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Wednesday. 11.1.06 12:08 am

today i played soccer with the soccer kids. since it was halloween, we dressed up in costumes and played. i was a red ninja. the costume was a youth large. my lungs didn't appreciate that.

it was totally kick ass though. me, space ghost, gay batman, and darth vader are the best team in the world.

currently listening to: flying at tree level by brand new


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a few updates.
Tuesday. 10.31.06 1:25 am
so a few updates have been made to the crappy geocities site i made... if you liked it before, then perhaps you'll like the new entries on it...

soon i will be moving it over to a new server. details will come soon.

also, i would really enjoy anyone's opinions on any of the topics covered. please, feel free to email me with your own rant. hell, come up with your own topic, and rant about it, or argue your case. i'll post anything good. email me ([email protected]) so you can get your arguments on my site!

again, http://www.geocities.com/notentirelytrue

currently listening to: faith by bedlight for blueeyes


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crappy geocities site.
Friday. 10.27.06 11:41 pm
look guys...

i am too lazy to pay for a domain name. so i set up a crappy geocities site where you can read what my friend and i have to say about various subject matter. i just started it, so it's pretty small now, but if people like it, and i get feedback, i'll maintain it. please visit.


currently listening to: anthem part 2 by blink 182


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past weekend.
Monday. 10.23.06 8:50 am
this past weekend was pretty sweet.

on saturday b-fer and i smashed for a bit until we went to danny's house for some halo and smosh video watching. those guys are the epitome of insane. after that we watched some of SNL and then split our separate ways.

sunday was, of course, soccer day. no football, because we didn't have enough to play. perhaps next weekend.

after soccer we went back to stiki blikiq's house where i proceeded to whoop! him at stratego. we then watched the office, and then some of them were playing one of the tony hawk games for a while. it was entertaining.

"do the sexy!"

currently listening to: without regret by feeling left out


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walk the line.
Saturday. 10.21.06 9:16 am
i watched walk the line yesterday.

i didn't think i was going to like it. i never heard anything by johnny cash before, intentionally at least, and i had no idea what his life was like or about. when i turned the movie on, i was surprisingly sucked into it. it was awesome. i definitely recommend seeing it.

holy crap. the weekend is here already?

sweeeeeeeet pickins!

currently listening to: life or life like by the outline


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pretty awesome day.
Wednesday. 10.18.06 10:34 pm
wednesday, eh? good television programs on. 30 rock and LOST. doesn't get better than that. mostly because of LOST.

i watched tank girl earlier. well, about half of it. ;)

pretty awesome day. niki made me breakfast. :)

hmm. i wrote that kind of backwards.

oh well. i liked it.

currently listening to: oh how cliche by the audition


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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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