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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Saturday. 4.6.13 8:08 am
Just wondering would you put a USD 3000 worth handbag on the toilet floor?

My family cannot fathom why would someone do that given the floor is freaking dirty.

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dry soul
Thursday. 4.4.13 12:03 pm
My body is telling me I need a holiday like now. My body is wanting to be with something but I cannot decipher.


Going to a beach and listen to the wave is like what my body needs, but where should I go?? No money ... alone... which beach?

I'm going crazy... I really need a break. I didn't take any break for the past one year... It was all working holiday...

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Wedding in the dream
Wednesday. 4.3.13 9:55 am
I'm invited to a wedding somewhere in Southeast Asia since last year. The groom informed me tentatively that it will be in May. But until today he hasn't confirmed.

I have blanked my calendar for over 3 months so I can attend the wedding... but can the groom be efficient in planning it? And there's no cheap tickets now.

My patience has really dried up. I am not excited to attend any more. I'm instead irritated that time is wasted on waiting.

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I'm ET.
Sunday. 3.31.13 5:20 am
I'm ET.

Really. I think.

I was reading up Doreen Virtue's book on Earth Angels and I found myself under the category of Starpeople. These kind of people often don't feel Earth as home and have a hard time adapting to earth life and many more characteristics, which I could relate. This somehow makes me understand why I had such a hard time growing up in my household. To be frank, I think I finally adapted to life here.

The most ... eerie (?) part is I was reading elsewhere that starpeople might receive visitors or a guide when we are at the age of 5. We might not recognise who this guide is, but we will just know who they are. I had experienced this twice or even thrice. I remember seeing a black figure during bedtime in my family's bedroom when I was around 5. My family members were already asleep and I thought it was the car light from our room window that was shining my father's back, but it wasn't. It just stood there, and I heard a voice telling me it's father. Being an innocent child, I ignored it and went to sleep.

I saw this figure again in 2009 and also on my 19th birthday.

Anyways, if you want to read more about this, try clicking here Starpeople Angel. It's a cut and paste from the book I mentioned.

Whether or not I'm ET, new age stuff is interesting to read and learn. So read with an open mind.

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Car for wedding
Wednesday. 3.27.13 9:37 pm
I cannot understand why the groom/bride could not provide transport for the guests.


Perhaps that's too much. But maybe you can at least arrange transport for your international guests?? Or get someone to take care for them on your behalf?

I'm amazed with my friends who care so little for their international guests. We are talking about guests coming as far from Japan attending your wedding, and you just tell them "Here's my wedding reception, so see you there."

If your wedding reception is in the city, that's ok. But you guys tend to have it in some rural areas where it is beyond the trails of public transport. Do you expect your guests who already spend so much on their tickets and accommodation to spend another USD 100 for their cab back and fro? I'm embarrass and please don't dump your guests on me. I'm not a taxi for I'm having trouble to attend your wedding.

At least, keep some of your brain cells for taking care of your guests. The birds and the bees can wait.

Geez. This is the second time I face such situation. I bet the upcoming third wedding I'm invited would be as worse as this.

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Do something good
Tuesday. 3.26.13 9:58 am
Well, I did some volunteer work today at some Buddhist centre distributing food to the homeless. I learned how to wrap the rice with vegetables. Although the food is for the homeless, they looked so good. There's mock chicken in sweet and sour sauce!

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