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Monday. 1.15.07 11:33 am
Awesome video:

Sorry, I don't got the time to do pluggies. You-know-who's after me. Later!

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Sunday. 1.14.07 9:57 pm
A set of scenes you'll never see...except now:

Mrrreow! Don't shoot!

Cat 'n Mouse at rest...


Doggie Bath

I'm so tiny!

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Saturday. 1.13.07 9:36 pm
Ooh, it's the thurteenth...how scary. 0.0 *gasp* Yeah, right.

Anyway, I am exausted after rehearsal tonight. My back aches from bending, my head hurts from the pins, my toes are sore, and my fingers are limp. Bleh...*sigh* *groan* Lemme flop on this table and type...ah, the marble feels good...

Ok, back to the story. I had to get my headshots today for the program. I have to say, it wasn't as good as it could've been. The sheet had only mentioned photos in dress rehearsal and on the day of the performance. I would've brought my make-up if I had known...eh, whatever. I also have to write another bio for myself.

I actually already have one, but I'm not sure if it's still on file...it should be. If not, I'll write up a new one. Along with the old bio is an old photo used for the program, but it's about time for the new one. I think that was taken back when I was about...seven years old. Yeah. XD

Oh, and one more thing; some bad news. It's not official yet, but my mom might lose her job. =/ All I know is her boss was mad or something and I guess he told her that she was going to get an official letter in the mail. See, she sorta works for the city gov. or something and once you're gone from there, you can't go back. Not even in another dept., it's off-limits as long as it's a part of the gov. or something. So she'd have to get a job somewhere else...I dunno what she's gonna be/do.

with a very loud rumbling stomach,
the Dot

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Friday. 1.12.07 7:07 pm
I don't know if ya'll are aware of this, but...I have gone up against K_E_F in her other NWF battle.

QUOTE"I only hope to lose with dignity and as little humiliation as possible..."UNQUOTE from the BATTLE THREAD

Anywayz, I need to clarify some things...
1.) in regard to random-chan's comment: I drained the canned vegetables before putting them in. I used plain ol' water since I had no stock on hand. =P

2.) to frostbitten, dear: Canned beans taste like...beans. XD They're no different really, just pre-cooked. Remember, it's a SOUP! I'm not eating 'em outta the cans or anything...

majorly thirsty but full from jap food *slurp*,
the Dot

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Chef Dot!
Thursday. 1.11.07 6:56 pm
I am so very proud to say...that I made soup for the first time today! XD

*gasp* Ooh! Ahh! Really?! And all that, thank you very much. *bow*

I'm glad it turned out okay considering I was starving and there weren't any groceries in the house...>.>'' No bread, vegetables, no nothing. I found some stuff in the cupboard/cabinets so that's what I used. *shrug*

My ingredients--not much, don't laugh--for the famous first-time Dot soup are:
canned red kidney beans, canned corn, a clove of garlic, and dried herbs. *waits for a reaction*

Eh-hem. Yeah, well, it turned out pretty good. It was tastier than I'd thought it would be, but that might've just been a bias from my grumbling stomach. =P

extremely proud of herself and grinning like an idiot,
the Dot

p.s. I'm hungry again...and I can't finish off the rest of the soup cuz I want my mama to try. ^-^

p.p.s. Thanks, Tifa, for the long long comment! XD

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Wednesday. 1.10.07 9:05 am
I got a call last night at 8:20pm last night. A woman asking whether or not I was interested in a program that I had been nominated to join.

I had heard about it once or twice and obviously this woman was harping to me all the goodness about it, blah, blah, blah. I was professional, she said there was a meeting tomorrow(today), and I said yes, I would go. Even though I have to go to the historical society for a project due Thurs.--TOMORROW.

The meeting starts at 6:30pm, runs for an hour=ends at 7:30pm. Soo...that means I have to fit in the historical society exhibit between 4 to 5:30-ish pm. That's about an hour and a half, I don't know if I can do it.

I just wanna crawl back into my warm little bed right now and not think about anything. *sigh* Bye bye...

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Tuesday. 1.9.07 4:23 pm
My mother is a bitch.

I can't seem to say that enough. Whew. *closed eyes, shakeshake* Alright, now I'm back to myself. =) NuTang is always makes me feel better ('-^)=b ...and I bet we can all agree it's AWESOME AND IT ROCKS!! Yeah!

Ok, that was totally uncalled for. Eh-hem, let me regain whatever self-identity I can find besides NUTANGER. *cough*NOTMUCH*cough* ;D

Ok, I seem to be totally out-of-place...I mean, not myself. Ah, well, whatever. See? First time I actually let my boring self take over and this is all I can write about. Splendid.

This whole entry was meaningless...>.>

glad only white walls saw my idiocy/bizarro behavior,
the Dot

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Monday. 1.8.07 9:12 pm
I feel a bit...weird...

I just woke from my nap, boiled water for ramen, and I just have the strangest feeling coursing through my body. Sort of lethargic, foggy fuzzy minded, would-rather-watch-TV-than-come-to-NuTang mentality...*shudder* Ugh.

And wow, are there new people here! So many newbies...and I feel like I can't catch up..? *shakeshake* Maybe some TV will cure me/make me feel better...

I can't believe I just said that. >.>''

floating over to the TV in a dreamy trance,
the Dot

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