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When Cynacism Strikes
Sunday. 9.20.09 2:10 pm
I saw The Spirit last night. Gotta say, I didn't think much of it. Seemed awfully childish to me. The plot was simple, the villain was simple, the main character was frightfully simple...The Octopus reminded me of Floop from Spy Kids. With a villain as entertaining as all that, it's hard not to have some really funny parts...but those were the only things the movie had going for it. The visual effects were sort of annoying, honestly. The soles of his feet have snow on them! Ohh my gosh!


It was a kid's movie that was taking itself way too seriously. Or an adult movie that was way too childish.

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A little social commentary from Sum 41.

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Oh, bother
Wednesday. 9.16.09 9:14 pm
I think of so many things to write about during the day, but I don't even get time to right them down because some other thought pushes them out of the way. How infuriating.

I found a new webcomic and it is amazing. Also found a new anime, and it's pretty swell, too.

Later. Maybe.


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Wednesday. 9.9.09 6:24 pm
Today was a strange day. It was the first day of the new and improved "late start" day, where we come to school 2 hours later but leave at the same time. This year, instead of the "homeroom" class the entire school gets let out in the courtyard/cafeteria for 25 minutes.

Sound like a good idea? NO.

They didn't mention that there wouldn't actually be any food served in the cafeteria, so about 600 kids stormed the tiny room with the snack machines.

Gah. I got busted for walking on the grass, which was interesting because the lady thought that I'd seen her and purposefully walked on the grass anyway, which wasn't true. I just didn't see her. And I figured a 10 foot path of grass would survive being walked on once, compared to me going about 70 feet out of my way through a raging crowd of teenagers. Those numbers are pretty accurate, FYI.

Prophets of War is a song that reminds me heavily of Muse in some places...and the title is lovely word play. Whee!

I had a good day, though. I don't mind the messed up schedule so much.

I think there was more, but right now I gotta go pack a bit. :D


WE LEAVE TOMORROW~!~~~~~!!!!!!!



I dunno

perhaps its an acronym. and you just didnt know it. your fingers typed it, because they just KNEW it was right.


Oh, it means OH REALLY.

But I don't know why I said that.


i kindof like orgasmic righteous leaping young yippers better

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Northwestern Swimmers: We feel like strippers.
Tuesday. 9.8.09 9:44 pm
I had a lot of fun today.

I was talking to Shannon on facebook about watching 9 this Friday with her and some of her friends before I realized that it wasn't Shannon at all, but in fact Shawn, who is actually really annoying. It doesn't matter, I couldn't have gone anyway. But wow.

I'll be doing excessively awesome things this weekend, like white water rafting and camping out. I'm moderately excited.

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