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*~ Live without regrets
*~ Dispose of your rubbish carefully
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*~ Love the world, be charitable
*~ Respect Cross-cultural relationships
*~ Respect same-sex relationships
*~ Be kind to your family, respect ur parents
*~ Enjoy song & dance
*~ Swear till your hearts' content
*~ Love who you are and be satisfied
*~ Eat when u r hungry
*~ Money is not the most important thing
*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
*~ Respect all religions
*~ Don't take life so seriously
*~ Give hugs
*~ Have manners! Be polite
*~ Cherish ur group of friends
*~ Don't talk shit, get to the pt
*~ Be passionate about your job
*~ Invest in a good eye cream
*~ Don't waste food
*~ Respect elders
*~ Don't be afraid to have a say!
*~ Love animals

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First to wake!
Saturday. 12.25.04 8.04 am
mood: semi-spirited

I am the first in my house to wake up on Christmas day! Why is everyone sleeping?? I wanna open presents hehehe! :p

Actually I might just go for a walk since everyone is still in bed cuz it will feel nice to get out and do some exercise. Last night my family and I went to Billy Lee's restaurant in China town to eat porridge and steamed fish....mmmm...it is very much a fam tradition to eat on the Eve of Christmas.

But I was so hoping to catch up with my Fernando too... :( Cuz they say Christmas eve is one of those romantic nights that you should be with your loved ones :/ Oh well I wanna see him today!!!

Yesterday on Christmas eve I was working at the supermarket and OMFG!!! The lines, the chaos, the stress and pressure of it all was too much to bare! It all started from 9am in the morning till up to 6pm at night. I loved seeing the rush rush of everyone cuz it felt Chrismassy....but I couldn't even take a breath in and I found myself trying to calm down. hahaha.

Plus it was my last day at work there! Woohoo!!! Sad as it was...I was ok about it. My friends were upset to see me leave and my friend Kellie who I have worked with for 3 yrs said "it's a pleasure working with you E-von". Awwwwww....A lot of the girls didn't know I was leaving and when I told them they were like OH NO!!! Cuz I don't think many ppl could see me leaving that place. hehehe. But yep...time to move on..

I think this Christmas will be a quiet one...but I am so glad my koh koh is back in perth again to spend time with us...it just wouldn't be the same...Have a wonderful day with your family and friends everyone! Peace and joy be with you all! ^_^

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Wednesday. 12.22.04 9.33am

I luv what Pierucci can do ;)

mood: aching
I have been so lazy to blog lately, maybe cuz I have not been on the net much but instead going out with friends and enjoying the Christmas season. Shopping and eating seems to be the things we do most of the time. But I think it is only a minor part to the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS. How bout giving? Going out of your way to make someone feel better? Volunteer? Go to church???

I did want to step into the lifeline centre to volunteer for the food stand to serve the homeless. I think by helping out like that I could truely feel the spirit of Christmas. It is quite sad to think that they have no belief in Christmas anymore, becuz they have been down in the dumps of their life and have no hope that people care for them :( When I work at woolies, many homeless come through and I treat them with the same respect and service as everyone else, becuz they are still citizens and they are still normal people like us.

I will be working throughout this whole week. At the supermarket and the restaurant, sometimes I take both day and night shifts! I have been keeping myself busy and also trying to keep up with income, I still have gifts to buy for my family!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I miss Tiff already, she is flying to New Zealand on the 23rd dec. She is going tomorrow,so yesterday before work was the last time seeing her for this yr! She taught me how to put on a yukata before she left...becuz one of our japanese students had given me a yukata. My goodness! Those things don't come cheap do they? I wish I could be there for your 21st girl....

I had lunch with Ron and Tiff yesterday too at The Subiaco Hotel, It was delicious but the thing was it was bloody expensive! And Ron offered to pay for us girls!! Crazy! :/ Why do guys do that? Why can't we do the western way and go dutch. The chinese are always like....don't worry I'll get this one...don't you dare take out your wallet!!! And it turns into a fight! :/ hehehehe...looks so childish eh?

