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This is the morning of our love
Tuesday. 10.6.09 9:39 pm

And the Word became Flesh by ~middaymoon on deviantART

I swear, I must have edited and updated this 5 or 6 times. Making the shadows and the words just right...But now I'm fairly sure it's done, and I'm happy with the product. I could get used to black and white. Or maybe white and black. It might be better, that way.

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An intense song from Disciple. Not much going on with the lyrics, but the sound of it is pretty awe-inspiring. The vocals and the simple rhythm. Great stuff.

As you can see, I'm feeling pretty inspired right now. That art piece came out of nowhere last night when I was about to go to sleep, and I didn't get it right until earlier today. I'm quite happy with it. And the music came on my Zune today in the car. It was quite nice.

Also notice that I changed the image in the corner. You like? Haha.

My Video Productions teacher was complaining to me that I didn't have enough color in the graphics I made. I had half a mind to whip out my cell phone and show her the twin themes that are completely greyscale. But I didn't. Because it wouldn't have helped, and she probably would have taken it away.

TODAY WAS NERD DAY. We're having spirit week, and today was the day that everyone was supposed to dress up as a "nerd". I took things very seriously. My costume entailed:

-My jeans were belted up at my belly button, and rolled up past my ankles.

-A shirt that I bought in MIT that resembles this one but with an i to represent the imaginary numbers and just better looking in general.

(Snorg Tees has some pretty good designs, though I hate to admit it. Threadless forever!)

-A fanny pack with a broken zipper. I put my pocket watch and keys in the pocket instead of my jeans pocket, so I had the cord hanging there all day. Sweet.

-A jumbo pen hanging from the fanny pack strap. This thing is about a foot long and still writes.

-A toy Yoda head that is used to store loose change. I put my lunch money in it and hung it from my belt loop all day.

And, finally, a neon yellow hat that says "SAFETY PATROL" on it that I've had since 5th grade.

On top of that sweet costume, I completely changed my body language to what I thought would match a spacey kid with low self esteem. I hunched over, waddled a bit like a penguin, kept my arms still when I walked, opened my mouth, and looked at the ground all the time.

Plus I said some really strange things to people I didn't know. The administrators loved it, but the students just gave me funny looks. Win.

Tomorrow is late start. I shall sleep now and do my homework in the morning.

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Saturday. 10.3.09 10:33 pm
My Boston trip has been quite the experience. I'm really glad I came...yesterday, MIT blew me away. The place simply oozes creativity and talent. The visit to Brown today went a little less well, partly because it was raining and partly because it was sort of not-well-planned. But I'm thinking that if either school admits me then I'll go. I'm pumped.

On the way to Boston College (meh) today, we took the subway system. I've gotta say, I've had quite an experience with transportation this weekend. All walking and subways. There's no room to park anyway. Something I could get used to. At any rate, we were at a stop and these two guys walk in with a stereo. When the train starts moving, they introduced themselves as "two black dudes dancing" and started performing on the train for donations. It was pretty sweet. Cool guys. One of the guys goes, "Hey! I just got a 5!"

"From who?

"From this rich white dude."

Hahaha. Give it up, ya'll.

Mom left her purse on a bench at Brown, so we missed the tour for Boston College. We turned up just when the BC-Florida State game was ending and had our own tour. Turns out they only seem to have physics or engineering as a second thought. Meh, indeed.

Did you know that MIT is known for their pranks? They call them hacks. It sounds like something I could get into. It's the only time I've heard of such a distinguished school having an actual, explicitly known pranking tradition. They even have a museum of some of the best ones.

There's an entire building devoted to computer programming and artificial intelligence, and another that looks like it was designed by Willy Wonka but supposedly has perfect acoustics in every lecture hall.


I want it.

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I want your mum.
Sunday. 9.27.09 10:14 pm


i am number 69 in the 200 free

my life is complete

Did you tie for it with anyone?


You win the event. Congrats.

I found a poem I wrote a while ago, and now I'm sprucing it up and brushing off the dust. I showed it to Ryan and he liked it quite a lot.

There's something deeply satisfying about expressing one's self and having others appreciate it. It's like they're appreciating me, to a point. But also it's like I'm contributing something, adding something useful to the world. It's nice to be a part of that.

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The lack of sensation
Saturday. 9.26.09 12:18 pm
I'm a bit disappointed to find that my super-soft-hat doesn't have any significant effect on my bare scalp; apparently the skin is so used to feeling through the movement of follicles than now all I can really feel is temperature and general pressure.

When I was shaving my torso, I went a bit low under my waistline and now I have some nasty razor burn from my suit and pants. I even went so far as to shave my armpits this year, and it's not as bad as the waistline. Ah well.

Never watch a badass or dramatic show right after shaving, especially your legs. Every time a shiver ran down my body, all the roots seemed to stab at the inside of my skin.

