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full metal jacket.
Wednesday. 10.11.06 10:31 pm
i fell down on some stairs today.

it wasn't the most pleasant thing in the world. my sandal somehow turned ninety degrees while i was walking, and i slipped. oh well.

watched full metal jacket today with niki. it was pretty awesome. she fed me pancakes.

i'm just kidding. they were awesome. and peanut butter syrup, apparently, is freakin' delicious in my belly.

lost was on a little while back. pretty freakin' awesome as well.

i'm trying to learn to play the turkish march on the piano. seeing as i don't know how to play the piano, it's proving difficult. i WILL get it down. no, i can't read music. but i have a good listening ear. i know all the notes to the very beginning of it, and i'm just mastering it. i'd say it's pretty good, the progress i've made, since i don't play the piano at all.

hmm. that's my day.

currently listening to: of all we've known by just surrender


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the open MVA
Tuesday. 10.10.06 9:07 pm
today was pretty good. woke up bright and early for the open MVA. no krispy kreme this time. two days in a row is being spoiled anyways.

i reintroduced myself to disney's robin hood. it wasn't as bad as i had remembered.

other than sweet BK chicken fries, the remainder of the day was pretty freakin' sweet.

i'm happy.

currently listening to: fully alive by flyleaf


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columbus day.
Monday. 10.9.06 9:12 pm
who knew, the maryland DMV is closed on columbus day.

krispy kreme made the trip totally worth it.

ah, hell, let's face it. donuts or not, i still woulda gone. oh, and then...

currently listening to: every man has a molly by say anything


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my eventful day.
Sunday. 10.8.06 10:41 pm
today was full of all kinds of sweet pickins today...

i had chipotle for lunch. if you've never been there before, you are missing out on some serious mexican cuisine. you all knew it was coming: delicious in my belly.

also, i watched thank you for smoking. that movie was hilarious. i definitely recommend immediately going out and buying it. in fact, if you are still reading this, then you are in the wrong. you should already be at your nearest video outlet picking out thank you for smoking. do it, now.

after the movie, the gang rolled up to the SAC and played some football. team party girl had to be split because we got our asses handed to us terribly. it's a shame.

shortly after the game, the soccer kids rolled up to the field, and we found out that the local korean church of love was challenging us to a game. quickly, we accepted the friendly competition.

the korean team was okay... considering that they were a real team and we were just a bunch of kids trying to mess around. they beat us 3 - 1 after injuring one of our players. bastards.

also, i haven't been wearing shoes while we play soccer, so naturally one of the korean guys cleated my toes. a bloodbath ensued. not really, minor cuts and scrapes. 'sall good.

welp, then we headed over to danielsan's place for some pizza, poker, pool, and piano. that alliteration worked out quite nicely, actually.

they are going to play man hunt now; i don't know what that is, but i wish i was there to play it. unfortunately i had to come home. oh well.

that's my eventful day. hope you've enjoyed reading about it as much as i did writing about it.

currently listening to: it's cool, we can still be friends by bright eyes


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Sunday. 10.8.06 10:55 am
yesterday was fun.

b-fer and i made niki a card. it was the best card in the world, by the way.

sweet morality battle badmitton.

currently listening to: the best of me by the starting line


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x files...
Friday. 10.6.06 8:48 am
holy cow.

so i've been watching the x files... i've seen four episodes so far. it's not as bad as i thought it was gonna be. in fact, i can say that i enjoyed the last three i've seen. the pilot was rather... mediocre. i suppose i'll have to see how long i can stand it. seems to be going okay for now.

i went to sleep ridiculously early last night. it was like, 1015, i believe. my dad woke me up around 1030 because i owed him some money, which i then gave to him. after that, i woke up from a text message, then later at 400 for whatever reason. oh well. it sucks that i don't feel refreshed. i guess that sleeping for too long a time isn't good. hmm.

i'm looking forward to niki's birthday cookout tomorrow. woohoo. today? perhaps more x files.

currently listening to: rum is for drinking, not for burning by senses fail


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