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Karen Cheng - This lady must love perth
as much as I do!! Great read, web designer

Ayu - Another nutang bud, luv her
site designs! Sweet person..

Bitch- a "bitch" NOT! Cool Nutang girl!

KOban - NUtang boy who likes ff like me!, from sg too.

ShaShaBoo - she mah home girl..hehe
nutanger too!!

Vera - Frm Atlanta, US, alwiz has
something interesting to say!

JulAngel - Friend from 1st yr uni at Murdoch, Honkie at heart but living in Perth.

- another nutanger...very cool blog, she knows how to write!

Aussie Poida - A work friend, also from Perth. A live journal junkie/nintendo person
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The Incredibles
Tuesday. 1.4.05 6:45 am
yes it is pretty early in the morning becuz I am off to my first day at work soon! :) I still got those damn flutterbys...

I watched 'The Incredibles' last night with Gail, Jason, Brant (Jay's new guy) and Joel (Gail's work friend) at Carou. It was good! Funny and makes me wish I had super powers! It's just like me to do something kid like when I am feeling too much of an adult. :P

Plus animation, cartoons, kid movies always makes me happy when I am at my most saddest, anxious, lost times...nothing to worry about but just smile ^_^

Wish me the best of luck ppl! I got a hong bao from my parents last night, to cheer me on :) I really don't wanna to say goodbye to student life... :/

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Loving Perth
Sunday. 1.2.05 8.11pm

Subi from the train station, Rockerby Rd.

mood: chllin'

Sorry about the subject line....but yesh,,,I'm deeply in love with Perth. I dunno whether I will ever grow out of this infatuation becuz this city has won my heart over. I guess I will never be bored of it cuz of Freo, Subi, Mt lawley and northbridge. *sigh* :) My kohkoh says he is getting homesick whenever he returns to Canberra cuz he loves the people, the feeling of home.

My parents, bro and I went down to the South perth foreshore today and the sight was just awesome hey... I couldn't believe how long it has been since I went there. It must have been that time when I went with June to the skyshow with her sis and Nic.

Then the other day I took the train down to Subi, and walked around there all by my LIL self...hahaha and the weather was blissful. Just window shopping, the cafes, the life...ahhhh it's all to good. Perth is better kept a secret I think. ;) Shhhh.... These public holidays have given me "rest" time and it's pretty damn good, cuz I'm starting to enjoy this city. hahaha.

I have to start work in 2 more days...kinda got butterflies in my stomach...hehehe. Oh yea...if anyone has recently been to my other blogsite, murasaki*dream I have edited a few entries and placed passwords...for someone...

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The first day of the NU-year!!!
Saturday. 1.1.05 4:17 pm

Gail and her big party banner

John and Mel (who had her bday on 27th dec) cute rn't they?

Joel, Gail and Jason

Gail and I (me a bit red there from my first drink of the night hehe)

Will and Danae, another cute couple :)

Silly boo and me...not so cute couple hahaha

Gail's icecream cake from baskins YUMMMM!!

Heidi and her friend..this was the decorating committee! good on ya girls! :)

Me and Junie...we took so many attempts, couldn't stop laughing!

the birthday babes :)

Whoa it is so hot today but I luv it!!! The sun is shining so brightly and everyone is at the beach, at the park or in their homes. I just came back from Terry's house (my mum's friend) who we only see once a year, he is a good man, one of the best men I have known in my life becuz he is so generous and caring...he is like an uncle to me...becuz he has watched me and my bros grow up. Just had a nice new year bbq at his place. The year feels like it is gonna be a good one...I dunno, even with all that has happened (tsunamis and earthquakes) I believe it is a good sign. Usually when something bad happens something good has to follow to balance everything up. :) We can only think positively right now...

Yesterday I had work at the restaurant and it was rather bz but customers were aware that we had places to go and loved ones to spend time with at 12am. :) It was good to finish up at 10pm!! Fernando then picked me up and we went down to the swan river foreshore, near burswood to catch the glouster park fireworks. It was packed! So many ppl had the same idea hehehe. It was beautiful, not as big as Syd but romantic all the same :) It was good that they had 1 min silence at Burswood for the tsunami victims...I wouldn't feel right celebrating and being happy seeing the fireworks...My first yr without my family, a bit sad, but oh well...my lil bro went out too...at least this yr my older bro stayed at hm. Last yr it was my turn to stay with the folks. :)

Oooo...forgot to explain the pics...these are taken from Gail's 21st bday on 30th dec. It was good and I hope she had fun! We had a lil stripper man, but I won't display pics up here...cuz u dun know that kids might be browsing! hehehe. We also had slushy machines of strawberry daquiris, blue lagoon and we had ice cream cake from baskins ;) Along with a whole heap of other stuff... she hired out a hall n Ben was the DJ. She was so surprised at the stripper man...hahaha..cuz she had no clue!

