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over time plan
Saturday. 8.11.07 1:01 pm
ok gotta plan that will net me a paycheck which is normally 2 months of pay, work dbl my shift...hahah thats an obvious one but not really what i meant, ok i will work 55 hours over time. worked out like this

monday august 13 10am-10pm
tuesday august 14 11:30am-10pm
wednesday august 15 11:30-10pm
thursday 8/16 1130-10
friday 8/17/ 1130-10
sat 8/18 7am-630pm
sun 8/19 7-630pm
mon 8/20 1130-10
tuesday 8/21 off
wednesday 8/22 1130-10
thur 8/23 1130-10
fri 8/24 1130-10
sat 8/25 7-630pm
sun 8/26 7-630pm

axl will be working the same amount of hours but his accumulation looks diff and he will probabl tell ya'll also so i don't feel like typing his, anyway off to check my email

oh btw the check will be between 2100-2300 (est because i figured it up at 65.5 hours OT and that was 2200-2500 at 14.75 an hour ot and 8.50 reg time, the other one is 55.00 hours.) yep yep plus incentives and good junk, normal ot pay is 12.75 we have incentives right now that make it 14.75 yep

ps my birthday is next month and thinking about changning my name to AmbyrJayde McCracken (my real name is AmberJade McCracken) so yeah

pps we are trying to get a stove and fridge, and put some away for a compy, so thats why im working so much, it'll be hell but yeah

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i hate them all
Friday. 8.10.07 9:07 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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yo awesome, *and not so awesome*
Thursday. 8.9.07 9:04 pm
well my schedj got approved, i work same days and hours as morpheus. thats the awesome part, the un awesome part is i now no longer have any piccy's of my baby sister or brothers, if anyone who reads this can see them in the gallery yeah tell me but everyone already told me you cant so yeah

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i got an idea
Thursday. 8.9.07 2:41 pm
beatiful baby

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