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Sunday. 1.7.07 7:10 pm
Guess what? The Dot has another performance coming up! =D

See, the dance school also has a dance company with all these professionals from China. Every year they have a Lunar New Year show--professional, meaning NO MISTAKES! Well, we got a new 'cast' of people so the show was called off last year, but it's back on this year. In, like, two weeks!

The Schedule
Sat. Run-through for lighting and whatnot
Wed. Rehearsal (6pm-11pm)
Fri. Rehearsal
SHOW 7:30pm
Sat. SHOW 2pm

Ooh, boy...we just had the first rehearsal yesterday! That's cutting it close! >.<''
And there will be another performance in Feb....dunno all the details just yet.

By-the-way, the Dot is NOT in the dance company. Just a student in one of the student pieces they decided to put in. And yes, the piece is the 'pancake hat' again.

What? It's good! That's why! XP

Oh, and yes, I have been in the Lunar New Year show before. Even though I was just a student. Special pieces, kiddy pieces, cute pieces, back-up pieces, a lot of people pieces...

trying to get rid of the kink in her neck,
the Dot

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The Dot being 'emo'...
Sunday. 1.7.07 6:52 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Saturday. 1.6.07 11:07 am
Haha! Thanks for your comments, everybody. ^-^

Just to clarify yet another mix-up: Scanlation = Scans + Translation. My job would be to proofread the translations, not translate the scans myself. XP Unlike Kuri-chan,I don't know another language well enough.

LostSoul13: It's the other way around at my place--Iproofread my mother's emails and such. =P

Southern: We all have typos! It's unavoidable. =]

invisible: I can't translate, either! See above. ;) Ah, criticism--wonderful yet one must be so gentle in giving it...Happy 2007 weekend to you, too!

etheracide: Aw, thank you! Maybe invisible and I could team up. ;D

Nuttz: Haha! My feet are alright now. See above. ^-^

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Friday. 1.5.07 6:31 pm
mood: Friday...Yay!
listening to: some random melody stuck in my head
watching: my toes because my foot's asleep...*shake,shake*

To clarify, it was not the wind stinging my eyes that I liked the most. There was a great sense of clarity overall. =P

Onto another subject...I am looking into proofreading as a side job, maybe real-life-after-college job. ;) I always loved English and you all know I absolutely loooove books. Isn't it just perfect? Anyway, I'm not into that kind of proofreading just yet--I'm thinking more in terms of scanlations. Y'know, manga? Sooo I may be joining SnS! With Kuri-chan, Katrina-nee, razzly-chan, and whoever else I may be neglecting that I cannot think of at the moment. XD


thinking of NuTang always,
the Dot

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Thursday. 1.4.07 9:51 pm
Have you ever ran up a hill and stood at the very top? Close your eyes, feel the breeze, and smell the apples in the air?

I love having the wind in my face. I have glasses(yes, I do!), but they don't stop the wind from entering my eyes. I like that. Sure, they make my eyes tear a little, but there's just this great sense of clarity that I get. Hair blowing around my head, chin held up high, legs stalking down the pavement. You can really feel a change happen inside.

For just an instant, something twists within and you feel confidence filling you to the brim. The hard air is coming at you straight on, your eyes are blurry *blinkblink* yet you can still see. The lighted trees shine from your left and the soft yellow of the closed college on your right.

It's just a wonderful feeling. Like you're all alone and yet not lonely. On a busy street yet everything's quiet and serene.

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Wednesday. 1.3.07 6:59 pm
My dearest fellow NuTangers,

You all are very sympathetic and for that I offer my gratitude. *bow*
A special thank you to LostSoul13 for being the only one to comment on my new layout. *curtsey* To the rest of you out there...hmph.

Well, I'm glad it came out so nice. I wasn't especially sure of the flow between the colors, but they come together quite nicely. ^-^ I wanted to ready you all for my other layout (a.k.a. Feb. layout or Finesse layout) which is a myriad of shades of grey.

By the way...which is the right, or rather, correct way of spelling gray? Grey or gray? According to my vocabulary and mind-dictionary, they are both perfectly usable. It depends on what you're used to, I suppose, the dialect of English you speak and so on.

Anyways, as I was saying, my Dec. layout had been red and green upon a dark black background. Since invisible dear had not sent me my new and improved version of Finesse, I decided to make a nice gradual shift towards the lighter color. Thus, this layout was born.

Ah, I see it is getting quite late in the evening; on towards night. I must say good-bye for now. There is a pile of papers waiting for me. Ta-ta!

with much affection,
the Dot

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Tuesday. 1.2.07 11:29 pm
I've actually never made a new year's resolution before...so this is my first. And I only made it up minutes before or after(I don't remember >.<'') the countdown.

Well, here it is again: This year I will not let my mother or uncle get to me. Yeah!!

But it was broken within ten minutes into 2007. If you don't want to know, don't read the next little paragraph.

**ParagraphSTART**My mother made tears again. I closed my eyes and begged her to leave my lappie alone. She's been crashing it every time she got mad. There are scratches on it from that. I pleaded with her to never touch it again. Want evidence of what she's capable of? One of the keys came out last night. F12, to be exact.**ParagraphEND**

Heehee! invisible, dear has informed me that my new layout is done! Yay! It's not an original that she made for me, but one I'd found online myeslf. I couldn't get it to work for NuTang and enlisted her help. I've decided to save that for February since it's going to be the coldest month of this winter--at least for us. So I will keep this one 'til the end of January. Like it?

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Number One
Monday. 1.1.07 9:07 pm
First Post of the New Year--Yay!

My new year's resolutuion is not to let my mother or uncle get to me. *pumps fist* Wish me luck on that one.

*sigh* I can't believe I have to go back to school tomorrow...this past week has gone so fast! In fact, the past year--time in general--seems to be going on fastforward constantly. So many things pass me by and dissappear around the corner at the edge of my sight. I know it's gone and it was there, but I wish it could've stayed longer and kept me company. But it doesn't matter. The next one shall be along soon enough. I'll be happy to wait on the sidewalk until then.

Goodnight! ;)

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