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Night life is back.. ;)
Saturday. 1.15.05 8:21 pm
mood: danced-out
Last night I went to Metro city. Not because of all the recent talk about being "old" but becuz it was my friend, Jeanne's bday. :) I was quite excited about going, but then again half of me just wanted to stay home and veg-out in front of the tv. Hehehe. I should get out more these days...cuz or then, my week would only consist of work. :/

I picked up Tiff from Rigoletto at 10:30pm and we got Metros at 11:10pm. We had missed the free entry! DAMMIT! So we had to pay bloody $15 to get in. So expensive! And we only stayed about 3 hours. The scene was as I remembered it...but now there are even more AZNS! It used to be so multicultural...I just hope it doesn't turn into another CHURCH!

The rnb music was too good! We danced like for 3 hrs straight...and I my feet were killing afterwards, guess I am getting OLD cuz I used to be able to dance all night! :) But yea I still got it...hahaha. I like it when ppl comment me on my dancing, but sometimes it annoys me when I can't dance with my girls alone. :/ They are like "You are a good dancer. A natural. May we dance with you", I only let them dance within the circle, cuz most guys just wanna be "funny". Hmmm.... I miss my boo...sometimes I wished I could show these azn guys my boy hahaha. Then they will think twice about approaching :p

One tip I took from this 21st party: don't drink till u drop on the floor...but to enjoy with only a couple of drinks and then dance and enjoy the company of friends. Too much drinking ruins a good time!

But yea..this was one night of release...dunno whether I will go again, maybe once Gail gets back. :D Today I'm off to the beach for the first time in years!!! yay! hahaha! Can't wait to get a tan. :p I'm sooooo ghostly white..

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How old am I REALLY???
Friday. 1.14.05 11:17 pm
mood: feeling beyond 20...
I'm sure u have all heard how old I have been feeling recently... I have posted this quiz result up in sister_murasaki too. It's to find out how old am I in my mind...and the result was shocking and somewhat scary! :/

I have the maturity of a 26 yr old! Man that is old! That is like when I am married, with a career, steady rships, security etc. DAMN! Hmmm...I'm even glad the WEEKEND IS HERE! Usually it is the other way around, as I worked checkouts on the weekends when I was at uni. I mean I am still at Curtin Uni...but it will definitely be a challenging yr for me. 26!!!! GEEEZZZZ!!! ppl plssssssssss...

You Are 26 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Pls try it out everyone! And lemme noe ur result! Drop a comment :) Ahhhh I love that song by Micheal Gray "The Weekend"...it's my theme song from now on. LOL! It's a dancey, trancey kinda song...wicked to dance to...am I still sounding like a 26 yr old??

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missin my creature comforts
Wednesday. 1.12.05 7:46 pm

my fascination with the sky :) I should've became an astronaut!

The only reason I want to go to the north, auroras!

I've been a hard working employee these pass few days that it has caused my head to hurt (info overload), my ass to get flat (sitting too much), my heart to palpitate (stress) and a shortness in breath (exhausted from duties). I just realised I will be trained to take on at least 3 ppl's jobs! YIKES! :/

But I look at the good side of things, I'm learning and constantly challenging myself. Soon it will become second nature ;) well...hopefully. I have never felt so engrossed with work and it is beginning to get to me. Cuz I miss my o-so-slack existence that I had once before... I should've have treasured it and spent more time being slack...hahaha!

I also kinda miss woolies and the italian restaurant...cuz of my friends and cuz the work didn't really require so much responsibility and pressure to be "perfect". I hate balancing accounts. It majorly sucks! I'm sure u guys will agree with me. :)

I'm so glad that I will be able to catch up with Adel and Ams soon...and hopefully see Tiff too. Last night I had a break and it was nice to spend it with Fernando. We found this new park, and it was beautiful becuz you could really see the night sky and all the stars. No clouds out that night too. It was just so romantic n we haven't seen each other in like a week and a half...so yea i was missing him soooooooo >.< It's just nice to lie down on a nice patch of grass and stare up :) Especially in the field where there aren't many lights...try it! It's awesome doods!

list of the missed creatured comforts:
~ midday tv
~ morning walks
~ internet access
~ sleep ins
~ shopping n hanging out with friends
~ bumming
~ staring into space (which I do every now and then hehe)

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First day in finance
Monday. 1.10.05 9:53 pm
mood: good

I was a bit nervous at first...cuz I know SHIT ALL ABOUT FINANCE..*ahem* but it was pretty good day at work. It was my first day! Met all my workmates...tried to learn some of the ropes...but so blurrrrr...

Haha... cuz I was chatting to Tiff last night. SHE IS BACK! Man it was great chatting with my girl for an hour. Made me feel so at ease about starting work :) I had a long day though...they got me to read one of the circulars which included regulations, policies and acts...damn boring but have to do it!

