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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Saturday. 7.27.13 9:58 am
Recently, I went to watch RED 2 alone in the cinema. I was actually torn between Despicable me 2 and Turbo.

And I decided on RED 2 because many cartoons like Epic disappoint me. Movies filled with action and humour are better options for me.

RED 2 was ok but doesn't make sense how John Malkovich planted the bomb in the plane. That's the whole 'didn't make sense' part. I guess I'm too analytical.

However, overall, it's an enjoyable movie.

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Morning musume saikou!
Saturday. 7.20.13 9:03 pm
Man. The older generations of Morning Musume are the best!

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Friday, July 19, 2013
The friend who tortured me mentally asked if I would like to join him during Raya has he any plans. But I immediately declined. Not even for a drink nor food.

The hell I'm gonna let him coerced me to eat?? The hell I'm gonna eat to please him just because he feels I'm too thin?

Come on... use brain and common sense.

Anyways on a different note ... it's been two years since we met and I'm tired of sending you messages and greetings because it drains me a lot. If you like receiving those messages and greetings, appreciate you reply the favour. It's called and gift (ve) and take.

And then... how do I tell people to give me space?

I need my seclusion corner.

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Catch my breath
Tuesday. 7.16.13 12:19 pm
Kelly Clarkson is still the best versatile singer whom I have ever listened to...

I wanna sing this song too...

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I am here!
Friday. 7.12.13 8:37 pm
I have never thought of coming to Myanmar. But here I am for my friend's wedding.

I have culture shock. Never in my life had such experience. Will elaborate later.

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Lunch dream!
Thursday, July 11, 2013
The week has not ended and I have already experienced some weird stuff!!! First was the password protected post due to copyright possible concern...

And now...

I dreamed of Yamapi (a Japanese hottie star) this morning. I'm supposed to have lunch with him this Sunday but could not because I will be going to Yangon. So I texted him to postpone...

I think I was in some kind of park...

Weird weird.

Here's a picture of him.

I wonder what's next.

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