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A little game for you...
Tuesday. 2.6.07 8:46 pm
Why not have a little fun? Here's a game I found to play--see if you can find them all!

**Note: The instructions are in Chinese, but the game is pretty much self-explanatory. Have fun! ;)

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Good Evenin'!
Monday. 2.5.07 5:23 pm
Oh...I really wish I had Twilight and New Moon with me now. I re-read the former last week and I want to read read the latter now! *pout*

I seem to have a lot of phlegm in my throat and it's really bothering me. I've been clearing my throat all day, trying to be discreet and undisruptive. I wanted to drink milk, but I can't. This morning my ma told me I couldn't have sweet stuff(honey, candy, soda), either. Anything else that contirbutes to phlegm? Ehhhhhhh....

See those words to the left? That's the navigation for my site, in case you haven't noticed. Hover your mouse over 'em and they'll tell you what each leads to. Oh, and my cbox is all the way down the page below the main layout box. ^-^ Don't forget to leave a message!

Vote for me! --in the NWF
Vote for me! --my avvie in ikimashokie's Avatar contest

A new contest for you all: whomever makes the best letter/desciption of Masterpiece Theater wins 100pps. Objective: to persuade my mother to allow me to watch it every Sunday.

**Note: Prize 'money' negotiable. The dot is a push-over. **

Don't forget!
the Dot

--I added the lyrics to "In My Own Little Corner". Remember? It was Julie Andrew's song from the TV special Cinderella.

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Sunday. 2.4.07 10:36 pm
**Warning: My review of Masterpiece Theater's The Ruby in the Smoke**

I just finished watching The Ruby in the Smoke on Masterpiece Theater. IT's a part of a series written by Phillip Pullman. I believe I had read the first book and wanted to continue, but apparently, I didn't get a chance to.

All I have to say is: an hour and a half for one Phillip Pullman's books is not gonna cut it. It was too short, the middle (a.k.a most important part--including plot, etc.) was rushed, the ending left us hanging. All in all, not the best it could have been. The ending was at most, anticlimatic. Not to say it wasn't interesting, riveting, and my nose glued to the screen, but...*shrug* yeah.

But Billie Piper was pretty good. Her British accent was a little different and she is twenty when Sally Lockhart is supposed to be sixteen, but she did better than I thought she would. *nod nod* I like her. The same way I though Ruth Wilson wasn't much, but she was great in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre.

And I was a little...enamored by Mr. Rochester--Toby Stephens. *cough chough* Eh-hem. I'm such a romanticist. *rolls eyeballs*

off to finish my little bowl of ramen before drifting to Sleepyland,
the Dot

--I added the lyrics of Julie Andrew's soprano "In My Own Little Corner" from Cinderella. It's one of my all-time favorites! Go ahead and check it out, see if you can sing along!

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Sunday. 2.4.07 6:19 pm
Yes, the topic of today's piece will be the ever confounding ICE.

This curious development of the water element was seen on my way to ISSAC, a place where a few friends volunteer on Sundays.

They had first met their 'manager/superviser' through me; I had invited them to participate in some volunteering event or other. The man was to watch over the office upstairs while the others went about the streets on business. We met, introductions made, and got along. He asked us to help out some days, we agreed. I could only help out for about two weeks before my teaching sessions started for the year.

Anywayz, they've been helping out since. Okay, there was a period of six weeks or so that they didn't go, but...=P Soo, I was going for a visit after my meeting. I wasn't sure if I remembered where it was, but I got there soon enough. I climbed the stairs and walked quickly through the place until I reached his office. Instead of the two/three teenage girls I expected, he was the only one inside the door! >.< I scurried past the door and deciding they weren't there after all, turned around and ran past the door again. I made my way down the stairs and out the door as quickly as possible. I did not want to see him. Or him to see me. >.>'' Heh.

They weren't there!! >=[ Arrrgh. That was when I saw The Ice. A curious looking brown mound on the ground with crystallized edges. It's cooold these days so when I bundle up, I unvariably start walking with my head bent towards the floor. I saw the mound and yet continued to walk until my foot landed right on top of it.
And I slipped.

Wheeeeeeeeeee! Eeeeeeeeeee!

It was a puddle(if that's the right word for it) of some sort of frozen drink. Coffee, perhaps, or tea w/ milk. Whatever it was, it made me curse for the first time today! *gasp* 0.0 *faint* Ah, nevermind. Let me dust myself off before continuing. *pat pat*

Now...actually, I have nothing else to say. Nothing whatsoever else to talk about. So here are some reminders:

Vote for me in the NWF!
Vote for my avvie in the Ikimashokie's Avvie Contest!

