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Age. 32
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Who Knows....
Location Arlington, VA
School. Marymount Univ
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I'm going str8 2 hell, how bout U?

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Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious) Very Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy) High
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U know............
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Nutang is still around! I thought I lost you guys

Sunday. 10.31.04 10:12 am

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~BBB, the ruler and master of the NWF. I am the winner of the 1st NWF tournament, because I say so, and there is absolutely nothing you inferior weaker nutangers that oppose me can do about it!!!!
Quick note:
Saturday. 10.30.04 5:19 pm
I just thought that I would mention, I have new pics in my gallery!!! In fact, about 25 of them from a suprise party my friends at Marymount threw 4 me!! Go 2 my gallery and look!! If u want more info on the party, U can go HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

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~BBB, the ruler and master of the NWF. I am the winner of the 1st NWF tournament, because I say so, and there is absolutely nothing you inferior weaker nutangers that oppose me can do about it!!!!
quizes..../ quiz p.2
Friday. 10.29.04 4:48 am
You are innocent love. You long for someone to
spend your days with, most of all a best
friend. You do not want to rush things, and you
like marks of affection that are

What kind of love are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are BEER
You are Beer

What Alcoholic Drink Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Why do I gotta be Cheap and dirty???

Moon Goddess
You are Heng O!
The Chinese moon goddess, symbol of the cold and
dark principle yin. She tried to steal the
draught of immortality from her husband, the
celestial archer Shen Yi, but he caught her
before she could drink all of it. The draught
gave her the power to ascend to Heaven, but,
since she had drunk only part of it, she only
got halfway up and had to settle on the moon.
Heng O is portrayed in beautiful robes with in her
right hand the lunar disc, sometimes sitting on
a tree-legged toad. She is the younger sister
of the river god He Bo.

Which Chinese Mythological Being Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Alright know your like me a mixed demon with a
tranceformation. kind, caring, evil at some
times. You care for almost every thing. And you
top goal is trying to get lord fluffy
(sesshomaru) to like you more.

What kind of demon are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Cried? Naw.

Eaten fluf?

Helped someone? Yup!!

Bought something? Nawww.

Dissected something? No

Cut your hair? Nope

Worn a skirt? Yea, and I wore a bra and lipstick 2!! Not really...

Worn a tie? Nope

Been mean? Never!! lol

Been sarcastic? Oh hell yea!!

Gone for a run? I did running when I was getting 2 my

Gone for a walk? Walked 2 class

Gone to the movies? sure didin't!

Gone out for dinner? Nuh-uh.

Been kissed? Nope

Felt stupid? Yup

Said "I love you"? Naw.
Written a letter? Nope.
Written a paper? Yup.
Taken a test? Yes.
Met someone new? Naw, same old people, lol
Moved on? From what?
Written in a journal? Maybe..... just maybe.....
Watched your favorite movie? Nope, Sorry
Talked to someone you have a crush on? I may have talked 2 someone like that.
Given someone a present? Last 24 hours? Naw, but I got a nice 1!
Missed someone? Yeah.
Hugged someone? Yup!
Had a nightmare? Nawww.
Fought with your parents? Nope, didin't talk 2 them
Fought with a friend? Nuh-uh.
Been Scared? I ain't never scared!! Lol

Showered? Actually, Wedensday

Ate a meal? At this nice suprise party that was 4 me today :)

What are you wearing right now? A shirt that has "players club" on it, and jeans

Are you tired? Its 6:18am and I havent fallen assleep, U do the math

Are you lonely? No...

Are you happy? The happiest I've been in a while, at least in the last couple of years

Are you wearing pajamas? Nay.

Are you hungry? yea, but that's what these tropical-flavored Halls are 4 :)

Are you eating? see last answer

Are you talking to someone online? not now...

Are you ready for this survey to end? Woh cares, I can stay up another 2hours, I might just stay awake anyways.....

How long did this survey take you? Good question


Type of sandwich: Grilled ham/ bolnaga and cheese! But I don't know about crawling on the floor to avoid inhaling smoke
Coffee or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate.
Cold or hot? Warm
Big or little? Depends on what you're talking about. :-P
Lace or satin? I guess whichever 1 the girl wants 2 wear...
Red or blue? Bluuuue.
New or old? New school!!
Here or there? Anywhere!!

