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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Sunday, April 14, 2013
Have you guys heard of chia seeds? If yes, did you guys know chia seeds have a lot of grades?

I was recently introduced to an ultimate grade of chia seeds. My introducer was trying to help me to address my backache and I agreed to try it out. There is a regime I have to follow and I did.

It turned out to be horrible. I vomited three times and I didn't have any food in my body for the past 24 hours. I vomited whatever I ate including plain broth.

I called up my introducer because I could not survive another day with such severe gastritis. Actually I just wanna stop the whole regime...

The introducer reduced my dosage to a teaspoon for the next day and I was feeling so much better... after that.

I was so tired with all those toilet visiting... that I freaked out all my colleagues in the office. And yes, the puking took place in the office twice... and the toilet floor...

That I slept like a baby. I asked not to have a nightmare, but I dreamed of a friend who molested me 2 years ago telling me that the girl who banned and deleted me off FB has gone to England to study. Oh. Nice. Is that true? I wanna call him up for verification, but I don't want to give him another chance to think I can't live without a man...

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Learn, learn, learn
Monday. 4.8.13 12:06 pm
I actually have low patience when comes to talking to a friend from XXX. I'm not a racist and am an open-minded person, but he drives me up the wall.

I have dedicated a post somewhere a few months ago on him. And this is another post I'm dedicating to him. Seriously, I don't like to waste my time on such people. If we were not linked because of administering a FB platform, I would like to have my own space and time with books.

Ok. So what's up with this guy recently?

Recently, we decided to meet up to discuss of the direction of the platform. With lacklustre marketing strategy or rather non-existing, we garnered a huge number of fans!

Anyways... I told him on the phone that we

meet up at 2.30 pm
tea in some cafe.

So on that date itself, he called up at 2 pm and I was having lunch. So I told him I'm having lunch and invited him to join me for lunch.

Alright. He showed up. Sulking.

And I said what's up?

He was expressing how angry he was about me having lunch without him. And indirectly making me feel "Renaye's has a f*king poor common sense. What the f*** is wrong with your brain that you don't understand that 2.30 pm means it's lunch together?"

I was appalled. I stood back in my shell and reflected on my words. I knew his character pretty well even though I'm not close to him - like hell I want - and told him clearly that I said it's TEA not lunch and tea means light food. And by the way, won't 2.30 pm a little too late for lunch? So who's common sense is absent?

I tried reasoning with him or rather trying my best to educate him about Malaysian culture that we don't really have lunch at 2.30 pm unless I say it's LUNCH. But he was berating me " NO, IN XXX, IT MEANS LUNCH. WHY THE HELL DID U HAVE LUNCH WITHOUT ME?! U KNOW I WAS SO MAD THAT I FEEL LIKE LEAVING WHEN I HEARD U SAID U R HAVING LUNCH?!"

But in Malaysia, we have tea at 2.30 pm and lunch by 2 pm??


But this is Malaysia, not XXX?


Look. I don't know who is madder. Why was he so mad about my people's culture?

I kept reflecting myself all afternoon. I expected a foreigner to follow Malaysian culture when that person may not understand. But didn't I try to share with him about that? Was I too pushy? So is it fair for him to inflict his culture onto me whereby he is trying to replicate his culture so he doesn't feel culture shock? I can exchange but I don't think inflicting is the right action. So why am I absorbed into his little world?

I later asked another friend from the same country as he is who had studied in Malaysia before. Later I found out that lunch in their country is from between 12 -3 pm. So if I were to invite him for tea at 2.30 pm, it means it's with meals. I see. Interesting. And when I switched to Malaysia, this friend can instantly answered "Oh that's consider late for Malaysians, it will be just tea."


I regained my confidence in common sense. And I'm trying my best to not contact him at all cost unless necessary.

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Saturday. 4.6.13 8:08 am
Just wondering would you put a USD 3000 worth handbag on the toilet floor?

My family cannot fathom why would someone do that given the floor is freaking dirty.

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dry soul
Thursday. 4.4.13 12:03 pm
My body is telling me I need a holiday like now. My body is wanting to be with something but I cannot decipher.


Going to a beach and listen to the wave is like what my body needs, but where should I go?? No money ... alone... which beach?

I'm going crazy... I really need a break. I didn't take any break for the past one year... It was all working holiday...

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Wedding in the dream
Wednesday. 4.3.13 9:55 am
I'm invited to a wedding somewhere in Southeast Asia since last year. The groom informed me tentatively that it will be in May. But until today he hasn't confirmed.

I have blanked my calendar for over 3 months so I can attend the wedding... but can the groom be efficient in planning it? And there's no cheap tickets now.

My patience has really dried up. I am not excited to attend any more. I'm instead irritated that time is wasted on waiting.

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I'm ET.
Sunday. 3.31.13 5:20 am
I'm ET.

Really. I think.

I was reading up Doreen Virtue's book on Earth Angels and I found myself under the category of Starpeople. These kind of people often don't feel Earth as home and have a hard time adapting to earth life and many more characteristics, which I could relate. This somehow makes me understand why I had such a hard time growing up in my household. To be frank, I think I finally adapted to life here.

The most ... eerie (?) part is I was reading elsewhere that starpeople might receive visitors or a guide when we are at the age of 5. We might not recognise who this guide is, but we will just know who they are. I had experienced this twice or even thrice. I remember seeing a black figure during bedtime in my family's bedroom when I was around 5. My family members were already asleep and I thought it was the car light from our room window that was shining my father's back, but it wasn't. It just stood there, and I heard a voice telling me it's father. Being an innocent child, I ignored it and went to sleep.

I saw this figure again in 2009 and also on my 19th birthday.

Anyways, if you want to read more about this, try clicking here Starpeople Angel. It's a cut and paste from the book I mentioned.

Whether or not I'm ET, new age stuff is interesting to read and learn. So read with an open mind.

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