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At long last...
Thursday. 3.1.07 12:22 am
I know it's been a few days since my last entry. I just haven't found anything to write/blog about. Well, I have, but I didn't have my lappie on hand and it was far from my thoughts when it was. *shrug* I've decided to stop my daily blogging and only doing so when I actually have someting to 'talk' about. Don't worry, I'll probably end up blogging daily anyway. That's just me. And I'll always find time to come on everyday. I try.

I'm here to reccomend another book. This time it's not from the Young Adult/Teen section like Twilight/New Moon were. (If you didn't know that, they were. =P) These two (plus sequel) are from Science Fiction/Fantasy, actually, but they're nothing like the books usually found in that genre. It's much like Tamora Pierce's Trickster's Choice/Trickster's Queen. It's a royalty=not true ruler(s) of country kind of story.

Here is the author's site: http://www.dawncook.com

The names of the books are: The Decoy Princess/Princess at Sea(sequel)

No, it's not a cute li'l romantic princess story. I don't want to give it away so just check it out, 'kay? And unlike Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia, it has no truth in it. =P All fantasy as the genre says.

Gotta go now. Toodles!
the Dot

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Not to be missed!
Saturday. 2.24.07 11:06 pm
How awesome is this?

--Extra Pluggie to etheracide. The little whiny thing was concerned he didn't get plugged even though he hadn't commented my prev. entry. XP So here it is!

BTW: I almost forgot--


Today is everyone's birthday! The fifth day of the New Year. ^-^ My best wishes, everyone!

-----The theme song of my site is now THE Sound of Silence. Yes, Simon & Garfunkel. Did I not mention I was a romanticist? My incredible love for all things old, romantic, and classic.

If the song is too distracting (and you can't hear the music for the video above), go to my last module on the right and click the pause button.

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Your forecast of the year...
Friday. 2.23.07 1:39 am
Oink, oink! Prepare yourself for all the Pig will throw at you with this:

The 2007-Year of the Pig Forecast

Good luck!

--Something happened today that I want to tell you guys about, but I'm not in the mood anymore. Tomorrow morning. Good night...(-.-)ZZzzz

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A revelation...of sorts...
Thursday. 2.22.07 12:38 am
My father is an ass. A big fat pompous ass. And he has a big ass, too. In fact, everyone on my father's side has one. Out of the second generation(immediate cousins and I), only two carry the family name; a cousin and me. Ironically, we carry the name, but not the looks. We take after our mothers and boy, that's a good thing. ;) Not that they're ugly or anything. We're just...*sigh* All my negatives come from them.

*raises glass* Clink, clink I'd like to give a toast to them. Thank you for giving me such lovely gifts! Ah, the wonders of genetics. *chuggs the glass* Anybody got some scotch to follow that?

Ah...I'm outta here. I wish I could get drunk. That'd be fun...*mischevious grin*
the Dot

p.s. Don't forget the game below. I still need help with that. I've figured out a lot, but still not clos to solving it. Put your brains to the test!

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Stick Figure!
Wednesday. 2.21.07 10:46 am
No, I am not talking about my figure. That is none of your business.

Play! *fanfare*

I'm stuck...help.
the Dot

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Tuesday. 2.20.07 2:27 pm
*stretch* Ah...it's Tuesday afternoon and there are people coming over early tomorrow morning. Ya'll know what that means: more cleaning. A few days ago, my ma was cooking dessert--sweet soup--and she let it boil over. So now there's all these red dried droppings all over the front stove and I have to clean it up. Last week, we'd brought home some stuff from my gran's and had stuffed it in the bedroom before this guy came over. Now, I have to move things around to make room for those, too. I've lazied away half the day already. Gotta get to work soon!

But I don't want to! But I have to. Only because my mother says so. And thus, I have to do it.

One of things a character said in a soap opera that aired today: "Words hurt(stab, rip, etc.)...and the only thing you can do is (endure) and survive." I can't remember the exact words, but that's basically the gist of it. And it's so true. *sigh*

I just want my own world where my mother is Please. For the past 17 years, I have been putting myself on hold because we couldn't do it/it wouldn't work for us. Nothing for me. All the time, I was saying in my head, "I can wait. I just need to wait until I'm eighteen to do it. I can get this when I'm eighteen/I'll do this when I'm eighteen/It's okay, I just need to wait 'till I'm eighteen." I have only one more year to go, but seventeen years is a long time. I can't take it anymore. God. **Sorry to all those who are religious**

And we have the week off! Now there's only...five days? of it left. And I want to watch Breach sometime during that length of time left. Not tomorrow though cuz...wait, maybe. We'll see. My friends want to see 23 even thought it's rated R. So I guess we'll find a guy whose birthday was in January (and thus, seventeen) to buy us the tickets. Don't worry, it won't be some homeless guy or a sweet-lookin' old man/sex offender.

I'm outta here!
the Dot

p.s. LostSoul13 says my prev. entry was longer than etheracide's usual long 'uns. Ya'll are lookin' at a proud momma.

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A very loong update entry...
Monday. 2.19.07 8:12 pm
Happy Lunar New Year!
Xin Nien Kwai Le! Gung Xi Fa Chai!

