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Party pooper...
Sunday. 12.31.06 6:36 pm
The party didn't happen today. Bummer. *shrug*

U, C, and I met at the mall across the street from my apt. at 12:30pm. We found A in front of Borders, and went to Whole Food Market to get lunch: soup + petite baguette (each). I had told U and C to bring snacks in last night's conversation at A's suggestion. C brought a little, U bought A LOT= Entenmann's, entenmann's, entenmann's. He brought thaem all back home. XD

We went to Central Park after that; first, to the playground where C and I endulged our inner kiddiness, then, to the Carousel to overindulge it, and finally, tried to get lost. That attempt ended up in us realizing we couldn't get lost and sat down on one of the fake rocks to eat Entenmann's instead. We got the shivers from the cold rock so we went back to the bookstore in the mall. There we stayed until they had to leave.

Okay enuff with the boring stuff.


I can't believe it's 2007...already! Ahhhhh! XD I wish you all much much happiness and buckets of bushels of trunkloads of luck 'n love. =]

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Saturday. 12.30.06 12:13 am
What's P.P? Party Prep.

Ugh, I spent the whole day cooped up inside. No, wait--scratch that, I did go outside today. To buy breakfast. Yup, that was about it.

We made pretty good progress. The two pianos, the marble table, new floor lamp, and computer desk were in their new places last night. Today we moved the two glass decorative cases (they are huge--as big as bookcases), the new sofa, and the stacked chairs. Oh, and there were bags everywhere--they had to be moved, too. =/

We're not even done for the night yet! I'm hoping to move the Chinese trunk, the media case, and the bed before I go to sleep. *deep breath*

I'm going to have brunch--or yum cha--with my dad tomorrow morning, collect child support, and get my allowance. (*-*) Yay! Not sure if I mentioned this before, but like everyone else, I'm BROKE. I need the cash. $_$

I'll try to get it over with as soon as possible so I can go back home and finish everything. Then, I can confirm the party's existence with my friends. I mentioned it yesterday at the park, but I told them it was a maybe. *crosses fingers, toes, shoelaces and whatnot* And there are still more bags! Ahhhhhhh!

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Fun, fun, fun
Thursday. 12.28.06 10:44 pm
Hello, my dears. I want ice-skating today~~!

It was soo much fun. The park's rink is free and opened at 10:30am today--we decided to meet then. R said he'd come 11:30am, but turned up at 2pm instead. Poor guy likes to skate and only got to do a couple of rounds before we had to leave for lunch. He's such a good skater! Really fast, but then so am I. =D I wanna go again...

I'm thinking of having a New Year's Eve party. We've been moving furniture around to get a fresh look on things and no one's ever been to my place before...>.> Seriously, no one has seen it for the last...six years? XD True. And now that we've got a new sofa, I wanna show it off and a party's a great way to do it! I wanted it to be a sleepover or something cuz it's New Year's Eve and all, but some parents don't like that. They've never met me or my mother and it's hard to trust your children to strangers. *shrug*

Now, if only the place could get cleaned up for then...hmm. Wish me luck!

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Boxing Day!
Tuesday. 12.26.06 8:19 pm
mood: content to happy!
listening to: 1480AM --Chinese Radio
watching: my broken nails...remind me for the story.

Heehee, I went shopping today! The three of us had agreed to meet at 12:30pm, granted I was a few minutes late, but I wasn't the latest. J got there--guess when? At 2:30pm--yes, that's right, two hours late. *shake, shake* Whatever, we knew that'd happen so A and I went for lunch while we waited. I got yummy chicken tenders and she got popcorn chicken.

Anywayz, I was going to get A a scarf/shawl from this Indian specialty place--they have some purty stuff for purty cheap. ;) But she decided she wanted a gift card so I ended up getting her one from V's S. A said that J had liked the Very Sexy Perfume for Her so I got her the gift set--lotion and perfume.

Guess what they got me? This is when I curse the sky above for me not finding my stupid camera and not getting a new one fer xmas. =P

--Brushes: This was last-minute cuz they'd had forgotten I wanted that.
Lip, Eyeshadow, Concealer, and Base brush.
--DVD: A had these two DVD's she thought she might as well give us. She wrapped them for no reason...
TVB's mandarin "Hearts of Fencing"
--Lotion/Body Mist: Remembered that I had really liked one we saw a few months ago.
Raspberry scented lotion and mist.

And finally, we went shopping for a bag for me! The messenger bag I usually use is now more grey than white and it's too small. A reg. backpack would be too big and I'd end up over-filling it or having lots of room leftover.

This is where I curse the sky more feverently. XD I wish I could show you...

It's a green-blue/turquoise sort of color with slightly contrasting zippers. Big front pocket, second front zipper, main zipper, and 2 side pockets. D&G. Alright, it's not D&G. There were two stores that had the same bag, one with the logo and one without. I chose the one without. Why get caught with a fake? *shrug*

Now, I will remind you here that I NEED YOUR HELP!
AND YOU'LL GET NU-MONEY FOR IT! UP TO 100PPS! Ok, it could be more than that. Note me and we'll talk it over. ;) Remember: I'm a pushover.

Click here for more details.

--invisible dear has decided to help me. ^-^ Let's see if she can do it! Jia yo!

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A word from Tiny Tim
Monday. 12.25.06 6:46 pm
Merry Christmas!

This layout was specially made for this wonderful spirit-ful winter holiday. Now that it is officially over, the echoes of carols and wishes for snow still linger in the air. So...it will be up until the night before January! Yay! *clapclapclap, bow*

I have another layout in mind--for winter and all of it's crisp cold still-life to death beauty. However! There's a teensy-weensy problem...it wasn't made for NuTang. In fact, I am not it's creator at all. So, I am willing pay whomever wishes to help me with this lil' dilemma--up to 100pps. If you are greedy and want more, note me and we'll talk it over. ;)


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My letter
Sunday. 12.24.06 8:17 pm
Dearest Santa:

There are so many things that I wish I could have. No, I have not been a good girl this year, but I hope you'll look in my favor anyway. Please help me. I have not shown my Christmas List to anyone so there is no way I could possibly get what I want. Maybe there's still some part of me that still really believes in you. Because that would mean that you are reading this letter.

If my prayers are answered and my wishes come true, then I know you are alive and well. And I will thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Best Wishes,
The one and only,

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Book Bandwagon
Sunday. 12.24.06 1:21 am
mood: happy happy joy joy
listening to: YMCA playing in my head...
watching: my screen

Heehee...it seems that I'm a good judge of BOOKS. =D Much much bushels of cudoes to lazypuppy for my entry title. *bow to the Puppy*

I am glad to be the special someone bringing back the world of literature to your book-depraved lives. *curtsey*

My latest converts are...drumroll, please:
LostSoul13 and Nuttz!

Who shall be my next victim-er, winner?

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My Ride
Wednesday. 12.20.06 7:23 pm

You Should Drive a Lamborghini

A true daredevil, you\'re always in search of a new rush. Clearly, you\'re a total speed demon... just don\'t get caught!

Now when am I going to get it? (=^w^=) Mrreow!

I want snow. My #1 wish is for a white Christmas.
o o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o
Too bad Santa's going to dissapoint me. Stupid beer-bellied gift-giving ruddy-nosed rein-deer lover.

I'll have my revenge...(*-*)===C<^)_(^

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