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I've died
Thursday. 8.16.07 6:48 pm
meant to say decided but apperantly i can't spell well

ok have decided on the thing, yellowish orange mushroom with brown spots. a butterfly sitting on it with purple wings and pink spots......any other suggestions?? remember on my right hand will be the same thing but with a fairy instead of a butterfly. except same wings yep i love it


still taking suggestions on colors since 3 weeks to t-day (haha tattoo day) so feel free to comment


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Thursday. 8.16.07 2:33 pm
still can't figure out what colors the mushroom should be or the butterfly and only 3weeks left till i get it.....hmmmm i kinda think a pink butterfly with purple spots would be cool but purple with blue spots would be cool blue with pink spots, purple with pink spots....aahhhhhh a brown mushroom with light brown spots??? a blue mush with yellow spots???

*brain explodes*

anyway, im just so happy because i designed my tattoo. i drew it (the butterfly side anyway im not a good enuff artist to do the fairy) and eventually i shall figure out what color to do it in...hehe

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haha new opp for pps from me
Wednesday. 8.15.07 6:02 pm
ok so figured out what kind of tattoo i'm going to get, if you participated and want your 5 pps reward message me. if you want the reward for actual help for best idea message me, the people that actually helped me with the idea where ikimashokie and whoever said the firetruck with a teletubby on it. ok i know that sounds weird, read my blog to see what im actually getting......

anyway a new part of this has cause me to award new points to people. help with the color of my butterfly, and the mushroom. should the butterfly be pink with purple spots? purple with pink spots? some other colors? what color should the mushroom be? what color should the mushrooms spots be??? message me, or comment on me whichever one, again participation is 5 pps the winner (which colors i chose) gets 50pps


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haha figured it out
Wednesday. 8.15.07 2:36 pm
sadly to say the person who suggested the fire truck idea actually has got me the best idea so far...well not exactly. i totally changed there idea but it got me to thinking to put something with something else on it there.

going to get a brown mushroom with orange spots (or a skin colored mushroom with brown spots still not sure on that one) with a pink and purple butter fly sitting on it. then on my other hand going to get the same mushroom again but with a fairy sitting on it with the same wing pattern as the butterfly on the opposite hand yup. so message me if you want your participating points (5 each) or the winners points (50pps) which technically should be shared (the winning ones) becasue the other part of my idea was from ikimashokie. so yeah. anyway gotta go and do something

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