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Closed minded
Sunday. 9.21.08 10:30 am
"She was so open minded that her brains started falling out."
"Your mind is like a window, whether it is stuck open or it is stuck closed, you have still lost use of the window."

I've always had an issue with people calling other people 'closed minded'. It's just a phrase, an idea of judgment, that really ticks me off. Who are you to say that they are 'closed minded'? It's like you are saying that you are somehow enlightened, when they are not. How are you so sure that you understand their perspective so intrisically that you can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is nothing that you can learn from how they see the world. Until you can say that, until you can know that, I can't see how you might call anyone 'closed minded'.

I suppose it all boils down to a sense that you are truly not justified in judging anyone and to discount someone based on the material of 'closed mindedness' is not a great struggle as it would be to not judge people of other things, but rather an act of arrogance that renders you incapable of enjoying those who don't see the world the way YOU do.

In this rant, however, I must confess that I am judging these people myself and that I am a hypocrit merely in the retelling. But I am a sinner and I know it, and, while I see the irony, I also feel shedding the Light on this issue is worth it and I will try not to ever use one's 'closed mindedness' statement as a reason to discount them, either.

All I want to say is that we have a lot to learn and we should keep our options open as far as who we premit ourselves learn it from.

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Cheap Scares?
Saturday. 9.13.08 6:09 pm
“Many of today’s thrillers are about gore and torture, not fear and anxiety.” ‘Carnage for Kids’ David Barringer

I think this is pretty true. They have figured out how to make me hurl, but they haven’t figured out how to make me spooked. I think everyone is picking up on it. In Changeling: the Lost, they specifically say that you can take points off of someone’s check to scare someone if they just jump out from behind a bush to scare someone as opposed to actually working at it. Why have we gotten so lazy?

I wonder if that is why my book doesn’t contain so many gruesome images, because that is something that I am reacting against in my society? Perhaps, though I must admit, it might have more to do with the fact that I don’t really like to be scared.

But what do you think? Do you think that David Barringer has a point or are modern horror movies still using more thoughtful ways of generating horror.

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Are two car crashes too much for one novel?
Friday. 9.5.08 10:02 pm
I have two car crashes in my book now... The second one is, admittedly, not fatal, but still, I feel like I have used the car crash too many times. The question is, what is a better way for people who are not going in the same direction one of which is preparing to leave your novel forever, to reunite? Car crashes are arresting: you must stop if you get into a car crash. *sigh*

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I want to give my friend HCV...
Thursday. 9.4.08 12:10 pm
Today we are doing a project in graphics. The idea is that you have to create a poster that makes someone start or stop something near instantaneouly. I have a poster with a mysterious flap on it. Curiousity compelling, it is designed so that you will look under the flap. My friend is making a poster to make you freaked out about HCV. Apparently it can live on surfaces for up to a month! (gross) and it has no vaccine or cure! AHHH!!!

So, I was thinking of her and I come across this lovely site called GIANTmicrobes where you can buy beanie babie sized plushie models of real diseases! One of their 'awareness' plushies is a cute HCV microbe. I think it would make a great gift.


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Back from the convention!
Tuesday. 9.2.08 10:41 am
Well, I'm back! Here I am, seated at my computer, armed with my new sidekick, Elvis Cthulhu (5$ can you believe it?!?!) I had a lot of fun. Met a lot of old friends and even made some new ones. I ahd one very strange encounter. I met a friend of mine from church a long time ago! She was there for about a year and then left. I always kind of wondered what happened to her and 'lo, there she was! She's married now and a gamer. It's a small world after all.

I didn't win anything this convention. I didn't even win at werewolves... and I was a villager. Usually I'm better at that, but nooo. The best way to win werewolves when I am playing, I think, is for people to lynch me early so I stop confusing them... and myself. Side notes aside, I had fun anyway. I have a lot of cards that I really wanted for my token deck. We'll see if it actually works this time. Well, until later!

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My characters have all the fun
Friday. 8.29.08 12:07 am
I have been writing a lot lately. I have plowed through chapter 9 with almost entirely new material. My job is sort of like cooking a dinner so that all the dishes come out at the right time. My character's job is to eat it.

I must be hungry because I am having a lot of dinners lately. Cicero and Alice just went out, before that, Zion and Diane had lunch (at one of my favorite sandwhich places here, I might add), Zion cooked his amazing Macaroni before that and I am generally jealous of the lot of them. Not only are they having mind blowing dates and rushing of romantic emotions, but they are getting to eat delicious quality food! THEIR throats aren't sore from the mysterious ailment that plagues their creator. They aren't traipsing halfway across campus just to go to some random class. I guess they might be... but I don't write about that. I suppose it all ends up fair in the end, though. Their problems have been enough for 31,000 words of material and things are just getting started! (Just to give you an idea [for those who know] Ocean Pacific was 34,000 words in its most recent completed version... this book is friggen looooong!) So yeah. I want good food!

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