I'm gonna go to the gym today and take that yoga class. I'm really liking my new yoga teacher, she is Russian, friendly, funny and she looks like a pixie! :) Dunno how it will be cuz I have this pain in my right bicep...

Oh yea...the other day I was 'dress hunting' and I went down to king st, wow the dresses were so nice there but out of my price range!! I was actually gamed enough to step into pierucci and the lady asked me all these questions!! Then she said the min price is $300 - $1,000s whoa! I can only dream hehehe. :) But Pierucci is one of my fav designers right now...

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Can workmates really be friends?
Saturday. 12.18.040 11:54 am
mood: bloated
Last night I had a great time at Gloria's company's Christmas party. It was held at her boss's house and the theme was "ABBA". I didn't really dress to the extreme, but there were others who went all out! It was fun and they were all so friendly. The whole night I included slushy machine drinks of strawberry daiquiris, margaritas and bottles of wines and beer. There were caterers, a rock band playing, games, laughs...awww I have never been to a party like this before. Hehehe and I haven't had fun like this is in a long time with a complete group of strangers...

What I noticed was how the costumes that they wore totally changed their personalities...even though I don't know them in the office Gloria tells me they are serious and don't 'muck' around during the day. I think it is the clothes (or alcohol) that makes them pull out the stage dives, head banging etc...hehehe. I must say I'm starting to like Christmas parties, it is an event that truely brings people together despite their differences. They all looked like they were having fun and partied like friends do...not colleagues. I told Gloria her office must have good relationships. :)

But then it got me thinking can work mates really be friends? If you met in the office, you don't usually bring personal things of your life into the office so how do you make friends? I always thought friends were those who knew everything bout you...hmmm... 3 yrs working at woolies I have never known someone so close...but I don't think I could have a workmate as a friend unless I knew them before hand, outside of the workplace. hmmm..??

I'm handing in my resignation tomorrow at woolies...it will be a sad moment but the moment will probably pass fast! lol! :p Just kidding! I'm going to miss that place, it won't hit me now but in the weeks after. My supervisor told me yesterday "awww E-von that's really sad". *sniff* but you gotta move on right? There are brighter opportunities out there and so much more life to live! ;)

Take care all! Does anyone else feel like Christmas is creeping up so quickly? Ahhh...another Chrissy party tonight with Jason! :) Mmmm...too much food...feeling rather sick!

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italian restaurants have it best ;)
Wednesday. 12.15.04 8.55 am
mood: lathargic

My results for my exam are coming out today!!! *sobs* I'm quite scared... :( But anyho I can't wait til it hits 5pm tonight so I can go check it online, along with the other 10,000 students from the same uni!!! Man the server is going to be soooo slow!

Yesterday I went to the city with Mel and Gail and we did a bit of shopping but most of the time it was doing stupid things with items that made us look like idiots! lol I wanted to get a Christmas ornament for our tree at myers and the singing and dancing "frosty the snowman" and living lavida loca Mr and Mrs Claus was a crack up!!! :p Maybe it was the heat sending us bonkers! So hot yesterday....38 degs!!

Then last night I went to work at the restaurant! It was my first day writing out orders. hehehe. I think I did pretty well. But I was so annoyed by Erika my supervisor cuz she was telling me to do everything! I found myself taking care of 6 things at a time!!! >,< The customers were a joy and gave me and Fiona (other girl who was working) a good tip. I got $18, yea....I couldn't believe it! So this is what it is like in hospitality..TIPS!!!! :p The good thing was that the night ended early and Mario, the BOSS cooked us up some pizzas and pasta and free drinks...omg he is such a GREAT cook!!! We laughed so much when he told us his life stories, like a grandpa I guess. I am known as I-VON to him hahaha.. Then he sent us all home with an Italian Panettone cake. mmmm...looks good to me! The name of the cake is 'MOTTA' means 'marijuana' in Spanish...lol!!! So we've got Hash cake...mmmm..

