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Speak to My Finger
Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Do something good
Tuesday. 3.26.13 9:58 am
Well, I did some volunteer work today at some Buddhist centre distributing food to the homeless. I learned how to wrap the rice with vegetables. Although the food is for the homeless, they looked so good. There's mock chicken in sweet and sour sauce!

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Sunday. 3.24.13 11:39 am
Wow. I bumped into the world number one squash player last night while walking around Bukit Bintang.

That was my fourth time seeing her.

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Crazy premonition
Thursday. 3.21.13 9:48 am
What if your friend who went missing for some time on facebook suddenly show up and say "Hey! I'm so undercover!"?

Right. I just woke up from a dream.

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Sunday. 3.17.13 9:47 am
Dai-chan (dai means big in Japanese) is my friend's cat back in New Zealand during my college days. It was so huge that I was so shocked to see its size. It's the size of two basketballs. And my friend was so surprised to see my expression that she informed that that's the normal size of a house cat.

Well, the cats back here are pretty scrawny...

After a few years of my first meeting, Dai-chan was diagnosed with cancer and it emaciated. I could not recognised it. All I could see was Dai-chan's bones.

My heart ached.

And one day, Dai-chan was gone. I was looking around in the home and I didn't see it running around and its usual place was removed.

My friend broke the news. I was sad...

I have totally forgotten about Dai-chan until I watched a documentary "My cat from hell". The cat whisperer, Jackson, was trying hard to persuade the girlfriend of a couple to keep the cat. The cat was always disturbing her during her healing and yoga session that she threw the cat out of the room.

Because the girl is a healer, she gave the cat a healing session and felt the cat was receiving the healing... and the cat snoozed on the bed. So Jackson was telling her to try working with animals because there must be a reason for having the cat in her life. It could be it's time for her to expand her healing gift with animals.

She reflected and she began allowing the cat to join her during her healing session with clients...

And Jackson was telling her that animals also have spirituality side...

That broke me into tears...

My friend has a room for her altar and Dai-chan was always trying to enter it, but she didn't allow because her baby was always beside her while praying, thus the room must be cleaned from the cat's fur.

When I saw how she shoo-ed Dai-chan and was telling us why she did that, a voice was telling me that Dai-chan loves to be in that room because it gave him solace and peace and what's more pain alleviation.

I didn't heed the voice because I was not in contact with my gift at that time. After hearing what Jackson said, I wonder if I told my friend what I feel about Dai-chan would make a difference because I know she had done whatever she can to reduce his pain.

I hope Dai-chan has a better life now ... I will trust my instinct now...

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Warm bodies
Saturday, March 16, 2013
I watched the trailer when I was in my friend's house in February, and we decided to watch it. I hope to watch it with my friends, but I made an impulsive decision to watch it today alone.

I like it and it's funny!

You guys should watch it too!

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A message from the pink rose
Sunday, March 10, 2013
The message from the pink rose: "Why humans can't be content with the beauty they have?"

I was simply just exercising my skills so I tried to channel the flowers in the vase across me. I feel its strong presence, but I could not interpret. I left it be until my friends were discussing how beautiful the purple baby carnations are.

Suddenly I could feel the flowers: carnations, pink roses, etc. feeling confident and how beautiful they are in that vase. There was no competition of beauty, simply just confidence.

The pink rose must have sensed how awed I were with their confidence that it begun talking to me. It muffled a few sentences to me about beauty and confidence, and its last refined sentence, as mentioned above, disturbed me the most.

I became withdrawn with that sentence, as if it was asking me why can't I be confident of who I am like the flowers?

And you know what? Later, the messages I received from the guardian angels and ascended masters were about beauty and accepting myself.

Owh. Thank you universe!

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