S NOT A BAD THING! It happens, I guess. I'm deciding on whether I want to replace the strap or fashion myself a pocket watch. I would totally go for the pocket watch, except I can't quite figure out the logistics of that, like how it would go with my keys or if I'm going to use a real chain. Also, I kind of like having the time on my wrist. I'd forgotten.

Aww. I'm still sad inside. But also a bit peeved. Not that it matters: if I have a problem, it's probably my fault.


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Icy Hot
Thursday. 6.25.09 6:38 pm
It was invented by Satan. I just know it.

This morning I got up early for a doctor's appointment. They decided that I needed a few vaccines. That is all.

Apparently Michael Jackson is dead and some people think it's hilarious.
I don't.

My hair is softer than I remember. But it's also thicker and poofier. Perfect for NOT SUMMER.

John and I...well, mostly John, invented a game that involves light punches and yelling "POW!" I think that's pretty sweet.

I beat Kingdom Hearts in about half a week, and now I'm trying to play the second.

PROBLEM: I have TWO copies of the game from my friends, but both disks have so many scratches that some things won't load.

SOLUTION: When the game freezes, switch to the other disk. The PS2 reads it as the same disk, and picks up where it left off. What are the odds that both disks will have lost data in exactly the same places?

I dunno, because it hasn't happened yet. Gotta love how gullible the PS2 is, though.

I got 2130 on the SAT. w00t w00t. My favorite part is that my essay got 6 out of 12 (which is straight up awful) but the writing section, which also includes some multiple choice questions, still got a 720 out of 800. Score.

Get it? Score?


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Off again!
Monday. 6.15.09 10:04 am
Aaron did some quiz on facebook, and the results said something about him loving to barhop. That made me giggle.

Scrawled by Steve
I can see you barhopping.

Scrawled by Aaron
I'm not sure if I sense sarcasm their or not

Scrawled by Steve
Don't trust your instincts or anything.

Scrawled by Aaron
Now I'm more confused than before

Scrawled by Steve
I know.

Scrawled by Aaron
Can you see me barhopping?

Scrawled by Steve
If I was bound to answer, that would have been a great way to break the well orchestrated confusion.

However, I am not bound to answer.

Scrawled by Aaron
Now I'm confused AND somewhat upset.

Scrawled by Steve
oh dang!

Scrawled by Aaron
Now I'm really confused. You seem upset too.

Scrawled by Steve
Nope. That was sarcastic.

Scrawled by Aaron
OK. Confusion level has dropped. Still upset though. A straight answer would be nice. (For once lol)

Scrawled by Steve
I only meant the "oh dang" was sarcastic. The rest is still unknown to you. And maybe to me

Scrawled by Aaron
Could you find out?

Scrawled by Aaron's mom
What a bummer when your mom is on your fb and gets to read these conversations about barhopping!

Heheheh. On a different note:

TO: Reid
Sup big guy?

FROM: Reid
sup man... i already miss everybody

TO: Reid
Yeah, it's boring here. I keep wanting to bust into some random cheer. TUGALOO CITY!

FROM: Reid
same here bro

TO: Reid
Plus, I was at youth group today, and I kept dancing during the songs.

FROM: Reid
lol omgod dude thats me too lol

Apparently being a man means that I'll have the urge to sing and dance more often

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