It's been so fun! :) But yea feeling a bit tired...cuz been staying up so late these few nights. I start work next week at DIMIA! Scary...fulltime job! I was gonna quit the restaurant yesterday but I was rostered on! I duno how am I gonna do this?? Well... HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005 everyone!!!! Hope u had a great party and was safe about it. Good luck, good health, good times to all of you in 2005!!! *hugs*

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Tsunami sadness
Thursday. 12.30.04 8:40 am
Whenever I hear the news concerning the tsunami disaster I cannot help but tear, as I hear the death toll rise, see the countries in ruins and the survivors looking for their loved ones. I cannot believe such a natural disaster has taken the world by surprise...

I just heard one story this morning about a mother who was holding onto her two sons as she was nearly swept back into sea..and she had to make a choice to let go of one of her sons. Both are fairly young, below 3 yrs old! She let go of the oldest. But Thank God they managed to find him once again. As a mother to make that choice would be heart wrenching!!!

They say they deathtoll is estimated to be 100,000. And I think it is due to rise esp after once disease breaks out. I feel so sad for those ppl and the only way we can help is from our shores over here... When seeing this tradgedy I feel grateful and so lucky to have my loved ones here and feel safe from most natural disasters..as this is Perth!

Please if you are in Australia visit the Australian Red Cross to kindly send donations or even pray for the people involved.

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Dress hunting accomplished ;)
Wednesday. 12.29.04 4:52pm

My "21st bday" dress...hahaha which will be worn in 3 months time :p Thanks mum and dad!

Close up of the $190 dress...It looks better on the hangar...

The $40 dress, which I will prob wear to Gail's 21st tomorrow night

I'm quite happy today becuz I just called Rigoletto and they told me I am not working tonight woohoo! THANK YOU MARIO! ^_^

Plus I walked so much today in the city (and my feet kill!), I had to return a dress I bought yesterday becuz it resembled a nightgown! Instead, I got a dress for $40, half price and it was from David Jones! The SALES were crazy! @[email protected] But I love them, I am one of those shoppers who observe everything and everyone, prices and the feelings scrawled on ppl's faces. Hehehe...Some ppl take Sales too seriously! But they are sooooo fun!! It is smarter to wait for sales then to shop before Christmas DUH!

I know I shouldn't be so excited over purchases, but I can't tell u how long it has been since I have properly shopped!!! :) It is indescriable...and some would say it is ridiculous...but it is seriously a release for a GIRL! When u find that perfect buy, right price, what u need, and to know it was all hard work money put into something u like - it's worth it ;) The girls would understand :p I went into Subiaco (my fav town!) in hopes of finding shoes but came back to Perth and got poked on the shoulder by a significant someone - the significant other ;) *blush* He was off to work and could only take a couple of steps hand in hand together...hehehe.

My lil venture today in search for Gail's present and Mel's present ended in a shopping spree...oops! But before u think I'm a terrible friend, I got mel's present, both their cards and Gail's should be there tm ;)

Lucky it is not too often that I shop like this...cuz I couldn't spend like this usually with my budget! :p But the dresses are lovely and I will definitely keep them in shape ;) It's an investment cuz friends can borrow also! Tiff will be happy for me to know that my parents bought that "impossibale" dress which costs $190!!! But due to slight imperfection it got a 10% discount. Mann...you guys must be sooooo bored!!! hahaha!

Okie okie, let u off the hook...good luck with the dress hunting AYU!!! There's always the perfect one out there somewhere hehehe ;) Oh new year's coming up soon!!! Happy New year everyone! Will be back to wish u once again...coming close to the time. tk care all xo

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I want to go shopping!!
Monday. 12.27.04 6:16 pm
mood: hot!
I am going completely insane here staying at home with nothing to do!!!!! >_< My family has been at home for the past 3 days, the weather has been windy and hot, so it is beautiful...but we have not really done anything!! Doesn't feel so Christmassy this year...the only thing that is chrismassy about it is that I have been gaining weight! Well I feel it anyways...

The shops are closed for 3 days cuz these season's holidays have fallen on a weekend! Dammit! I could've gone for the SALES today! :/ I will go tomorrow I think and go hunting for that party dress once again. I have been working so hard I need a shopping break ;)

Today is my friend, Mel's bday! I can't wait till the 30th when Gail comes back and has her big 21st, cuz then I will be able to see everyone I have not seen in a long time! :) Yay! I can't do without my friends...being stuck at home for so long is driving me nuts...cuz I'm usually out somewhere...working or walking around. I miss Tiff too...I got a sms from her asking for my address so that she could send a postcard from New Zealand :)

I got to see my boo yesterday for a little while, and I was so happy ^_______^ finally we got to meet up during Boxing day cuz he busy with family and friends on Christmas...and I...hmmm...too much time to waste... ahahaha! I can't wait till the new year to spend time with him :) Hmmm I think we are into our 8th month now.

It is still so hot and sticky here in Perth...and to think other parts of the world have the gift of snow. I have never ever seen snow before :/ At least Tiff will see it for me and take piccies hehehe. :) Hope everyone is safe and having fun! Tk care all and shall catch up with u soon in the new year! *hugs*

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