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Tuesday. 8.21.07 2:17 pm
yay!! can't wait till pay day to get the treadmill, yep, ummmm not much else to write, ummmmmm got an icebox...yep. its big and black, its great. yep. working extra today. hope gettings some good monies. still getting the tattoo, probably christmas or income tax time though, maybe canget bot...yep yep.....well i gotta go im thurstie...ye[

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took off the stupid pop-up have you heard of salvia??
Monday. 8.20.07 8:35 pm
it was gettign on my nerves, anyway took willi-mac to the discovery center on saturday, it was so cute, she ran around saying "oh wow" at the fishes and throwing plastic tomato's at people. if i had a scanner or something i would upload the piccy's but yeah i don't.

anyway as i was saying earlier getting a treadmill cause im fat. not a skinny girl hallucinating fat on me, actually quite large. so decided that i want to live to retirement age so have to lose a little (lot) of weight. wont go into how much i need to lose cause thats a bit embarising but its a lot....yep....
good luck to me

i almost forgot, have you heard of the stuff called salvia?? its this stuf thats legal and friggin awesome. except you have to smoke it and i hate smoking, anway i got over it long enuff to take salvia last saturday, it makes you hallucinate (sorta) i didn't actually see anyting so much as hallucinate sensastions, my mom hallucinated a yellow and plaid tree, i would do it again but i hate the taste it left in my mouth and i hate smoking shit... but it was fun

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ok well....
Monday. 8.20.07 2:30 pm
i decided to put off the tattoo, me and my mom decided to get a treadmill and lose some weight yep. im to fat. anyway got piccy's of willi can't wait to post them (soon as i get a s canner....and the most important ingredient a computer at home)

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I've died
Thursday. 8.16.07 6:48 pm
meant to say decided but apperantly i can't spell well

ok have decided on the thing, yellowish orange mushroom with brown spots. a butterfly sitting on it with purple wings and pink spots......any other suggestions?? remember on my right hand will be the same thing but with a fairy instead of a butterfly. except same wings yep i love it


still taking suggestions on colors since 3 weeks to t-day (haha tattoo day) so feel free to comment


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