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double blog.
Tuesday. 2.27.07 11:17 pm
this is a double blog. so be prepared.

did anyone catch "are you smarter than a 5th grader?" if you didn't, let me enlighten you.

fox has created a new game show where adults must answer questions straight out of textbooks found for grades 5 and below. easy, right? wrong. wrong? wrong. right? right.

...somehow fox managed to find the only u.s. history major graduate of UCLA that didn't know who the first president was to be impeached... that is pretty impressive. is it that easy to find complete morons to go on a show where you are up against ten year-olds? jesus christ.

and of course they got jeff foxworthy to host it. seems fitting, as his answer to "are you smarter than a 5th grader" probably consists of "no" and some random crappy redneck joke. we get it jeff, you're trailer trash.


the people at nintendo need to come out with some better games for the wii virtual console. i'm talkin' battletoads, marble madness, and mendel palace. aw hell, throw in kid chameleon just for nick.

anyone have a wii? that is some fun stuff right there.

who the hell made toejam and earl? that game fucking blows.

that's all for now.

currently listening to: thriller by fall out boy


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random sounds...
Friday. 2.23.07 1:08 am

this is funny. well, at least it is to me.

go to www.geocities.com/thaitanic21/mix.mp3 and listen.

it's a "song" composed of random sounds that b-fer and i made. i thought it was hilarious... it's not quite finished, but you get the point...

currently listening to: fist wrapped in blood by silverstein


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the SRA
Wednesday. 2.21.07 12:25 am

i hope i get this job at the SRA (www.sra.com). i'll be very pleased.

i hope my resume's good enough for it.

*crosses fingers*

*looks to the sky* i don't ask for much... but vishnu, don't fail me now!

currently listening to: monkey wrench by the foo fighters


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ghost rider.
Sunday. 2.18.07 11:46 pm
warning: do not see the new movie "ghost rider" starring nicholas cage and eva mendez.

well, i guess you can go see it, if you want to sit through two hours of complete bullshit followed by some credits.

i know what you're thinking; the previews made this movie not look so bad, but believe me when i say that the writing was terrible and the storyline was subpar.

the entire movie takes place in some random hick town where a motorcyclist pair of father and son are a hit at some circus conventi...


oh, i'm sorry. i almost fell asleep typing the beginning of the plotline. yeah, it's that bad. in fact, i'm not going to describe any more of the specifics of the story, because it's a complete waste of my and your time. i guess i can sum up the movie in

1. guy sells soul to satan.
2. guy "fights" demons.
3. roll credits.

oh, and by "fight", i meant that the ghost rider spent two seconds of confrontation with some random unexplained elemental monster.

you know what? i'm getting bored trying to talk about this movie. in fact, go see it for yourself. if you like it, well, then i just don't think there's an explanation that would justify your enjoyment.

...with movies at such high prices, i expect fucking masterpieces, not masterpieces of shit. i could've coughed up something more entertaining.

come on, nicholas cage. you're supposed to be that one actor who is always in awesome movies. please, for future decisions in films, read the scripts before you sign the contracts. christ.

currently listening to: miserlou by dick dale


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chick flicks.
Friday. 2.16.07 1:59 am

chick flicks.

i've decided for all guys that we are allowed at most two chick flicks that we can like and appreciate as enjoyable movies. any more than two puts your sexuality into question. justification for excess enjoyed chick flicks will be judged my me.

mine are city of angels and something's gotta give.

what are yours?

currently listening to: pretty in punk by fall out boy


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last week...
Tuesday. 1.9.07 8:25 pm
"this guy with a duck on his head walks into a doctor's office, and the doctor says, 'what's the matter?' and the duck says, 'could you get this guy off my ass?'"

everything's fine.

last week, niki and i (with help for others) made a large dinner for our friends. it was awesome. everyone loved the food. we even called it "sanksgiving."

fun times.

i saw the night at the museum with some friends on cooper's birthday. it was pretty funny. i also finally watched the producers. that was awesome.

sweet pickins.

i've decided i want a new digital camera and a laptop. i realize that christmas has passed, but i didn't want to burden anyone in my family with such gifts. i guess i'll put them at the bottom of my to-do list for now...hmmph.

that's enough.

currently listening to: queen of apology remix by patrick stump and the sounds


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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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