1 minute ago: I was typing this quiz

1 hour ago: Taking a quiz or on mugen

1 day ago: I was sleeping at this time!

1 week ago: I turned 18 that week!!

1 year ago: I was in PHS, I was also getting ready 4 holloween!

1 year from now: Maybe another suprise party? I can only hope
1 week from now: Maybe I'll get 2 go out 2 a club? Maybe...
1 day from now: Probably chilling with my friends
1 hour from now: I might go asleep, or get the earliest breakfast I've ever eaten at this school

1 minute from now: I'll probably still be typing this damn thing.

I hurt: When I constantly worry about certain things

I love: being the Boney Bastard!!

I hate: whoever hates me!! Just like ABK said: If you ever started hating me, then bitch fuck you
If it's that way mother fucker then I hate you too
Tell your family eat a dick I hope they whole crew dies
And they never fuckin make it up to Shangri-La

I fear: No one, I'm a Phoenix!! Bring it on bitches!!!

I hope: for things 2 be good in the future

I feel: kinda evil all of the time

I hide: feelings, more things...

I learned: A bunch of stuff in school
I need: parterships!! I am a libra, the sign of relationships after all
I think: About a lot
I dream: very crazy dreams
I want: 2 elbow someone in the head
I miss: PHS and the Fort Lee YC!!!
I believe: IN MAGIC!!

1 more Thing: click HERE!!!!!!! 2 see sumthing nice!! and check out the xanga when u get a chance. I'll post there later, got a few things 2 post about....
In fact, U may want 2 check my gallery later today......

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~BBB, the ruler and master of the NWF. I am the winner of the 1st NWF tournament, because I say so, and there is absolutely nothing you inferior weaker nutangers that oppose me can do about it!!!!
quiz I stole, part 1 (part 2 2 be done later)
Saturday. 10.23.04 10:58 am
mood: Dark...
listening to: see last post
watching: whatever my roommate has it flipped on, I not really looking....

Your Name- Chris Spencer
Nicknames- Bony Bastard, C-Murder, Christopher Colombus, and Spencer
Birthday- October 19, 1986

~*HAVE YOU??*~
Been kissed? yea, never on the lips though
Eaten an entire box of Oreos? No, not the whole box...
Been on stage? yea
Gotten in a car accident? Naw.
Death Valley on horseback? Nope.
Stayed home? sure have.
Made homemade fudge? Nope, might have 2 try 1 day...
Seen the Eiffel tower? Not face 2 face, lol?

Shampoo: any 1 that works good :p
Soap: That Old spice soap is nice....
Color: Black, shadows, metallic, silver,
Day: don't know, it varies a lot.
Night: Straight from the Twiztid song; Darkness, night time
No moon in the sky tonight
Feeling like our lives been tucked away, today
Life is darkness, forever remain, and again
Band: Pretty much any1 on Psychopathic records, Tool, Orgy, etc.
Season: The Summertime
Commercial: The stupid ones that make U laugh

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No.
Do you have a crush on someone: maybe.......
Do you have a best friend? Yea, I have some really good friends, including some that I have just met at Marymount a couple of months ago...
Do you rank your speed dial in order of favorite friends? NO, lol
Who's your funniest friend? Quint
Who do you go to the mall with the most? That has 2 be Pierre
Who do you e-mail the most? maybe my teachers? I don't know..
Who have you known the longest of your friends? Defintely Quint.
Who's the loudest? Maybe Lauren? That the loudest one from Marymount anyways.....
Who's the shyest? Ummmmm, I really can't figure out who that would be...... um..........next question....
Whose parents do you know the best? That's betwween Pierre and Quint
Who do you go to for advice? I don't really ask 4 it ..
Who knows all your secrets? Probably no one :)
Who do you get the most surveys from? Quint so far
Who are you jealous of? I'm not jealous of any 1, wouldn't want 2 be
Who do you cry with? myself....
What is your usual quote? Something about elbowing someone :P!!

Ok, there U go. The rest of this quiz will be filled out at a later date... Was up laying games, still have not been assleep yet tonight, was up with Lauren, my roommate, Mytear, and Brandon playing Wrestlemania XIX, or in Lauren's case, my Pokemon Sapphire version.