Ooh, I have so much to tell you guys about! Sorry, I was out for a while cuz I was so busy. X3 This layout will stay for...about one more week. Chinese New Year = Red, red, red. Or I might actually make a new one from scratch! Well, not really since I'll be using the UTB. =P

Anyway, I didn't have a phone for about 2 weeks? My dad got me a new phone last friday without telling me. But! It was okay cuz he actually got a good one. ;D Motorola L6--flat like a Slvr, but I don't think it is. I was scrolling through it and found a Chinese dictionary/theasaurus, Chinese templates for texting, and a Chinese function for messages. A look around the box it came in and my eyes came across the url: "motorola.com.hk" on the side. It's a 'black market' phone, a 'fake' from HK. *eyeroll* Nope, my dad isn't especially observant. Neither is my mother. *sigh* I wonder where my genius genetics came from?

Oh, I know someone with the answer to that: my youngest uncle from my mother's side. His answer? "From me!" Yeah, right. He's obnoxious, vain, arrogant, narcissistic...wait, they all mean the same thing. *fake gasp* And a puts-down-others-elevates-himself *cough*FAMILY*cough* type o' guy. Grrr. Hate him. Everyone in the family knows he's like that, including his older siblings plus mother. But no one does anything, let alone rein him in. He's the youngest of four and a son at that => total spoiled brat with not the slightest thought to anyone else. Where am I going with this? Continue reading to see the conspicuous string between him and my phone.

Yesterday was the day for big grins and laughter. My dad gave me my phone on Saturday and couldn't wait to try it out. Around 12pm, I got stuck between a 'lion' and the store it was bowing to so I got a little annoyed, but I decided to try out the new camera. I got two nice shots of the 'lion' in the air with all it's sun-hits-gold beauty. ;P After that, I climbed over the box of confetti-poppers and ran over to the Square. I was just in time to catch the two fireworks taking off and the fire-crackers starting! It was so loud with a lot of smoke, but after the smoke cleared out, it was a sight to see. I took out my phone and got a couple of shots of that, too. =D My ma needed to run over to a theatre/auditorium to emcee at 1pm so I went with her. I found a huge Fortune God blow-up doll on the way! I stopped to take two shots of that and then kept on running. I helped my ma change, la-di-da, then left to go to my gran's place. This is where the a**hole comes in.

It is very very boring at my gran's. I spent three months there last year since I had first period and I went to sleep at 8pm every night. So I thought I should play around with the camera. My stupid uncle had just come in from Cali. saturday night and he's staying at gran's until he leaves--thankfully, tomorrow night. My gran was still cooking and making all the fixes so she wouldn't let me take pictures of her. Stupid me went out on a whim and took a pic of him instead. He went on and on about how he hadn't combed his hair and wasn't at his most handsomest, blah, blah, blah. (This is past 2pm and he hadn't combed his hair? 0.o) He started going, "Let me see! Let me see!" So I was thinking, let him see it and then I'll delete it or whatever. Now this is a new phone, it's got my fingerprints on it plus my dad's and the seller's, but that's okay. It's always very small, very thin--meaning very slip-able and I don't want anyone else to touch it. I told him that he couls take a look, but don't touch. There was a bowl of soup on the table and I couldn't risk it. He finally put his arms away and I held it close to his head to see. His arm snaked out at the last moment--his grip is hard--I try to pull away and PLOP!

Yes, you guessed it. The phone that I'd had for only 18 hours with only ten? eleven? pics fell into the bowl of soup. o.o *blinks* *purses lips* *fumes* I was very nice. I don't remember who took it out, him or me, but the first thing out of my mouth was: "You're getting me a new phone." I didn't curse him out, I didn't shout. Straight to the point and I started drinking my soup. He, on the otherhand, was busy wiping it down. I finished my soup, took out my gran's hair dryer and handed it to him.

Then, he goes to make fun of me: How I was getting upset over nothing. Of course it was working. Don't be so stupid. The phone isn't that great anyway. It's a very cheap phone. And on and on. All happy-go-lucky without a care in the world and a smirk on his face. Of course I knew he was defending himself. Not a very subtle cover for guilt. But would a simple "I'm sorry" not sufficed? You had to go and mock me? keep up your snobbish routine?

At first it was...okay. I took out my charger, the battery picture signalled "Charging", I put the charger away. Then, the ball rolls a bit downhill. I find that the camera is gone. Y'know how things are 'gone' in the technical sense? Like "the rockets are flaring...and gone". Dictionary: to be or become consumed, spent, finished, etc./to die. Yup, gone. So's the video camera, obviously. I tried sending the few photos I'd taken, but no luck. Luckily for him, only the top part was in the liquid. My battery and SIM card was in the bottom half. But the mini-USB port/charging outlet plus camera was in the top half.

We decided I was going to go get another phone and he was coming with me. We went yesterday, but it was closed and I didn't get a close look at the store because he walked too fast. We returned today only to find the red paper that we had missed stating, "Closed for Chinese New Year 2/18-2/21" Great, just great. I had a week to return the phone or I would be stuck with it. The 22nd, when it opens, will make a week. And he's leaving tomorrow night so I have to talk to thme myself. Big whoop.

So we had "Open-New Year" lunch at my gran's with my other uncle and his wife, my mother, my aunt, my gran, and my cousin. And everything's okay. I'm hungry...I shoulda bought lunchmeat when I came home. Darnit.

the Dot

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For the sadistic
Thursday. 2.15.07 10:47 pm
Here's a game--our style. ;) Enjoy!

BTW: I just watched the latest Grey's Anatomy ep. and boy, crazy. I don't watch it very often, but this ep. is just too much. If a certain something does happen to a certain someone...I can't believe it. I know there isn't supposed to be a main character, but you know she is. If this continues to go on the way it is, the show is o-v-e-r. *shrug* Ah, well.

with her eyes wide and a spoonful of low fat organic lemon yogurt in her mouth,
the Dot

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