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Wednesday. 1.31.07 5:33 pm
The visit wasn't as bad as it could've been and the one-nighter turned into a two-nighter. There just wasn't enough time to get through all of my old stuff and get back home before it was night. I was still going through a box when 5 o'clock rolled around--that's when night falls in the city and since we were in the 'burbs, it was early. The only/most real uncomfortable thing was me looking for some reading in the bookcase and finding Playboy. Yeah...suure. *coughcough*

I'm so happy! All thanks to invisible-dear. I'm glad to have found another Masterpiece Theater lover. XD No, I didn't get to watch Bleak as I would have liked. I really like Philip Pullman's books so I'm excited about this week's piece--The Golden Compass. Not sure if I'm going to get a chance to watch it though. I'm having trouble persuading my mother that it's a good program and she should allow me to watch.

Hey, here's an idea. Let's have a little contest for 100pps. Prize is negotiable after you win. I'm looking for: the best letter/description of Masterpiece Theater. Objective: my mother to allow me to watch Masterpiece Theater. Thanks! ^-^

impatiently waiting for the kettle to shriek to make a nice big cup o' hot chocolate!
the Dot

p.s. I couldn't, for the life of me, sign in at NuTang yesterday. My dad's comp's McAfee Security kept popping up with "A Cookie was intercepted at [url], accept or cancel" sorta thing. *shrug* But I'm back now. Yay!

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Monday. 1.29.07 4:29 pm
Mood: sorta Content
Listening: to Reba sing her theme song
Watching: Reba kick Barbara Jean outta her house in a not-so-complex way.

Well, I watched the last part of Jane Eyre last night. ^-^ It was nice, but it felt a little bit...rushed. I'm still gonna buy it anyway cuz I like it still. We have to see whether or not my dad is in a good enough mood for me to bring it up in the first place, then, whether he'll buy it for me or not.

I'm going to my dad's house tonight after we have dinner tonight. He's in his new place and he wants me to take a look at all my stuff. I don't know if I have my own room anymore. =/ And me and my dad have absolutely nothing to talk about it...god, I'm feeling the pangs in the pit of mah stomach. I'm startin' to dread it now...Oh, lord...

A quick question: Doesn't Rochester regain his sight in one eye?
A random fact: My stomach's a-rumblin'...

wondering whether or not to bring the lappie to occupy her time,
the Dot

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Friday. 1.26.07 2:30 pm
Okay, I am so sorry for that other entry--it totally sucked, it was horrible I apologize feverously and beg for your forgiveness. *bangs forehead against table repeatedly* Ow.

It's so inconvenient without a credit card when you want to buy things online, don't have enough cash or whatever. Yet I keep hearing people say that I shouldn't get credit cards. I understand how they can lead you to debt and throw you down the deep debt well, but what if I just get one credit card?

I don't think I'll be buying a lot of stuff with it. The only things I'd buy from the internet are small and unimportant--trinkets. Things like those you'd find in the Shojobeat magazine. Yes, yes, it's a magazine of manga and Jap things, but hey! My dad got me a subscription without my asking so...*shrug* =] Things like mints in a flat metal case, little USB creatures, tiny fluffy monsters, little lipsticks hanging off straps, etc...

Here, I shall put a little to-do list of all the things I must not forget:

into my purse goes
--two oversized black clips
(only three from my friends, but hey, it's the thought that counts)
--lady items

into my bag goes
--black pants, capri-sized
--extra top

into my hands go
--(pancake) hats XD

outfit shall be
--stretchy Crunch(gym) shirt w/ zipper
(no idea where we got that from...)
--hooded jacket from Caesars(casino)
--down jacket+scarf+gloves

That should be it...I hope. *squeezes eyes tight* I cannot be forgetting anything.

jumping up and down(in her mind) in much anxiety,
the Dot

BTW: I am sooo excited about Jane Eyre so maybe I AM jumping up and down and squealing. If only my mother could be nice and gentle and negligent for me to watch it this Sunday night~~! Ooh, please, if only, please make it (come) true, Lord.

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Friday. 1.26.07 10:08 am
---***Warning: This is a pretty boring entry...>.>'' Sorry!***

Ah, I've suspended my cell phone service. I waited all day--mind you, I was busy with hope and anxiety mixed together--until I made the final ribbon-cut with a call to my father.

yesterDay's activities:
I called and called hoping they'd pick up. I called my friend so many times, she had to say "Let me eat! I need to eat!" to make me stop calling. >.>'' I found the numbers of a few other friends and got more numbers out of them. They actually picked up once and I began speaking immediately, but they never answered. Nevertheless, I kept on talking; thanking them for finding the phone, telling them to leave it at CVS/pharmacy, they couldn't sell it cuz it was banged up with buttons missing, they couldn't use it cuz I was going to suspend the service--blah, blah, blah.

So anywayz, tonight is the show! >.< Eek! And tomorrow is, too. And there's no rehearsal. My mind is going "Ohno-ohno-ohno-OhNOOOOOOOO!" *shivershake* Ok, now that's out...don't think about it.

