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Proud Heathen
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Things I made up
Sunday. 6.3.07 10:36 am

This is just a random assortment of quotes that I made up for my website. I post them here... well... out of boredom. heh.

We orphans of angels
     sing on through the night.
     Through darkness and dread
     to the promise of light.
     -- The Children's Song

"A man walks into the desert with his burdens. He carries his fear and his pain, his lies and his regret, his anger and his hate. When he walks back out, only the truth remains."
     - Hamraji Proverb

"We came not as we are, but as we were. From far through storm to near. Across the Shifting Water. Home."
     - C'esh Esh'en (The Book of the Waves)

"In our journey we have discovered that imagination is the only limitation on what one can create in the Deep. Yet imagination is itself shaped by our soul and all its complexities; it can be brightened by our goodness, and pulled utterly into darkness by our flaws. So it is that we say 'In the Deep we walk a narrow path, with Glory and Evil to either side.' As Pathfinders, it is both our supreme joy and our unending sorrow that we have tasted equally of both."
     -- Cadmn Delos
     -- The Cadmnian Codex

"Utopia is an illusion. Peace is not in our nature, and to properly keep it, one must often turn to the sword."
     -- Cadmn Delos
     -- The Cadc Texts

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My Sister's Music
Saturday. 6.2.07 9:03 am

I hate having to reformat. It’s a pain in the ass. Especially when I have to back everything up on 10 disks. I need to buy an external drive. And two of the disks were bad. Either the disks were bad or the zip program freaked out. So I lost 1.5 gigs worth of music. I’m still not entirely sure what songs I lost yet. I guess I won’t know until I go through them.

My baby sister graduated highschool today. That was surreal.

In any case, the song you’re hearing is my sister’s. She doesn’t name most of her songs, so I just call this one Burn This Bridge. Not a very original title, if you’ve heard the lyrics. Enjoy.

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