I've decided to have a contest of my own: whomever can make the best letter/description of Masterpiece Theater wins 100pps. Objective: To persuade my mother to allow me to watch it every Sunday. make it into a ritual, habit, routine perhaps. ;)
*Note: Prize 'money' negotiable. Remember, the Dot is a true pushover. XD

Latah! ('-^)=b
the Dot

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Saturday. 2.3.07 9:32 pm
Home sweet home...I sit on a quilted mat on the floor, leaning against the new red couch, the T.V. turned to some old movie, and the laptop across my thighd. Comfort. Warmth. Fatigue running in my system, but hasn't caught up to me yet. =] I'll feel it soon. Right after I finish typing this, I'm going to put it, the laptop, away and snuggle up under the covers for a little nap. Oh! I have to teach tomorrow...dang it. I really have no free time or any time to myself anymore...*sigh*

Here's a website for Twilight/New Moon lovers:
There's only five kinds of T-shirts so far, but I'm glad they're selling Edward/Bella props. ^-^ It's the Grand Opening of the site--pre-orders started on Jan. 25th and shipping starts Feb. 10th. No international for now, only U.S. Check it out!

See ya'll latah...good night. (-.-)ZZZzzzzz
the Dot

p.s. @The-Muffin-Man, lazypuppy, and whomever else I'm forgetting: I want it! =D Except my plan still has a year to go and it's T-Mobile, not Verizon. Too bad. Thanks for the offer, though. ;)

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Friday. 2.2.07 9:13 pm
A poor little dot in need of new phone. New for the dot, the phone may be second hand for you readers. Urgent! Must have by end of weekend/early next week. Call 222-4444 or note the dot concerned. **Note: I like even numbers =]

Did I mention I still don't have a phone yet? Apparently, no one has any old ones lying around. The newest phone in my house not being used is from about...3 years ago. Yep. A few of my friends have Motorola and they return the used phones in exchange for money...so that's a no-no for me. =/

Anybody have an old phone fer me? Pleeeease? Pretty please with lotsa blackberries(fruit not technology), grapes, and Dibs ice weam on top? That's the stuff in my fridge--the stuff I like anyway. Well, the blackberries and grapes are here, the Dibs are in my dad's fridge in another borough. =P

Ah, I gotta fix the font for this layout. It's a bit small and hard to read...and waht's with the spacing?!

Buh-bye! ^-^ *wave*
the Dot

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Thursday. 2.1.07 6:52 pm
Hello! Like the new layout? I've been waiting and I finally put it up. Welcome to February, everybody! ^-^

A few hours ago, I jogged my way through the automatic doors and passed the doorman as he held the glass 'n metal open for me. A little breeze of warmth blew my hair and kissed my cheek. But my hands felt nothing. They were numb. Bright red and numb. I began blowing and shaking out my joints, watching my fingers turn white where I squeezed them. Man, they were cold. They're fine now--I'm typing quickly and easily. ;)

Some good news, for me anyway, our schedule has gotten shorter. Something about wanting more time for the afterschool tutoring/clubs/meetings/10th period and whatnot. So, starting today, the school day starts at 8am and ends at approx. 2:45pm. =] Nice, no?

Ah, I gotta go. See ya'll later!
the Dot

p.s. I've noticed how small the text is--I'll fix that when I have the chance. =D

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Wednesday. 1.31.07 10:53 pm
I just watched the news and this story struck me as unbelievable. Crazy.

A woman was stopped by police, arrested, and brought to the police station.
What's unbelievable was that she was bleeding the entire time and the two policemen did nothing. The woman kept repeating that she was bleeding, she wanted to go to the hospital, she was three months pregnant, and they ignored her. Incredibly, one of them was a police woman and said the blood was from her menstrual cycle! It was the man who had first said the bleeding and pregnancy was a bunch of excuses. I just can't believe that his partner agreed with him.

They ignored her pleas for help and brought her down to the station anyway. There she stayed for hours, changing her pants several times that night. By the time she got to the hospital, the damage was done. It was a miscarriage.

Don't think that all this was a theory or based upon circumstantial evidence. The entire thiung was recorded by the camera on the dashboard of the police car. Every word, every action, every plea repeated over and over. At one time, she even pointed at the blood at the bottom of her car and the police woman shook her head, insisting, "I'm a woman, too."

Can you believe that?! G*d! Jes*s! (Note: astericks are for those who are religious, because I am not.)

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