Don't have much else 2 say. I may make an xanga post or something, so check it out, and SIGN MY CHATTERBOX!!!! Before I go, I got 1 thing 2 say: Unkonwn person on Diana's xanga, GO FUCK YOURSELF, U piece of shit, why don't U just go and kill yourself!!

The comments are wide open on this post, so U don't have 2 be a member 2 poat a comment. Peace every1!!

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~BBB, the ruler and master of the NWF. I am the winner of the 1st NWF tournament, because I say so, and there is absolutely nothing you inferior weaker nutangers that oppose me can do about it!!!!
It's the Birthday boy!!!
Tuesday. 10.19.04 10:28 am
mood: Its my birthday, what do U think? LOL
listening to: look at the post, and figure it out!!
watching: Coruspes in the Mourge, lol

The touch of death is coming, there’s nowhere to escape
Your life is slowly fading into your hollow grave
You can not be saved
You can not be saved

(Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
There was once a man that couldn’t die
In fact to this day that man is still alive
He lives in the cosmos on the edge of time
Little kids have heard of him, in nursery rhymes (he’s the dead)
But he walks among society carrying a sickle and a shotgun
With a touch of death, and death’s hands
He’s a young, undying, unstoppable, dead man, you’ll know

The touch of death is coming
you’ll know
There’s nowhere to escape
you’ll know
Your life is slowly fading
you’ll know
Into your hollow grave
you’ll know
You can not be saved
You can not be saved
When death is upon us, come with me right now, and don’t be afraid

Get that CD today!!! Not only is it going 2 be tight as hell, but it came out today: on my birthday!!!! I'm finally 18!!! Isn't that great?? What am I doing 4 my birthday? Taking a midterm!!! That's real good stuff, ins't it??

Of course, I gotta try to pick up Blaze's new CD!! U gotta go 2 http://www.thaundying.com/ and check Blaze Ya Dead Homie out 4 yourself!!

Well basically, I got 2 get ready 4 classes. If U haven't already noticed, my nutang gallery and my xanga has pictures from when I helped repaint the Fort Lee YC computer, basically shots of all of the walls showing how it looks now.

Well, I'm outta here 4 class, so see my victims later, U know, the victims of the bastard, LOL and remember:

The touch of death is coming
Like me
There’s nowhere to escape
Like me
Your life is slowly fading
Like me
Into your hollow grave
Like me
You can not be saved
You can not be saved
When death is upon us come with me right now and don’t be afraid

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~BBB, the ruler and master of the NWF. I am the winner of the 1st NWF tournament, because I say so, and there is absolutely nothing you inferior weaker nutangers that oppose me can do about it!!!!
Another post...
Monday. 10.11.04 5:11 pm
mood: Allright, I guess
listening to: Nothing, but I was listening 2 some Twiztid
watching: People...............

Hey every1, just coming up with another on this side of the journal, which I havent done in about 4-5 days. Still gotta update this background and shit, but I will ,soon....

But anyways, I'm back in Perersburg for fall break, which i have been since Friday. I got 2 see the area college, VSU, beat Rowan University 27-7 in football for their homecoming, and I saw the homcoming parade, although it was pretty short. But I did run into a lot of old friends, so it was good. Tomarrow, I going to visit by my high school, PHS, and my Youth Center, The Boys and Girls Club of Forl Lee. I defintely can't wait 4 that!! I'll probably head by the school with Quint as well,

U know, I'm actually starting the miss my Marymount friends some, but this time 2 days from now, I'll be back, with the broken screen in my bathroom, and all of the crazy people!

U know what game is great, MUGEN!! its the only game where U can have nude chun-li fight Shao Kahn, and a DBZ character can fight or or fighting or destroying and its really fun!! I'm going to download more characters for it, so I can have even more crazyness in the game!! Of course the worst characters in the game are evil ken and ryu, espically ken though, isn't that right, Quint, lol!!

Well that's all 4 now, if U want more, U know where out 2 go!! and I'm out!!

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~BBB, the ruler and master of the NWF. I am the winner of the 1st NWF tournament, because I say so, and there is absolutely nothing you inferior weaker nutangers that oppose me can do about it!!!!
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