Nice enough of my colleagues to celebrate my "newcoming" by taking me out to lunch :) The day sped by pretty fast...but I was nodding off to sleep when I was reading those circulars! -_-

Last night I also met up with Ron to have dinner. My treat of course...cuz it was his bday. But yea...sooooo full..ate at Matsuri!!! I've been eating too much..it's making me feel so gross. :/ Still love japanese food and that beed tataki (raw beef strips dipped with special lime vinegar sauce mmmm...). And their Green tea ice-cream is divine ;) But yea...it's nice to have friends around to remind u to still have fun...not work all the time :)

Gawd...all this food. My desk is so empty at work..I should decorate it hehehe. I'm happy with my private space and my lil phone. :) I hope they get me to do work soon OR i'll have to entertain myself... :p Hope u guys over any Monday blues. Have a GREAT week! xxxooo

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It's been decided...
Saturday. 1.8.05 7:42 am
mood: complacent

Whoa! I have been waking up so early...even for a SATURDAY!! It must be my body clock wanting to wake up for work...uuurggghhhh dammit! Can't I go back to sleep? Well at least I get my weekends back. Although I do have one last shift tonight at Rigoletto and I have a feeling the girls and my boss will ask me a lot of questions about my new job. :/ The thing is I can't let out too much becuz anything concerning DIMIA is fairly private. No wonder it is so cool...hahaha :)

They have decided where to place us newbies on thurs. I found out I am going to FINANCE! Even though I have not much experience in the area, they know I can count money and it is good to know they can trust me with the dept money matter s ;) My desk shall have a view and window! WOOHOO! And my supervisor is a malaysian lady from Penang...which is great :) I consider myself pretty lucky these past few days...I can't believe so many good things can happen.

But..I still continue to feel terrible about the tsunami victims..I should refrain from viewing the news coverages on the topic, esp those done by today tonight channel 7. My heart just aches and my chest hurts, my throat is dry and tight and my eyes well up...it's just too sad...

Sorry to say that in every entry, but it is such a big issue to just be forgotten. It will take years to heal! Besides the sadness in my heart...I feel guilty for all this happiness and good fortune bestowed upon me. :( Becuz yesterday I too found out good news...that my application for APS3 (level 3 officer) has been granted. Yay for the extra money...but urrrggghhhh for the extra work..cuz I still gotta study uni on the side. :/

I got an email from Adel and Ams! Yay! I'm so happy...so I can see the girls soon...whoa u guys...when was the last time we caught up? hehehe. :) Miss u!! Tiff arriving back today! *grinz*

Ok everyone I'm going to leave on a final note: "Australia unites to help Asia" at 6:30pm tonight, all channels! Please donate even if it is $5, I shall be... go to the World Vision website for more details on how u can help! Thank you very much... tk care all...and have a great weekend :-)

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Security pass pluuuesseeeee!!!
Wednesday. 1.5.05 7:13 pm

My special lil security pass, the photo is shit though...

mood: happi with my job!

I'm actually happy to wake up these past 2 days to go to the boring and grueling induction session held by DIMIA'S HR team...it is soooo strange? I find myself sleeping half way through some speeches but then others I'm quiet alert! On my first day...I was just like jelly...I was nervous...moody...excited all rolled into one! ^_^ But when the day was through I met so many nice ppl, learnt so many new things and got excited about the work.

Today was just as good...I'm so awake in this job. Waking up everyday at 6.30am isn't so bad...cuz I find myself just wanting to go to work. Hahahaha! Does that sound INSANE? God...finally I find a job I'm motivated about... *grinz* I can't wait to find out tm which section I shall be placed in. AWwwwwww...it'll be so cool if I could be in 'compliance'...they do the dirty work. But u know how I like to do that kinda stuff...e.g. catch illegals behind restaurant kitchens, brothels, send bad ppl home, interview criminals...hahaha soooo coool! CAN'T WAIT TO KICK ASS - if I have to..

But any placement in that dept is gonna be excellent... ;) *sigh* Also *double sigh* Gail has gone back to Kal today :( Last night, Mel, Gail and I went for dinner at Ambassador Court, nice chinese food place. And I ORDERED DESSERT!!!!!!???? AT what chinese restaurant does a CHINESE order dessert? I was shocked at myself!! 0_0 hahaha..

So happy Tiff is coming back this Sat, but then again I prob mentioned that already :p I'm excited also to be starting the packing process to move into the new house. haha the 4th house in Perth! I'm so used to this...

Still, I'm sad in my heart for the victims of the tsunami...the death toll has reached 150,000 :( Still praying... and Australian tv is joining forces...channel 7, 9 and 10 on this Saturday 6.30pm, to hold a concert to raise funds. I'm so shocked, but yet...so touched by humanity...we can be so compassionate and giving and helpful one another even though we don't know each other personally. I must say...I'm proud to be human :)

I wished I had worked before at DIMIA so I could be sent as one of the immigration workers to help out in Asia.. but just working at this place makes me so happy...cuz I can help ppl and make them happy too. :)

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