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ok some updates
Saturday. 9.8.07 3:18 pm
ok, i turned 21 (ya'll knew that) jessica (my sister) has not had her baby, but is dialated to a 2 and 50 some odd precent effaced, ummm willi mac is great, she was copying me saying oh my god yesterday it was cute.....we got a car, its a green saturn, 1999 four doors nothing electric about it (like locks or windows...cept the sunroof) ummmmm didn't get my tattoo bought me some necklaces instead i know i said i'd get a treadmill but some other bills popped up so yeah.....ummmm not much else has happened. gotta get back to work

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happy day after birthday yay!!!
Friday. 9.7.07 2:33 pm
ok so i didn't get drunk but i did buy some bacardi silver raz, the lady didn't even card me at first, i made her card me. i only drank one of them cause i had to work today. yep.

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happy birfday to me
Thursday. 9.6.07 2:32 pm
happy birfday to me

yay!! 21st b-day

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Sunday. 9.2.07 1:35 pm
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net


anyway to add something, we found a way to get our compy, obviously not all at on ce cause were poor but we order as many parts as we have spare money, then we put it together once they all come in....yay!!

as soon as i catch up to what was written most recent i'll stop posting these and start writing reall stuff again!! yay!! 2 days till 21st

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