Probably go to a yoga class today. I think it must be about 4 months since I last went and now I have lost most of my flexibility. So it will be rather ouchies when I do come back. :/ Ahhhhhhhh the sacrifices you must make for beauty. :p

Sorry I haven't been posting up pics, but my comp was reformatted and now I can't seem to upload my pics, cuz the prog is no longer installed. Have to go searching for that damn disk!!! Too hot to look for shit...

I miss Fernando....where are u boo? :(

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Interesting weekend...
Monday. 12.13.04 8.24 am
I saw ASH AND AMANDA from 'MY RESTAURANT RULES'. :p YAY! Cuz I was working at the italian restaurant that night and I got to serve them their main meal. hahahha!! It was so funny cuz I was practically pulling on Tiff's arm "Look look it's them, ash and amanda!!!". They must have thought I was a ditzy waitress, smiling so widely ear to ear. ^__________^ People from reality tv man!!! I luv them! hahaha!

The weekend was rather exciting. I also went to get my hair cut by a japanese lady at Beauty palace down in nb and supposedly when I was there there was a singaporean actor getting his hair cut too! I can't remember his name, but the hairdressers were going crazy! They wanted an autograph from him. I was like eh who is this??!! Hehehe...Weird that a singaporean star would choose to come to perth to get his hair cut, then again I heard he grew up here and comes back every now and then.

Alot of interesting things happening, meeting famous ppl! :D I have never met a famous face before...so it's so what cool. ;)

I went out last night to gelares, the usually hang out and saw Mel, Gail, Junie and Jason (with Jason!). Yes we finally got to meet Jason's new husband, funny thing is that their names are the same! I'm really happy for Jay (our Jason) cuz he has finally found happiness with someone who likes him and who he likes, they are so alike! lol. I would say they are cute together. :) It was also good catching up with the girls in Gail's car. It's no longer Jason's "conference room" hahaha, but it was soooo funny, we just laughed so hard till we cried, about Primary school, highschool, stupid things we used to do! June said that her memory is "mutating", that's not good...so we, as her friends are the ones to remind her of good times. ;)

I have to enrol today at uni, and also have to prepare for an interview on Monday. Hell scary cuz it is also from DIMIA and this time it is for a higher level. I'm so rusty at interviews...and this one will be reviewed by a panel. :/ ahhhhhhhhhhhh...it's like doing speeches in front of the class again! scary...

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complications of life...
Saturday. 12.11.04 11.47 am
mood: i talk shit..

Why does life have to throw us around like ragdolls? Why can't humans live their lives continously happy? Why must there be ups and downs, therefore sufferage? Do people really believe if you do good on this earth that when you pass onto the next life, God will accept you into his kingdom and promise 'no more suffurage'??? Hmmm...it's all too complicated. I guess like what my friend amy was saying in her blog, why do students in HK take their lives by jumping off a building? Just because they don't meet some sort of standard? It's all too sad to think that is a cause to take one's own life...

I just received a message from my friend in friendster, he is going through a hard time with life throwing him all these obstacles. I remember during those times when you feel like you have nobody and you the thought of losing the most important things to you hurts the most. You tend to question why is life so hard? And then in the end, when you at your most helpless you call to God. Even though there is so specific evidence that he exists...we still call for him at our most painful and frustrating moments. Why is that? By placing all your hope on the 'unknown' gives a sense of peace in our darkest hour?

I wish we could all be happy all of the time, to love simply, to laugh everyday, to have friends who will be there always and to enjoy the simple tasks we do. I could say I am happy now... because I don't wish for anything else...of anybody or anything. :)

But then I think again, am I putting up a wall of happiness to avoids all other things bothering me? It is difficult to tell when a person is down unless they are the type to show it freely. Most of the time people will pretend everything is ok, in order to KEEP ORDER in their lives. Maybe they are trying to fool the 'divine' from sending them insane.

Life doesn't need to be that complicated...I believe it is all about your level of thinking, if you think philosophically you could be leading a depressing life! hehe! Becuz the more you think, the more you are aware of...the more scarier life will become and eat u up inside. As long as you keep cool, calm and collected you can embrace life and not take it too seriously. Best term to use in a time of crisis "Shit happens".. hehehehe...sorry to leave on such a note, but I hope it lightened the topic. ;)

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