I can't wait for Sunday! That's when Masterpiece comes on and hopefully, I'm allowed to watch the last segment of Jane Eyre. I'm so excited, I absolutely love Classics. Did I mention the fact that I'm a true romantic? A Romanticist. I love all things old--antiques, architecture, fashion, literature, etc... And no, I don't use the word "love" very often so yes, that should mean something, eh? ^-^

perched on the edge of her seat, watching Jakers!--a cartoon about an Irish pig,
the Dot

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Thursday. 1.25.07 11:14 am
I have awful news...awful for me anyway. T.T I lost my cellphone! And I have absolutely no idea where it could possibly be.

The facts:
--I adjusted the volume of my ringtone across the street from my apt. building
--I crossed the street, passed CVS/pharmacy, and entered the Supermarket
--I bought a pastrami sandwich
--I left and went into the apt. building

The whole exchange of money-for-food took about 5 min.

I realized my phone was gone a few hours later after my mother came home. I called and called, but I kept getting my voicemail every time.

-----------Okay, I had written a whole entry about 30 min. ago and the baboons killed it. The above was my second try, but a crisis has emerged.

Someone definitely has my phone and they're playing with it or scared whatever. I had called three times and it had actually gone through, it was ringing and NO VOICEMAIL. THe fourth time, someone picked up and hung up immediately. I had another friend call it continuously while I ran downstairs to the stores+lobby to see if anyone had it. I came back upstairs after all of them had said no and called my firend. She believes they're kids and I think they're probably scared.

I don't care who they are, I'm not gonna get them arrested or in trouble or anything. i just want my phone back. It's all banged up and the buttons are missing so they cant sell it. I'm going to suspend the service so they cant use it. I just want them to return it, I don't even need to know who they are. They could just return it to a store. I have contacts in there that are important.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh! >.>'' Je**Ch**

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Wednesday. 1.24.07 11:36 am
Ahh, I haven't been back in a while...*tear* A little over a week? Sawwy! I just haven't had the time...I though I would, this being Regents week and all, but no, I was wrong.

>Okay, the boring stuff/annoying me stuff:
I am supposed to have rehearsal tonight from 7-7:30pm and then I realized I had a meeting with TTC (the new program) from 6-7pm. Further thinking and talking with my friend revealed that I have college night at my school starting at 6pm. So...I'm going to college night tonight. Grrrrr....

Oh, and since they decided not to have rehearsal on Friday either so...I don't get to rehearse before the show! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!<

Okay, who likes literature? Classics? You know, stuff like...Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte?

How about watching Masterpiece Theater? I loooooove it! And I don't get to watch it as often as I'd like. ={ Actually, I always forget about it...

But! I remembered this week and watched the the first half of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. The last part is next week and it'll be finished! However, I need to have my mother's permission for that and she may or may not allow me to watch it so...*shrug* I have a solution!

At the end of the show, there was a toll-free nuber that you can call to buy the drama. But I missed it cuz I thought my mother'd be nice about it and let me watch it, but *shrug* I was wrong. So, I kicked my ma off her PC for a moment and started a search for the website and a place to buy it. It took me about ten-fifteen minutes and I found it!

Buy Masterpiece Theater's Jane Eyre.

Alas, I have no credit card so I cannot buy the volume myself. But! (I know there are a lot of "but"s in here. XD) My dad is still in that "I-want-father-daughter-bonding-so-I'll-buy-her-stuff" stage so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Also, me daddy-o is going to give me his credit stuff so I can buy the vurus/spam/firewall for my lappie. *wink* And...naw, I won't do that. Me not loike that. ^-^

Anyway, gotta go. I'm hungry and it's time to go out. Later!

wishing she had Rochester estate or Pemberly all to herself,
the Dot

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Wednesday. 1.17.07 4:50 pm
Hoo, boy...I've got another meeting tonight and it's a double session. Starting at 5pm and ending at 7pm.

Uh-oh, I think I'll be late cuz it's already 4:50 and I'm writing this entry. >.<'' Anywayz, it's the program that I talked about last week. I amy or may not continue, but that's none of their business until I decide, eh? this evening will be an hour of interview (us vs. neighborhood), then another hour of discussion. I don't mean to be mean (=P), but it doesn't seem like the other kiddies are very smart...well, they're bright kids, but I feel like I'm smarter or something...0.o Whatever.

Anyhoo, I gotta go. See ya'll when ever I see ya...

wondering if there will be permission for internet tonight,
the Dot

p.s. No time for pluggies. Sorry.
p.p.s. Yes, random-dear, that was you. I was in a hurry...>.>'' I'll fix it later.

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Tuesday. 1.16.07 4:31 pm
Welp, someone's coming over today so we're back to cleaning. Comin' at about 7, I think. Not much time, eh? Less than three hours now...two an' a half...yikes!

I got the kitchen nice and sparkly yesterday. Now I'm gonna clean the living room, then make flashy sparkles in the bathroom...

Later! (maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight)

anxiously drumming fingers and toes,
the Dot

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