Trying to escape.

I've put myself, against my own selfish judgment, in a social position that may prove to be dangerous. It's hard to tell with these things.

On the other hand, I've discovered a fantastic brand name of trailmix called Emerald. It has dried coconut, mango, pineapple, and banana, along with chunks of granola, cashews, and what I think are walnuts. It's nom-tastic.

Speaking of shaving, (my transitions are even better than the-muffin-man's) the region swim meets went swimmingly today. Especially for me! Our boys placed second and our girls placed third. This is weird because our girls usually do better than the boys, but whatever. I came within an inch of snagging 3rd place for my 200 medley relay (more on that in a sec,) I dropped almost a second in my 50 free, which is ridiculous considering how fast I had been going already, dropped around FOUR SECONDS on my 100 back, (more on that, too) and then I sort of flopped my part in the 400 free relay. But it's OK because we made the state time! I'm going to USC! I was worried that I wouldn't make any cuts.

So, about the relay. My relay was pretty far behind, and I was pulling anchor because I was doing freestyle, and freestyle is last. Fine. So I get in and destroy the space between me and the closest swimmer. We're using these touch pads for the big meets, so I jam the pad, look to the jumbotron, and see that my relay was placed third. It was awesome because we definitely had not been in third to begin with and I felt like I'd pulled it out of my own butt. And third place would have actually been pretty good because I was on the B relay, and our A relay got second. Second + Third > First.

But when it came time to pause the meet and give out some of the awards, (only the top three swimmers/relays for each event are recognized,) there appeared to be some discrepancy with the results. As it turns out, the relay that I was closing in on still won, if only by a few split seconds. But when the kid went into the wall, the touch pad didn't register for some reason, so it didn't show up on the screen. The officials caught the mistake and put the other relay in third like they should be, but didn't really explain what happened. On top of all that confusion, there was another mistake and they thought our A team got third. So when they called "Northwestern" for third place, my relay got up there. It was pretty embarrassing when they made us get down again. Jerks.

The other drama of the day had to do with my backstroke event. There's this newer guy to the league named Al, and he's a straight beast. I normally swim about 1:07, and this kid swims 0:57 or :58. It's crazy. There's another guy, Jake, who's been swimming for a long time and has a pretty well established reputation. Apparently, Jake, a senior, was talking trash to Al, who I think is a freshman. Maybe younger. And then Al out-touched Jake and won first place in the 100 backstroke. I had no idea of any of this because I dropped my time from 1:07 to 1:03.74 and almost beat out Jack. I was excited. But the story goes that Jake threw a pansy tantrum when he got out of the pool, throwing his cap and cursing in front of several judges. Several people told Coach that he should be disqualified for that, and she made the situation known to the officials. Jack got third, I got forth, which is nice. Jack told me that, come awards time, if they hadn't DQed Jake then he would go to the pedestal, shake Al's hand, and then leave. He wasn't going to respect the awards if they let such a terrible sport up there.

They did. For some reason or another, nobody thought it fit to DQ Jake. First they called Jack for third. When they called Jake, he sauntered up and stood in his position. As SOON as they called Al, he put on this stupid scowl and sulked. No lie, this kid sulked. Al actually mis-stepped and almost fell backwards off the block, but Jack caught him and helped him up. Jake just watched.

It was at this point that several cries of "Three cheers for Sportsmanship! Yeah for good sports!" were heard from the surrounding swimmers.

Yeah. That was me. Quite simply, the officials NOT DQing Jake is a load of bull shit. It probably has a lot to do with his reputation, and it makes me sick. Sick, I say.

The terrible irony is that before the meet, the announcer-guy offered what he called "The Swimmer's Prayer." The whole time he was reciting it, (not "saying" or "praying," but "reciting.") I had this face that I'm sure disturbed a lot of people. It was a joke. The first thing I said when it was done, to my friends, was "That wasn't a prayer. That was a bed time story." It was this rhyming piece of crap that you teach your kids along with The Night Before Christmas or Ring Around the Rosie. It's a nice thought, but it was sort of inappropriate, and if the guy was trying to reach out to the non-religious folk, all he did was make Christianity look like a pretty fairy tale. Bah.

Oh. Irony. The irony is that even after that cornball prayer-thing, nobody thought it fit to DQ the kid who, quite frankly, is one of the the worst examples of good athleticism that the program has to offer. Other irony: John forgot to finish one of his races a while ago, and said "Shit!" under his breath when he realized. One of the judges heard him and chewed him out, threatening to DQ him if he did it again, which is understandable. John cursed under his breath, to himself, because he made a really stupid mistake. Jake said quite a few expletives loud enough for a crowd to hear and threw his cap because he got beat fair and square. As far as I know, he didn't even get in trouble


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